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  1. Wow, I had no idea any of this was going on. I just got linked here from reading on the BG Reddit. I never saw the argument happening, as I have just started reading again after taking a several weeks long break from all online activity. I don't really have a dog in this race, so to speak, but I'm glad I know now what happened. It seems like a really bad business practice for Beamdog to let their forum moderators alienate the G3 modding community. I wish they had made some better choices in the matter. Sympathy and respect to all of you.
  2. I can confirm that BG2 Tweaks is broken. I just tried to download it to install it on BG2:EE v 1.3, and the "download now" button just throws me into this forum.
  3. Sigh, never mind, I posted for help, and then discovered a dumb file management error on my part.
  4. Hi, I've been playing Icewind Dale, and I have discovered that the Chromatic Orb spell is bugged. It makes the enemy make a save or suffer the effect, but it doesn't do the base physical damage that it is supposed to do. I have the official patch installed, and IWD Tweaks, plus the IWD NPC Project. Does anybody know about this, and is there a fix available? Thanks.
  5. I never found a key for it, but it opened with a simple Knock spell cast by a magely Imoen. At least it did for me in my setup. I think you can bypass this whole problem with a Knock scroll or spell.
  6. I love this portrait, and I am posting it in correct BG sizes here for the convenience of other fans. Keep up the awesome work, Berelinde. Let's hope that Gavin will be a part of BGEE. They ought to contact you and pay you to include him in the new game by default. I think he's the best NPC anyone's ever written. [/img]
  7. Thanks, Berelinde. You're awfully kind to keep checking this thread every day and keep supporting Gavin after all these years! I might consider using Gavin in ToB even if he has nothing to say and will not appear in the epilogues. I like him that much. It would be nice if his voice set still functioned. So, my question was really, can I use him in ToB even without any scripts? If yes, would his voice set be accessible? In order to use the "silent Gavin", he would have to be summonable through the pocket plane. (or maybe CLUA'd in?) So, is it possible? Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I'm in a new BG run where I'm hoping to take Gavin in my party all the way from Beregost to Suldanesselar. My question is, I've never run Gavin through the Underdark before. What happens if the timer for his visits to Lanie goes off in Brynnlaw, the Sahuagin City, or in the Underdark, where you have no way to take him to Athkatla? The last thing I need is for my party cleric to up and abandon me in the middle of an illithid lair or a drow city! Also, while I'm asking, even though there is no written content for him, (yet), can Gavin be summoned into the Pocket Plane in ToB, or is he done and gone at the end of SoA? Thanks.
  9. Ditto on the gratitude! i don't have the time to volunteer as a beta tester, but I am so thankful to all those people out there who devote their free time to improving our hobby. I would express my gratitude with money if it were legal. Is there any way to get our site sponsored in a way that would allow donations by PayPal or credit card? I've seen sites that do that.
  10. I used to swear by Tutu, and I used it for years. It has good mod compatability, but you have to use "the degreenifier" and be ready with the "Beregost Crash Fixer." I'm now using the latest version of BGT for the first time, and I'm loving it. It has a few more things that can go wrong if you mod it too heavily, but it links all three games together (TotSC, SoA, ToB), it has fixed the infamous Beregost crash bug, and you don't need to worry about "degreenifying" The answer to which is best is going to depend on who you ask. I would say that the community is split roughly 50-50 between preferring Tutu or preferring BGT. Some people get rather passionate about their choice of one over the other. Tutu is probably a little easier to get up and running and to troubleshoot if needed, but BGT is probably the most convenient to use after you get it working. If you decide to go with BGT, be sure to install the World Map mod from Spellhold Studios. I've found that BGT can have trouble accessing the BG1 maps if you don't have the mod. Also, install your BG2 game in its default directory, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\BGII-SoA, for Windows 7), because the BGT install program will give you a chance to change your BG1 directory, but it won't give you a chance to change the BGII directory. I'd go ahead and put the BG1 folder in the same directory as your BGII program, because I've also found that BGT is more stable when they are in the same directory. (Mine are C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate and C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\BGII-SoA) If anything at all goes wrong with your BGT install, do not try to repair the botched installation. Start all over by running the BGT install .exe on a set of clean installs, and it will save you a world of headaches. The BGT program is very, very sensitive. Because of the need for troubleshooting, with both BGT and Tutu, make copies of your clean from-the-disk Baldur's Gate directories and put them in a special folder. I call mine "Baldur's Gate Clean Installs". Then, when I need to start with a clean install, I copy (NOT move!) the folders into C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle . Mods need to go in a certain order, or weird things happen. My rule of thumb is "BGT or Tutu, BG Fixes, World Map, music mods, portrait mods, character mods (NPC project, IEP, any added characters, finally crossmod banter), SCS and Tweaks is always last, in that order." I don't use added content mods, so I'm not sure where that goes. Many people find that Windows 7 gives them some headaches with the tweaks and mods they want to do unless they install their games into some directory other than Program Files (x86). That may work with Tutu, but DON'T do that if you use BGT. The latest version of the install program cannot use anything other than the default path for the BG2 files. This may seem intimidating or daunting, but let me end by saying that it is so, so totally worth it! Playing BG1 with the BG2 engine gives you so many more choices and enhances your experience so much, that once you have tried it you will not want to play without it! EDIT: BTW, you cannot play IWD with the BG engine. There was an attempt made to make a conversion, but it has been abandoned because it caused too many problems with the hard code
