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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day! And oh just because I feel like it...
  2. I'm a woman and I don't turn the map around... please don't tell me I'm the only one?! EDIT: Yay not alone anymore!
  3. and welcome to the best age to be!
  4. Ceza


    Sickened and weary Days pass, shrouded in darkness Turn to face the light
  5. Thanks everyone! I had a really great time and I'm not even that worse for wear today *groan* Ok laughing hurts...
  6. Cats rule, dogs drool... it's as simple as that
  7. Red Leicester is definately the best in my opinion, with Cheddar a very close second. But I also have a soft spot for Mini Baby Bel
  8. Ceza

    Happy Birthday Bri!

    Happy birthday Bri!!! Hope you had a good day!!!! (sorry I missed it )
  9. Ceza

    Screenshot Thread

    Pray tell, just what reputation would that be Grim? Love the screenshots btw
  10. Hmmm, how about spit roast goblin? Yorkshire puddings are yummy! A company called Siemens make mobile phones, whether that is the same company remains to be seen
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