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  1. and because no-one seems to have done it: from the eSeries v1.8 .tp2 // stats based on BP Detectable States v1.1. Only adding what we need. APPEND ~stats.ids~ ~110 CLERIC_ARMOR_OF_FAITH~ UNLESS ~110 CLERIC_ARMOR_OF_FAITH~ APPEND ~stats.ids~ ~116 WIZARD_SPELL_DEFLECTION~ UNLESS ~116 WIZARD_SPELL_DEFLECTION~ ... so, with eSeries v1.8 at least, BP Detect Stats is not needed; however, BP Detect Stats (or BP itself) can be installed first, in which case eSeries will not bother to add to STATS.IDS.
  2. you had Unfinished Business installed; in particular its Restored Minor Dialogues component, which breaks AR1303.bcs, and causes any other mod installed after it which also alters AR1303.bcs to fail on install. the solution is to not install that component (as installing UB: RMD at any point will break AR1303.bcs).
  3. seanas


    yes, it's a BP+BGT install. my first thought when this was reported was that it was an animation issue; but i CLUA-ed all the .cre's listed in the blocks that crash into the game; none of them caused any crashing (which they should have, if it was due to animation). so are we looking at a trigger that doesn't work? doesn't work only in BP+BGT games (ie, in BP games, as BGT doesn't to my knowledge, make trigger alterations). BP makes any alterations that aren't also in the Fixpack (although i'll check this to be sure) - so is this crash only occurring in BP games? and if it's trigger related - should we be comparing respective TRIGGER.IDS files to work out which one is broken? [edit] a quick test using this block: IF AreaCheckObject("M#AR02",Player1) !AreaCheckObject("M#AR02","m#yclbm1") !Dead("m#yclbm1") THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveGlobal("M#AR02","m#yclbm1",[200.750]) END in M#AR02.bcs (but no other goon blocks) returned no crash. so at least we have a culprit - the triggers; and a solution - alternate script for BP or BGT users (or just a manual patch: my favourite option).
  4. seanas


    so, my test: i removed one script block at a time from M#AR02.bcs, loaded a save and CLUA'd myself to M#AR02.are. i didn't try all possible combinations, as the gabrielle/food blocks obviously don't alter the area or add creatures. the results: only by removing all references to the goons; ie all the blocks of the form IF AreaCheck("M#AR02") !InActiveArea("m#yclbm1") // ~Ymmyrt's Lieutenant~ !Dead("m#yclbm1") // ~Ymmyrt's Lieutenant~ THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveGlobal("M#AR02","m#yclbm1",[200.750]) END did the crashing stop. i dont know why this is - i checked the cre files in DLTCEP, and there's nothing obviously wrong with them - but it certainly works. if there's so much as one goon reference (i tested a representative sample of goon combinations) it crashes; if they're all commented out, then the area loads, we argue with Ymmyrt's Guard Captain, and the fun kicks off. if someone can explain why this would cause a crash, i'd be pretty pleased - i can repeat it, but i don't pretend to understand it.
  5. seanas


    FWIW, i CLUA'd to M#AR02.are and encountered this crash: we appear; have a conversation with Ymmyrt's (sp?) Captain of the Guard; as soon as the dialogue finishes the game crashes back to the desktop. putting a dummy script file into the override folder removes this crash, and the game proceeds normally. i'll try with a version of M#AR02.bcs with the m#lorraine block edited out and report back on what happens.
  6. seanas


    i could easily be on the wrong track; however the crash that's being reported - area loads fully, then crashes - is indicating that there's an invalid/broken .cre being called by a script. usually this is an invalid animation, but there're no invalid animations on any of the goons called by M#AR02.bcs; the only thing wrong that i can see is the lorraine script block (and when she's created, by the way; she's called by her .cre name, not her DV).
  7. in BG2 (ie, in Tutu), Sorcerers have no prime requisite attribute. well, in theory they need Int, but seeing as how they can't scribe spells, Int isn't necessary - this is fixed in NWN by using Cha; in BG2 they get away with no prime requisite.
  8. well, that's pretty simple, and well withiin standard game behaviour: Ajantis is in the Ankheg area; there's one (or more) possible spawn points between wehre you enter that area and Ajantis; one of the more common spawns in that area (unsurprisingly...) is the Ankheg: thus, dead party. to be expected if you try and take on the Ankhegs at low levels. the Kobolds killing you is as Smoketest describes: they're not doing anything unusual or illegal; they're just plugging you with arrows, and you've got no HP to resist (or AC to avoid being hit). it's possible that the default script they use in Tutu (being a bG2 script) is not as useless as the old default BG1 script; but really, it's just a case of being lulled into a false sense of security from not having played BG1 for a while, and being used to Kobolds in BG2, where they are easy to ignore
  9. seanas


