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  1. I think TinyMage means that if you try to read the in-game item description for a Know Alignment scroll, you get the description for Globe of Invulnerability. The same bug is reported in another forum here at G3 by someone else: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=16388 I don't know what the cause of this bug is, but I doubt it's the Fixpack, at least not the newest version (with Hotfixes) since I have Fixpack installed, and the description for Know Alignment is correct.
  2. I don't know about #1, but getting 1-3 HP per level is perfectly normal for characters above levels 9 or 10 (depending on class), regardless of whether or not the tweak is installed. The max HP tweak only affects the first 9 or 10 levels, where hit points are rolled. After that, any character only gets a set amount per level up (1 for mages/sorcers, 2 for thieves/bards/monks/clerics/druids and 3 for fighters/barbarians/rangers/paladins.) That's how 2nd ed. AD&D works. For further explanation: http://forums.bioware.com/forums/viewforum.html?forum=17
  3. I'm getting this bug too, with version 1.1. I'm getting this bug too, with version 1.1. Actually, in a sense the bug is worse than has been described so far. She not only bolts when you first encounter her in ogre form, but if you go on to kill Kalah, when the circus tent returns to normal, Aerie will bolt again, but then the cutscene she's supposed to have with Quayle will trigger, and the game will hang since she can't give her lines. Indeed, this could even be game breaking for someone without a save prior to the circus tent. Some sort of mod incompatibility may be involved, but uninstalling the "Aerie" component of Level 1 NPCs solved the problem (if I went back to before first meeting her), and reinstalling the component reintroduced it. (I made Aerie a sorcerer, as did many of the others.) Here is my WeiDU.log from when I first encountered the bug.
  4. I didn't test Icen's version of the fix, but I did test Mike's, i.e.: REPLACE_TRANS_TRIGGER "UHKID01" BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 0 1 3 5 7 8 END ~NumItemsParty("SW1H01",3)~ ~NumItemsPartyGT("SW1H01",2)~ put at the end of soa-dlg.d. It worked.
  5. Tutu makes no changes at all to BG2 or ToB. It creates a completely separate game installation for playing BG1 with the BG2 engine. BGT combines BG1 and BG2(SoA) into one game. It does this basically by adding BG1 to the beginning of BG2, so yes, it changes BG2. But it doesn't really change the BG2 part of BG2, with the exceptions noted below. Neither touches ToB. No, you can't carry them over, even in BGT, though there are other mods that add many of them as party-joinable in BG2. With Tutu, the import process is more or less the same as with normal BG1. With BGT, if any of those NPCs (Imoen, Minsc, Viconia, Jaheira, Edwin) are in the party at the end of the BG1 part, they'll start BG2 with the same stats they had at the end of the BG1 part. The BG2 Tweak Pack, hosted here at G3, has such an option. I believe it's BGT compatible. With Tutu, since it's a completely different game installation, you'd just install it on BG2, and it would have no effect on Tutu and Tutu would have no effect on it. No problems -- though personally, if you just want to choose the class/kit, etc., of more than one party member, I'd prefer to use the Level 1 NPCs mod (also here at G3) to change existing NPCs rather than making multiple characters myself. By the way, in case you don't know, if you do this, you can copy the saved game from the \mpsave to the \save subfolder to load one of these games in multiplayer mode, so you don't have to go through the hassle of clicking everyone in every time you load a game. I think you're talking about Ascension. Yeah, it's still around: http://www.weidu.org/asc.html Normal BG1 caps you at 161,000 total XP, which is different levels for different classes. BGT uses the ToB XP cap from the start: 8000000. Tutu uses the BG1 cap by default, but you can remove it with the BG2 Tweak Pack (which yes, works with Tutu as well as BG2... just install it separately for each game installation) among other mods.
  6. If you side with Bodhi, Renal completely disappears, IIRC. As far as I know, there is no "correct" way to kill Renal, though it can be done with the help of some cheese. Without the fixpack, in chap. 2., you can cast Protection from Magical Weapons to keep Arkanis from killing you, and then stat-drain Arkanis to death (with Shapechange:Mind Flayer or Haer'Dalis's sword... it might be possible with Wakizashi's scimitar though I'm not sure you can hit him fast enough.) Then you're free to kill Renal. and then of course, you then need to side with Bodhi. With the fixpack, you can't stat-drain Arkanis, but you can kill Renal and then run away from Arkanis. There are probably some other mods (Questpack?) that affect things here, however.
  7. What? Who are they? I've already made plans to play multiplayer on the 50th anniversary in 2048. True. I guess it was the mismatch between Lara and Cotirso that flagged it for me, but maybe I should interpret the dialogue like this: Lara is a progressive believer in political correctness; Cotirso is old-school. Good point. Cool. Except now I'm curious how the fix works. E.g., do arrows get Short Bow proficiency or Long Bow proficiency, or is there some way to give them both? And will the fix be compatible with the Tweakpack components that change the proficiency system? Well, maybe I should search around for an old thread about this, as I assume there is one.
