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  1. I'd like to encourage anyone that listens to Domi's interview and enjoys it, please leave comments under the show notes "under podcast player" This helps us know we're doing something right. Domi. keep me posted on what your working on. Any releases or projects are show news!!! Liso
  2. If I butchered the Gibberlings name. I do apologize. We are so notorious for it on the show.
  3. Domi's interview with NWNP was released today Check it out at http://www.neverwinternightspodcast.com/ She did a great job! Thank you Domi! Liso
  4. I'd like to add to this thread. Domi was asked to do a Neverwinter Nights Podcast interview. She did a wonderful job and I'll announce which episode it will be released in as soon as I know myself. Thanks again Domi! Michele aha Liso NWNP staff
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