  11. Thanks, Berelinde! You're the best! That really puts my mind at ease.
  12. Hi, I'm playing BG2 with multiple romances from tweaks installed, and nothing kills a romance, and I currently have four different romances going. I am starting to wonder what is going to happen when I get to Bodhi. Will she pick one of the four at random to vampirize? Or does she somehow vampirize all four of them? (Yikes - involuntary solo game.) Or does the whole game crash? Also, I just got a dialogue with Anomen that refers to our having had sex, yet we never did. Does multiple romances work by cutting out all the sex scenes? If so, I'm not sure I want to play with it turned on.
  13. Hello, I often like to livecast my BG games, and I always thought that actor Luke Wilson (My Super Ex Girlfriend, AT&T) would make a good Gavin, which was discussed in another thread. I found a good picture of him wearing dawn red with a lot of blue sky in the background, so I made a photoset out of it. The original and my GavLukeL.bmp and GavLukeS.bmp that I made with Paint are posted below. I thought that the red jacket makes a good cloak with Gavin's/Lathander's colors, and the grey t-shirt could be a breastplate. The yellow light in the lower left background could be the sun coming up at the horizon, and the blurred building in the upper right background could be a castle or an Athkatlan building. Somebody with skill in Photoshop might want to touch them up. Feel free to do whatever with them, use them, alter them, ignore them, take your pick.
  14. I kind of agree. If nothing else, it's in human nature to look down on anything different, even when it's not seen as something immoral. I don't know how many openly gay people would inhabit Faerun, but they would still be a minority. Although in Gavin's case, I think he wouldn't have gotten much pressure from his immediate surroundings and the people who truly matter to him. He has an open-minded, loving family and his church is (as far as I know) accepting. Now, how would Gavin would go about starting a gay romance... Since Gavin is very unsure of himself with a woman, I'd imagine he'd be even more hopeless with a man. He would know that most men don't go for other men and possibly get upset if he'd start flirting with them, so he'd be even more convinced he's got no chance. Poor Gavin! I think he'd first try to let the PC know about his orientation and find out about his before starting to flirt. He's very considerate, so he'd try not to make the PC feel awkward about it. That's why I don't think he'd just say "I thought you should know I'm gay" but rather let him know about it in a more roundabout way. Maybe when he's talking about his past, he'd just tell the PC how his discovery of being a homosexual complicated the situation with Miranda. Now, if the PC was Gavin's first gay love and he discovers his orientation during the game, I think he'd be so full of confusion and insecurities that the PC would have to pursue him actively, or the romance would never even get started! You know, the Gavin in my head (and heart ) is definitely not gay and very much in love with my bhaalspawn, but this scenario sounds so deliciously angsty that now I want to play it! I like your take on it, Lilyan. It sounds like you understand gay men and what Gavin might be like if he were one. From your name and words, I'm guessing you're female. Interestingly, the writer of the Nathaniel character is also a woman. Some women seem to understand gay men even better than they understand themselves.
  15. Thank you so much for being receptive of and supportive of a gay Gavin relationship. Your input and your "go for it!" response have warmed my soul. I always thought that someone who wrote a character like Gavin would probably have a very good and loving heart.
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