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  1. REinstalled Tutufix TWICE -- after downloading both the EXE version and the ZIP version again, then running them both -- and NOW Alora SEEMS to be fixed, after killing her and respawning her (which wasn't working before).
  2. I can't seem to get rid of it.
  3. Well, I reinstalled Tutufix, and Alora STILL stutters, etc. Thanks for trying.
  4. I can send you my weidulog, if you think it will help. I have Tutuv4, Tutufixv13, BG1NPCv8 and Tututweaksv13 installed. Will running BG1NPCv8 and Tututweaksv14 screw up any of my already saved games?
  5. Hey, you never know, lol. But it still didn't work either way. Unless, of course, my mistake was not going all the way back to my Hall of Wonders saved game.
  6. Sorry, oops, forgot to ask: should I try this with her original script, or with the one you sent me?
  7. Will try, thanks. But what code do I need to type in the CLUAConsole?
  8. Guess I let go of this one too soon. I dropped the BCS file you sent me into the override directory, but Alora still stutters when she walks. Or do I have to go back and recruit her all over again for it to work properly? (I never had any trouble recruiting her, by the way, if it matters.)
  9. Imoen is our only NPC, so I really couldn't tell you. But when we got to Beregost for the first time, only the host was able to see her immediate interjection upon entering the map.
  10. Well, that first bit certainly makes sense, thank you. Wish I had known about this ahead of time, I wouldn't have installed the music. As it is, instead of enhancing the BG1NPC experience, it is actually frequently getting in its own way.... As to the second bit, no sorry, we installed everything on the host, then copied and cloned it to all the workstations, so BG1NPC is installed on all machines in the network.
  11. I've noticed several times in the game where added banters have come up at very bad times. For instance, last night when I arrived in Baldur's Gate for the first time, Garrick immediately starts chatting me up about what to see in town, then gets interrupted by Elminster's speach from the original saga, and as a result Garrick's conversation gets lost without being completed. The same thing happened in another game when Eldoth started talking about getting Skie when we got to the Silvershield Estate, and some citizen comes up and interrupts with rumors of war with Amn. And in yet another game, Imoen's birthday speach in the Elfsong Tavern gets lost when we are interrupted by some jerk asking us if we are adventurers. I also have the "pause all dialogue" option installed, but I've noticed that it seems to fail half of the time, even getting me killed once or twice. I've also noticed that in the multiplayer game my friends and I have been playing on someone's home LAN, whenever the host/spawn gets a dialogue that came from the project, it only appears on HIS computer, and on everyone else's computer, we're all just standing around, without text or dialogue. Fortunately, since we're all in the same building, we can all just gather around his machine to read the text, but it is an inconvenience.
  12. Ajantis IS in BG2.... And there is a mod that places Kivian in BG2 as well. As to Jaheira raising or resurrecting Khalid...well, they needed to make the hint a bit more explicit, but the fact is there just isn't enough left of Khalid's body to bring him back. Much like getting petrified and shattered, or getting chunked, etc.
  13. You've missed my point. Surely "orders" could be started/run by people of other alignments, etc. Even the LG-only paladins have several different orders, and some of them are even rivals! My point, in the case of paladins, is why wouldn't there be a class or "order" where goodness trumped all, and the lawful/neutral/chaotic aspect was less relevant? It's a question of why the rules set up this sort of restriction in the first place, when there are at least as many reasons against it as there are for it, and some of the ones against it make more sense. As for the rest, I think you need to go back and read my post again.
  14. I've just had a Smirnoff Ice, so forgive me If I get a little cocky here, lol. A lot of the alignment restrictions just don't sense to me, they often seem restrictive for no reason: PALADINS: Why not just ANY good? Hardly seems like we have to require that they ALL be anal retentive (which is how most people seem to interpret lawful alignments). RANGERS: Why do they have to be good? 3E fixes this, gladly. What, you can't be evil and still love the wilderness lifestyle? BARDS: Why not ANY? Even 3E still limits you, saying that you can't be of any lawful alignment (I suppose because of the stereotype of "artistic" people being more "liberal" than others). This is a class that includes a wide variety of scholars, historians, musicians, actors, entertainers, etc. Sure, "objectivity" is desirable in such fields, but have you noticed how decidely UNobjective most people in academia, the media, and entertainment really are...? BARBARIANS: In 3E, they cannot be lawful. Why not? Aren't most barbarians rather tribal, implying at least some capacity for "lawfulness," etc. MONKS: If only lawful characters can maintain discipline and dedication, then I guess there should be NO chaotiic alignments allowed in ANY class then. DRUIDS: Always struck me as more like nature mages than nature clerics, and so again, why restrict their alignments? At least 3E loosened this one up a bit. As you might have guessed from the above, IMHO there really shouldn't be too many alignment restrictions in the first place. A good argument can be made for almost any alignment choice and class combination, so why limit a person's creativity? Game balance only comes into play when you're talking about everyone wanting to play a good-aligned renegade Drow ranger, etc. Too many alignment restrictions on classes just encourages people to maintain limited and unimaginative stereotypes. "Lawful means anal retentive." "Chaotic means unpredictable rebellious psychotic." "Good means self-righteous." "Evil means homicidal maniac." "Neutral means you always flip a coin to decide what you're going to do, so it will all balance out in the end." YUK! Your mileage may vary, you're entitled to your own opinion, etc. And remember, I was drinking when I wrote this.... LOL
  15. Much thanks for your work on this mod, both past and future! On a possible related note, Eldoth is running around as if he were wearing Boots of Speed, but he isn't. And in SOME games, the Boots of Speed aren't doing a thing, no matter who wears them.
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