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  1. AHA!!! I just uninstalled Level1NPCs and re-installed my NPC and the parting dialogue worked! Damn... Well, let that be a lesson to me. Thanks, Kulyok.
  2. Perhaps I should have... I haven't got Virtue, but I do have the G3Fixpack, Tweaks, DungeonBeGone, Level1NPCs, and Fade.
  3. Hey, appreciate the suggestions! Sadly, the variable switching didn't work for me. I changed instances of "JessJoined" to "JessKickedOut" in the parting dialogue portion, and switched the ones to zeros and vice-versa. Still not working, in-game I get the same generic dialogue from the npc on kicking-out/re-joining. I think the pdialogue.2da is getting appended properly... After install I checked with NI and found all my variables slapped on the bottom of the file there. If it helps, here is the appending portion of the .tp2: Does this look right? I feel like there must be something simple that I'm screwing up, like a typo or something, but I can't for the life of me find it.
  4. So... I've been following along with this tutorial (and a couple of others like it elsewhere) and have hit a snag. I've got the NPC in the game. She spawns right, she does her intro dialogue right. Then I kick her out, and she doesn't use the parting dialogue that I so lovingly coded for her. I invite her back into the party, and she persists in not using it. She uses instead some generic dialogue that I don't recognize. I wonder if anyone might have any bright ideas about what could be going wrong? Here's the contents of my .d file, if it helps: It's the "EBJesP" that I think isn't working, I guess, although... If the global "JessJoined" isn't getting set properly, that might produce my problem, right? I'm very much in the dark here, and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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