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  1. No you mistook me, I love IWD, but it isnt one of my favorite games of all time. Baldurs gate is, and I would love to support it with extra "stuff" rather than IWD
  2. Not specifically years, but I am aware that it will take a while. I hear you about IWD2, but imo baldurs gate is such a great game I would rather put my efforts into making it better than resorting to IWD... which is fun, but it never did it for me the way bg series did.
  3. While I havent modded for baldurs gate 2 before, I have been playing since BG1 non TotSC. This game is sorely missing a multi-player mod and I am thinking about making one, my first attempt will be something like this: *1 Multi-level dungeon. *Some levels are small, and you have "waves" of monsters that spawn and you have to use tactics to defend an area. (ala boss battles) *Others will be exploration, with a little story, and hopefully group oriented questions which require everyone to think. Furthermore, I would like to make puzzles that require multiple people to be in seperate areas of the map, possibly having multiple items that must be in each persons inventory etc... *My goal would have a 30-40 level dungeon, and you would gain an experience level PER dungeon level. However, this will be modifiable if your just wanting to play the dungeon, or if you want it to be an add on to a single player experience so that it gives less experience The goal would be to have a fun ~5 hour experience which will provide alot of combat for a group of 4-6 people.
  4. My guild is waiting for darkfall, and we have like 12 people wanting to play baldurs gate 2 soa/tob. We were wondering if there was a good multiplayer mod, thats not very "story" based, but is more a dungoen crawl? I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks
  5. Or how about this... can you guys point me to a place that tells you which world variables control what? Maybe i can find which one determines trials myself.
  6. A buddy and I played through BG2/TOB together, and after beating the last trial before we fight the "last boss" it wont let us travel to the next zone because it says we are not finished. I was wondering if I can just manually change the variable so it will let us through. any help?
  7. I have a bug that occurs when I rest. Single Player works fine, but when i play multiplayer I end up resting for like 36 days. Its very annoying seeing as I cant keep the thieves guild running this way. Any suggestions? Im running TOB with the latest patch, and fix pack and these mods G3 BG2 Fixpack http://www.camagna.net/g3mirror/BG2_Fixpack-v4.exe 1PP Graphics Update http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?automod...nload&id=81 Oversight http://www.camagna.net/g3mirror/Oversight-v10.exe Unfinished Business http://mods.pocketplane.net/UnfinishedBusiness-v15.exe Quest pack http://mods.pocketplane.net/D0QuestPack_v23.exe Dungeon Crawl http://mods.pocketplane.net/kulyok/DungeonCrawl_v2.zip Tower of Deception http://dragonshoard.blackwyrmlair.net/bwl_...load.php?mod=35 Banter Pack http://mods.pocketplane.net/BanterPacksV7.zip Improved Horn of Valhalla http://www.camagna.net/g3mirror/Improved_Horns-v1.2.exe A Mod for the Orderly(Keyring - cliffkey_v2.rar) http://www.rydia.net/cliffetium/mods/cliffkey_v2.rar G3 Tweak Pack http://www.camagna.net/g3mirror/BG2_Tweaks-v5.exe Widescreen/New Resolution Mod http://gibberlings3.net/widescreen/widescreen-v0.7.exe
  8. First I want to say, I am a new to the modding scene even though I have played BG1 & 2 through multiple times. Now, any suggestions to the mod list I proposed to maybe reduce the redundancy?
  9. Cliffkey is A Mod for the Orderly Turnabout is confusing to me, is it saying you can change your group with any of those people or that they will appear to fight on your side on the last battle? Will it be too overpowered for us? Thanks for the help
  10. Wow, thanks alot. I think I will go with the same setup you have, Ascension and Strategems which was just updates earlier this month. Is there an installation order you would suggest for these 2 mods?
  11. Sorry I didnt add that, I definetly have that on my list. Just don't install the Oversight components that are already in the fixpack. How do I find out what is already in the fix pack? Sry im a nub with this... Honestly, I'd leave this one out. It's not a bad mod and there's a few nice components in it, but it's a little outdated. If you're looking for a well-rounded tactical mod you may prefer Improved Anvil or Sword Coast Stratagems II. Well, I am going to play it coop with 3 other guys in my darkfall guild, we want to have a pretty tuff/fun game... would you suggest either one over the other?
  12. It says in the compatability that the BG2 Fixpack includes a portion of oversight v7. I have oversight v10... will installing v10 still be compatable with bg2 Fixpack?
  13. Alright, I am going to install the following mods... ****Updated Order**** 1. BG2SoA 2. BG2ToB 3. Official Bioware Patch 4. BG2_Fixpack v.4 5. Oversight v.10 6. Ascension v.1.4.22 7. 1pp v.2 8. NMBeauty v.2 9. Unfinished Bunisess v.15 10. eSeries v1.8 11. gMinion v.18 12. Improved Horns v.1.2 13. PnP Celestials v.4 14. BanterPack v.7 15. BG2 Tweaks V5 16. Sword Coast Stratagems v2 17. Mod for the orderly (cliffkey v2) 18. Widescreen b0.7 (new resolutions for widescreen monitors.)
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