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  1. I actually thought his portrait was done with Benjamin Bratt in mind the first time I saw it. The resemblance is uncanny.
  2. I'll say, I've been watching the Aklon project for almost two years. You'll have all this support till the end BigRob, great work! Agreed. ^_^ I'm sure he'll be worth the wait.
  3. That's not cynical. I'm cynical. That guy's just a(n) *insert obscenity of choice here*. I wouldn't listen to a single word he spews forth. Aaaanyway, I am also one of the rabid fangirls awaiting our dear Aklon, and I'm certain he will be worth the wait. Devoting so much time and detail to a project is a good sign in my book, so I'll continue to wait patiently.
  4. Heh...well I'll wait until it hits the $10 rack at Wal-Mart then. I've probably only said this in my head (that happens frequently) but I'm really looking forward to this mod, and the flirtpack as well.
  5. Does that mean SoZ will be required to play the mod? Besides the new classes, there was absolutely nothing about the expansion that made me want to spend money on it (all I keep hearing is "short, buggy, no companions"), but now if it's going to be the norm for mods to require it, I guess I'll have to break down and get it...
  6. This image has been in my head for a while, and of course, the image in your mind never looks like the one that comes out on paper, especially when you rush it but oh well. Inspired by the talk where you can watch Rizdaer sleeping. I know he's supposed to be all bleach and dyed, but he looks so much better natural.
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