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  1. Heh, I was just talking about this with someone yesterday - he cannot seem to connect with his female costars at all. It's not very romantic when I'm scratching my head wondering why he's getting naked with a lady he doesn't seem remotely attracted to or interested in. Always so awkward with the kissing, too. I've never been a fan of this particular spin on Batman. I'm hardheaded about change for the sake of change, and all the little things irked me. The constant mispronunciation of Ra's name alone drove me nuts. They're okay movies, but they just didn't feel like Batman most of the time.
  2. The Sarevok romance doesn't have anything higher than a T rating as far as sexual content goes. There are a lot of implied actions and vague descriptions, but nothing explicit like the RE I wrote for the same character. Psychologically, the mod can definitely steer into mature territory. Haer'Dalis' info is correct (strong M rated sexual content, but only if the player looks around for it), and once the ToB portion is out, the psychological aspects and graphic violence will earn a strong M as well. And there's a bit of planar cant swearing.
  3. PC has to do more than simply proposition Aran to get him in the sack early on. Generally speaking, it feels more like a one thing leading to another sort of deal, where maybe neither he nor the PC was really planning on letting things progress that far but they both gave in. If it was as easy as "Hey, Aran, we just met fifteen seconds ago, but we should totally make babies right now!!1" then yes, it would be odd for him to agree to it. But as it stands, it feels natural enough to me for players who'd choose that route. I probably shouldn't have used the word powerful - I meant it in a more mundane sense, as in assertive/aggressive/persuasive in the romance department, not necessarily meaning her prowess or divine taint or any of that. Meaning, she's the type to go after him pretty hard, and he's not exactly resistant to her faster-than-average advances. About shyness - I don't think blushing/fumbling/awkwardness would be right for Aran because it's just not him. I do think reluctance/insecurity/hesitation would be normal for him (and almost any other human being) with a woman he's just met and might not even know the eye color of, even if they've slept together. All I really should have said is that if the sex happens super early in the romance, Aran's flirts should reflect the hesitation of an early romance and not sudden affection when affection hasn't even had a chance to develop. And...that's probably not any clearer than what I've already said...
  4. I apologize ahead of time if I misunderstood something - I read most but skimmed parts of your post because I'm really tired, and I very well could have missed something - but I wanted to say a few things before I forget them. I agree that logically Aran is probably a man who'd be cautious about sleeping with his employer, but logic tends to take a backseat to lust. The average man, hell even the extraordinary man is not always able to put the brakes on if an attractive and powerful woman is cranking up the heat. Also, I don't presume to know cmorgan's mind, but I didn't interpret "shy" as "bashful," but rather as standoffish due to an unfamiliarity with such affectionate gestures from this relative stranger whom he just happens to have seen naked. I can say with absolute certainty that situations like that do happen in real relationships - the behavior behind closed doors does not dictate the public behavior (or even the semi-private behavior), and someone who doesn't know the boundaries or expectations of their partner is not going to know how to react/respond to those things. None of that to say either of us is wrong or right, just adding a bit of personal perspective.
  5. I've always gotten that dream, too - it's the one that teaches you how to call the Slayer at will? A lovetalk increment to increase the flirt status doesn't seem necessary. As long as a non-flirtatious PC in a deep relationship with him won't get the "Aran runs away when you smile at him" stuff - which, if I'm reading things right, won't happen because that's just for the first few talks/lovetalks? - then I think it'd be fine as is.
  6. Before any intimacy: c-aranpcflirtstart = 0 c-aransex = 0 c-aranrom = 1 c-aranfight = 0 After just kissing, and after sex (checked both, came up the same numbers): c-aranpcflirtstart = 1 c-aransex = 1 c-aranrom = 1 c-aranfight = 0 So, c-aranpcflirtstart needs to be 2 after intimacy changes, not 1, which is what's preventing it from showing up.
  7. The option to flirt with him via PID was disappearing in my recent games after having any sort of intimacy with him - the move away flirts were the only ones I could see. I haven't had time to investigate it, which is why I didn't mention it before now, but I wanted to confirm that I've also had something similar to what piper's describing. The Aran I was using was the soldier (not the default) with all the nicest gear.
  8. I changed those all to C-ABVAMP and the scene triggered fine, vampires attack, Bodhi runs off, Aran leaves party and drops stuff...but he's still standing there in his knickers once the battle is over. I can't talk to him.
  9. I do. Uh, am I blind or is there no way to attach things here? I'll send it to you from SHS.
  10. Hmm, Bodhi's abduction cutscene went bad on me twice. It did her initial back and forth with PC and Aran, but the spot at the end when Aran should be taken just went to an eternal cutscene screen with Bodhi and party standing there twiddling thumbs. I ended up just terminating the romance temporarily to continue because I needed to finish HD's romance with that character. Had to do a lot of uninstall/reinstall mod stuff lately, so it's entirely possible that it's not something on your end, but I figure it's best to mention it just in case. Repaired and playtested - thank you! -cmorgan
  11. I'm rushing, so I apologize if I'm about to repeat what anyone else has already mentioned. IF ~~ a1079 SAY ~[ARAN] Well, workin' wi' the likes o' Aran Linvale is kind o' like dancin' wi' a porcupine. You are goin' to get stuck, no mater how gentle you proceed. So I say we need to find us some alternatives, or else dance right carefully.~ mater - matter Linvale - Linvail -- IF ~~ a850 SAY ~[ARAN] Why now, my <PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME>. I wouldn't know nothin' about that. Not one bit. Not me, no<PRO_SIRMAAM>. Right, then, stop that laughin'. I've been framed right proper, I have!~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END need space "no<PRO_SIRMAAM" -- a3697 end of this block gives a NVROL instead of End Dialog -- IF ~~ a1365 SAY ~[ARAN] (You smell the sharp spicy tang of cooking spices, with a hint of mint.)~ = ~[ARAN] (Aran glances at you quickly, then looks away)~ missing period "then looks away)" -- IF ~~ a1973 /* c-aranshutup67 */ SAY ~[ARAN] Milil's Robust Voice. You don't have to cut e down that harsh. e - me -- Global("c-arlettertaken","GLOBAL",2)~ Global("c-aranlettertaken","GLOBAL",3)~ says "ar" instead of "aran" causes dialog loop -- ++ ~[PC] I... I am a little confused.~ + a3483 IF ~~ a3483 /* MOON_RECHECK */ SAY ~[ARAN] Now, that be enough to catch me on fire, that was. I'd be better expressin' what I feel wi' my body, an' yours, if I could.~ doesn't seem like the right response from Aran also, all "I am a little confused" lines have extra space between "I am" -- a3513 line in this block reads "when he rest with you his arms" should probably be "when he rests with you in his arms" -- For the PC's "do you have any advice" PID line, it always seems like Aran is one step behind the action. He's talking about paying off the Cowled Wizards long after I've done that, he's talking about tracking down Bohdi for the first time while we're standing in Spellhold. I haven't looked at all of them, but they always seem a little off and wanted to mention it.
  12. Okay, the join dialog that's coming up is the first meeting: IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)~ THEN BEGIN a1 SAY ~[ARAN] Aye then, you showed up at a right good time. Aran Whitehand, Sword an' Pen. Accounts audited, contracts written, foes slain. I heard you might be interested in a sellsword for adventurin'.~ [c-aws081] END What I didn't notice before is that it's showing my character as the speaker, not Aran.
  13. Good Lord, I need my eyes checked. Let me run through and take some better notes on the join dialog popping up, and I'll get back to you shortly. And piper, you just go into the Rumors section of any barkeep/innkeeper and force Aran to drink to your heart's content. ^_^
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