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  1. Here we go with megamod NPC's list and their references/files. Also listed their current stock kits at installation. TS-BP or Tortured Souls in general has specific details about NPC's in dialogs about their kits so that could be a little more conceptually problematic. The Darkest Day Xzar: Necromancer/XZAR13.CRE items: CLCK17, BRAC03, STAF07, SCRL10, SCRL1Q,SCRL72. SPL applied with WTAXZAR script:GiveItemCreate("POSC229a",Myself,1,0,0) // Thunderclap Join dialog: XZARDD Montaron: Swashbuckler/MONTAR13.CRE item: none Join Dialog: MONTARDD Vesine: Aqua
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