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  1. With any particular NPC? Nothing is in the works at the moment, but as I do still check in here every now and then, it's far from impossible ^_^
  2. Heya! Mod author here, who does still check this forum e-e-every now and again, just dropping in to say a) really glad you enjoyed it! and b) big thanks to Truman for answering the question, as it's been so long I don't know if I'm capable any longer of fielding any mod-related questions myself, haha--although I do think I remember about the gem, as that came up several times before; apologies for making it so confusing, Best, SV
  3. Sister Vigilante


    Heya, Are you not able to finish your game because of the error reported in your last post? If so, I hope we can work things out for you...In any case I can probably dig up those files for you...you might be able to view them yourself; I know where they are in the Mac download, but not in the PC version.
  4. HI Sergio, Haha, that portrait #1 is a known, and indeed rather infamous bug, although I kind of thought it had been fixed at some point. Are you using an older version? #2 I'm not sure about...very few people choose to give him the sword, so it's possible this is a glitch that was never reported until now, but yes, Suu shouldn't be there. #3 sounds more like a general problem that might have to do with your install, or other mods, but it's not my area of expertise. I remember things like that used to happen to me with different characters at different times. Hope it works out! Best, SV
  5. Haha yeah, that's just an error in the way the dialogue was written; the dialogue should end with the "it was a long shot." I was probably figuring most people would say they'd met Shar-Teel
  6. Heya, I'm really glad you've enjoyed it so far ^_^ and thanks as always to Kulyok for helping out. I'm pre-etty sure that is the last sequential lovetalk...although it seems to be triggering awfully soon; it seem to recall it usually triggered in Amkethran when I playtested. It is a fairly short sequence of talks. If you click on and force-talk him, there's new content for ToB in that menu as well. (Honestly, my favorite bit of his ToB content remains his talks with Sarevok.) Cheers! SV
  7. May you delete one message inside your pm inbox, so I can send you one? I've got to ask you one thing Done
  8. Aww, many thanks to both of you ^_^
  9. Personally, I was never a fan of Sherlock to begin with; to me Holmes will always be Brett. I did think the actual mystery in some of the episodes (especially the first) was clever, but there's just something about the hyperfrenetic way Moffat thinks people talk and act that works on Dr. Who sometimes, maybe, but that I think is a bad fit for Holmes. But where it really lost me was Moriarty. It's not a bad performance exactly, it's just this kind of postmodern explosion of VILLAIN, like all other villains combined, so that he has no real defining characteristics of his own. Watching that was really a nails-on-a-chalkboard experience for me.
  10. Thank you ^_^ Glad to hear it. Ah, somehow I'm not surprised...you did two things people rarely seem to do (bribing Suu, and fighting Sawara outside his lair) and may be the first to have noticed this. We'll add it to the bugs list for the next version.
  11. Thanks again for all your hard work, Kulyok. Banters for Rasheed, Neera and Dorn will be done sometime after I finish EE...Hexxat, I don't know. I got a flavor for Dorn by playing him a bit in BG1, but I have serious trouble with evil parties, and I'm not sure I'll ever get around to using her...
  12. Oh sorry Thimblerig, the "Cyric's sister" talk is this one: I certainly do remember the talks Angelo has with Sarevok in ToB Just looked 'em up again, and...sure enough, not too bad, after all these years. Anyway, likewise glad to hear things worked out!
  13. So glad you enjoyed the mod ^_^ I remember exactly the conversation you're talking about (I think he says something like "I wouldn't give a toss if you were the offspring of twelve mad gods and Cyric's sister") and I was always fond of that myself, it's such typical guy thinking...so yeah, thanks a lot! I may be biased, but while I have nothing against her, I never found Mazzy all that interesting, and Angelo doesn't banter with her much. I think Imoen's magic would more than make up for her being a weaker archer; but then again, with three mages there might not be enough scrolls to go around. IIRC Angleo and Imoen also have extra talks in ToB, and Imoen interjects in a few of the Sarevok talks.
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