    i was asked about this over at SHS, and the problem, as far as i can see, is in M#AR02.bcs; specifically in the second block: IF AreaCheck("M#AR02") InActiveArea("m#lorraine") !Dead("m#lorraine") THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveGlobal("M#AR01","m#lorraine",[580.370]) END the DV - m#lorraine - is too long; unless i'm mistaken DV's have to be 8 characters or less; certainly, both DLTCEP and InfExp are telling me that m#lorraine is not a valid DV. it needs to be changed both in the script, and in the three associated .cre files (M#LORR10.cre, M#LORR13.cre, M#LORR17.cre). by the way: should that script block be sending lorraine to M#AR01.are? i've not played this far thru the mod yet, so i don't know - but usually script blocks like this, at the top of the script, are about creating the cre. not removing them. but anyway, that's not the cause of the CTD - that's (again, caveat: unless i'm wrong) due to the DV being invalid.
  10. and seeing as how i've only just downloaded and installed this mod today and had this showstopper of a bug, i'm guessing it hasn't actually been fixed? (i guess i shouldn't complain, as i'm playing instead of fixing long-outstanding BP bugs)
  11. see, now yr forcing me to dredge up very old wargaming knowledge... huscarls of the form you depict here usually carried two main weapons: the 2-handed axe (yes, wielded with shield) (2HCW, for anyone else who remembers ) and the 1-handed sword. the axe cut thru chain like no-one's business, but it was heavy: if yr killing a prone opponent, it was far easier to stab the with a sword than to hack them with that axe. other than the axe and the sword, the huscarl typically carried a spear, for defeating mounted charges, and a saxe, or long-bladed dagger. huscarls typically carried no missle weapons - one of the reasons the normans got in trouble (altho they did win, of course) at the battle of hastings was cos they ran out of arrows: usually, you retrieved arrows nid-battle from those shot at you, but as the huscarl didn't use bow weapons, the normans found their archers ran out of arrows. the problem of verisimilitude thus raises its head: if you want an 'accurate' viking/ huscarl/ thegne/ then they're going to need a 2-handed axe (which in BG, means a halberd), longsword, spear and shield. except you can't have a shield and two-handed weapon, and if you give an NPC longsword and axe proficiency, they'll almost certainly end up using the longsword, as there are much better (and much more plentiful) longswords in the game than axes. and a bard without a missile weapon is, as berelinde points out, a wasted NPC (that's the major reason i never take HD along. who wants a guy without many HP and with poor THACO going hand-to-hand? stay back and cast spells, sing songs and use a missile weapon, man!) vikings - as distinct from huscarls - did use bows (short bows, of course), and there's plenty of evidence of arrow heads to be found at the jorvik viking centre; the (putative) descendents of the huscarls, the varangian guard, used enormous 2-handed axes (ie, poleaxes: halberds in BG) altho the wiki tells me that they were 'often skilled archers as well', but doesn't give a citation. there's always that favourite of the fantasy genre, the throwing axe (there were some germanic tribes who reputedly used them again the romans, but i can't find the reference at the moment) - but throwing axes are heavy in BG, so until you get the first returnable one (unless you give yr NPC a returning-but-otherwise-unremarkable throwing axe as a unique weapon), a character relying on throwing axes for the missile weapon is likely to be doing a lot of meleeing.
  12. the problem is in RoT - it adds a line of code to AR0602.bcs that causes the new game sequence to fail. specific details, a workaround and a corrected file can be found over at SHS.
  13. this is an issue with RoT, not with the fixpack: RoT hasn't been updated since the release of the fixpack, and so is attempting to modify a script block that has since been corrected by the fixpack - and so is not installing properly. there is no current solution to this, but workarounds can be found/ asked for over at SHS. specifically, i'd recommend asking in erebusant's install thread, as he's become the expert in fixing the messes made by other mods in AR0602.bcs (which is the file that is causing the problem you are having).
  14. one of the reasons why nothing came of the plan to do away with TDD's Kivan if Domi's far better Kivan was installed was that i noticed that every version of TDD released after 'Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2' was released didn't have a TDD-Kivan. i've not gone and looked thru TDD's coding to find out if this is a bug or deliberate design (or even just a recurring artifact of my installs) but i did bring it up with KD at one point, and it hasn't been 'resolved' - so for whatever the reason, i haven't had a TDD-Kivan in any game since i installed Domi's version. yr mileage may vary, of course, but i'm reasonably confident in saying that if you install this Kivan over TDD (or BP) then you'll only have one Kivan - this one.
  15. there is a Kivan added by TDD to the Umar Hills; however (and whether this is by design or mistake i dont actually know) if you install this Kivan, you will only one in yr game (this one) - the TDD Kivan won't appear.
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