  8. These are .d commands and need to be compiled. It looks like the Fixpack sticks most dialogue fixes in bg2fixpack/compile/soa-dlg.d - adding it to the end of that file is probably best. That worked, thanks. Shall I assume this will be put in the next release? Or even the hotfixes? Obviously, it isn't a big deal. That's why I called it "insignificant". It is grammatically incorrect as is, but I probably only noticed it because of the mismatch between Lara and Cotirso. But I don't really care; I wouldn't have mentioned it if I weren't mentioning the other things. I also understand about Nalia, though maybe someone will be inspired to give it a go at some point. Since I've got your attention, there's also a bug in that the game does not apply non-proficiency penalties to ranged weapons that use ammunition. I kinda suspect that's not moddable, but I thought I'd mention it in case it was. EDIT: I see that's already in BETA Core Fixes, so nevermind.
  9. Well, if you want me to test it, you may need to give me some more instruction. I tried putting: REPLACE_TRANS_TRIGGER "UHKID01" BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 0 1 3 5 7 8 END ~NumItemsParty("SW1H01",3)~ ~NumItemsPartyGT("SW1H01",2)~ alone in that spot in the .tp2, and that gave me a parse error. I also tried putting: <<<<<<<< "BG2Fixpack/Inlined/Dirbert-swords.d" REPLACE_TRANS_TRIGGER "UHKID01" BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 0 1 3 5 7 8 END ~NumItemsParty("SW1H01",3)~ ~NumItemsPartyGT("SW1H01",2)~ >>>>>>>> The fixpack installed, but the bug was not fixed. I also tried inserting the code in Icen's other thread, and that returned some kind of File Not Found error. I'm happy waiting for the next official release of the fixpack to have this included, but I was trying to be helpful by doing the testing of the fix myself. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should learn WeiDU myself, but I'm too lazy.
  10. It doesn't seem to make a difference. Not knowing any Weidu myself, I wasn't entirely sure where in the .tp2 file I was supposed to put it, and that might make a difference. Anyway, I put it here: ... /////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\ /////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\ ///// \\\\\ ///// Begin core component \\\\\ ///// \\\\\ /////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\ /////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\/////\\\\\ BEGIN @0 <<<<<<<< "BG2Fixpack/Inlined/Dirbert-swords.d" REPLACE_TRANS_TRIGGER "UHKID01" BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 0 END BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 2 END BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 4 END BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 6 END BEGIN 16 END BEGIN 7 END "NumItemsParty("SW1H01",3)" "NumItemsPartyGT("SW1H01",2)" >>>>>>>> ... Should that have worked? Of course, I'm not so much looking for a fix for myself, since once you know about the bug, it's very easy to guard against. It's more to help others. I do know that I've gotten this in the past and not known what was wrong, and had to settle for just giving them the ales. Now that I know about it, of course, I drop any additional bastard swords, so it's not a problem. P.S. What do you think about Chrome, by the way? I have mixed reports.
  11. 1) If you meet Nalia in the DeArnise Keep, begin that quest, but then dismiss her midway through, she goes back to the Copper Coronet, rather than back to the palisade with Captain Arat. If you then go on to kill Torgal without her, in order to get credit for finishing the quest, you need to go back to the Copper Coronet and recruit Nalia. Nalia will then start spewing lines she would have said had she been there at the Keep, in a nonsensical fashion in the middle of the Copper Coronet: She then tells you she'll say more when you "get out of there", by which she obviously doesn't mean the Copper Coronet. If you then travel to the DeArnise keep, she'll reward you once you arrive in AR1300. I think this could be handled so that it all made sense. I don't know how difficult it would be, however, but ideally, it would be best if she were scripted to return to the palisade and react as if she did if she were never in the party. (The above is all the same, fixpack or no fixpack, I believe.) 2) If you agree to get ales and swords for Dirbert and his fellow youths in the Umar Hills, and then return, he'll only recognize the swords in your inventory only if you have exactly three Bastard Swords. If you have more than three, he won't. I.e.: if your inventory looks like this: Then you'll get these dialogue options: But if you drop a sword on the ground: Then you get these dialogue options: Oddly, however, it seems to be fine to have more than one Baalor ale. I think this would probably be pretty easy to fix. Again, the above is all the same fixpack or no fixpack, from what I can tell. Trivial little thing: Acolyte Lara makes a grammatical error in the Lathander cleric stronghold, saying "should not have been their problem" instead of "should not have been <his/her> problem" (depending on Charname's sex). Notice Cotirso gets it right! (Sorry for the weird shaped screenshot. I was using the Widescreen mod on a rotated monitor.)
  12. Try disabling Environmental Audio/EAX in the game's audio settings.
  13. It didn't happen for me in my last game (with Fixpack v4). I did have a few other mods installed (Romantic Encounters, the DeArnise romance and parts of Tweak Pack,) but none I would expect to change this encounter. I can test again, however, if need be.
  14. Didn't know that was possible. Cool. Thanks. I suppose a simple option would be to throw that into a .bat file and include it in the package.
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