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  1. Good grief. And here I thought I was going above and beyond with twelve epilogues for Darian. Godspeed, you crazy bastard.
  2. I'm considering doing the same thing for Darian (though coming up with a reason why he won't simply attack the new NPC introduced in BG2EE with no questions asked nor quarter given will take some doing). If there's interest from enough mods to make this a new function of the Crossmod Banter Pack and someone's willing to do the work, I don't see any reason why not, but unless there's widespread interest it might be better off for the modders still active to update their mods individually.
  3. Correct on the Valerie note. Her friendship track in BG1 includes [potentially - it's strictly optional] quite a bit of flirting with a female PC who meets her requirements, but it only evolves into a serious relationship in BG2.
  4. For whatever it's worth, I'm Darian's author and can answer any questions you have about him. I don't have the most unbiased opinion about the mod, obviously, but his romance is neither easygoing and uncomplicated nor melancholy. "Complicated" is probably the best way to describe him in general and the romance in particular. If you don't want to romance him, he does strike up a romantic relationship with Aerie in Throne of Bhaal if you haven't romanced either character, but he gets his most visible character development if you do romance him. He changes noticeably in ToB regardless, though.
  5. It's something I've considered, but really, they'd have virtually nothing to talk about. Darian wouldn't see anything in Kivan meriting further inquiry, and I don't see Kivan as caring at all about Darian's background.
  6. Corrected my previous post with a few coding mistakes in the ToB banters. Also, additional banters, all verified with K'aeloree. 3 SoA banters with Arath 1 ToB banter with Iylos 2 SoA banters with Nephele 1 ToB banter with Nephele 2 SoA banters with Xulaye 2 SoA banters with Yeslick
  7. I had planned to do a new version of Darian with crossmod banters directly in the mod itself, but upon recommendation of other modders, I'm putting it here. All of these have been approved by their authors. 2 banters with Adrian: 3 SoA banters with Tyris Flare 2 ToB banters with Tyris Flare 3 SoA banters with Ajantis 4 SoA banters with Sarah 2 ToB banters with Sarah 2 SoA banters with Auren Aseph 2 ToB banters with Auren Aseph
  8. To put it bluntly, Lava, your Skie mod is damn creepy and I can under no circumstances recommend it for anyone unless they have very weird fetishes.
  9. Lava, your mod includes Skie talking about her period in public, among other decidedly creepy things. It is definitely not for everyone, much less fun.
  10. Valerie is still in development for BG1 - her BG2 is still a ways off. And Lyria is only a twinkle in the eye that we were joking around with. Could happen, but not for a long time.
  11. Yep, confirming that Darian has no content with this aside from the romance kills. To my knowledge, no one has ever contacted me with interest in writing any crossmod content with Darian, sought my approval for written dialogue, or raised the question of writing crossmod content with Darian in this mod forum.
  12. My thoughts on the other categories for Darian: Violence: Moderate. Darian briefly discusses a past scene of violence at one point, and talks about the aftermath of the sacking of Saradush. Drugs/Alcohol: None. Darian never refers to such things and has no alcohol-related content. Profanity: None. Darian uses what he afterwards states was a very impolite expression in elven exactly once, but does not elaborate and it's a meaningless made-up word in any event.
  13. Seems accurate enough. In my experience, the stuff Darian involves is very much subjective - some people have problems with it, others don't. For example, Darian is deeply racist when you first meet him, but his character arc involves him growing out of that, and his racist attitudes are presented as negative aspects of the character.
  14. On Darian: Darian has mature elements, but they're not sexual. Although he's a romance option, sex is only suggested and implied - Charname can, at her discretion, flirt with him in a more direct fashion, but you could read Darian's romance easily enough as an entirely chaste one involving lots of cuddling and sleeping in the same tent (assuming you don't take the player-initiated dialogue to announce that Charname is pregnant). However, Darian has done some morally questionable things in his past, and his romance has themes that some people may find troubling, such as racism, encountering differences between the real world and what his culture lead him to believe, and, in ToB, questioning what love actually is. His ToB romance might be considered mature because it revolves around him questioning and reconsidering his romantic relationship with Charname, looking over the facts and realizing that they might not have a healthy foundation for a long-term relationship.
  15. Forgot all about this. Here is Darian's info: Name: Darian SoA Script: T1Dar ToB Script: T1Dar25 Romance is serious number: 2 Romance kill number: 3 For female?: 1 For male?: 0 Can kill other romances?: 1, 4 Can be killed by other romances?: 1, 4 Romance Variable: T1DarRomanceActive
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