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  1. Well, I guess, you are only redrawing the MOS files and some BMP files. Maybe some BAMs for buttons. CHU files I think are mainly for the arrangement and placement of the files. I don't know enough, so this is just my uneducated guess at it, and maybe you should look at what things like TutuGUI uses, and emulate that. Icen
  2. Stalker: most adventuring party - party needs to be plural (parties) Only few realize - I would write it as Only a few, or Few realize. I can't pin anything down, it just sounds weird. Beast Master: beastmasters seldom stays in one place for long - stay for plural, or stays for a single Beastmaster. This generally reflects the beastmaster attitude - beastmaster's attitude. most beastmaster focus - beastmasters Those are all the errors I could find. Icen
  3. Nah, you have their EA as something like Ally, and their Gender as Summoned Icen
  4. For the pet to level-up with the Beast Master, you would have to use a script, but it would be a dplayer* script, which could just ApplySpell() to the pet. I think, allowing the PC to choose their pet would be good. 2) Is far, far too close to a Totemic Druid, imho. Icen
  5. Yes, 1) is more restrictive, but it was as a sort of 'lighter' version, so as to provide a noticeable disadvantage that wasn't extremely harsh on power players. As a Stalker (and I have played quite a few), the majority of damage comes from Backstabs, so I tend to use weapons a thief can backstab with effectively. Assassination as a HLA? For 3), I meant a better gain in points/level, to keep increasing, instead of having a larger starting boost. For the Archer, having a sort of Snipe ability, which would provide a critical hit (and possibly a backstab) for one hit. Icen Icen
  6. Using weapons only usable by thieves means only having weapons which you can backstab with, ergo, not much of a penalty. The concealable weapons I like, and Valygar can still have his Katana, as it would be unchanged. How about: Having a poison weapon, but lesser than the Assassin's? Having an increased Hide modifier? Having a slight mobility increase? For a disadvantage, only using one-handed weapons (but can still dual-wield)? Icen
  7. Say, if this particular furry can take care of another deadlier foe for you at no risk to yourself, and then you kill it anyway, or it is totally outmatching you. (Dire Wolves in BG1 come to mind, yet I can charm them sometimes). Summon Animal begins to encroach on the Totemic Druid, and the Beast Master with it's Find Familiar (I have found that BM, while underpowered, if dualled to Cleric can form a formidable character in BG1. (BM2->C1, I have a familiar, Ankheg Armour and 40HP)) Icen
  8. Carrion Crawlers (on hit) have a save vs death or be stunned. Icen
  9. Well, you run out of the teleport field, and watch them being ported about trying to get to you, without putting yourself at the risk you just highlighted. Icen
  10. It can be very effective, especially vs melee, in vanilla, simply because they don't have much time to both reach you and get a hit in. If you are lucky, you can kill people with DBF and Skull Traps and let them port into them. Icen
  11. Ok, I'll add Keto to the list and PM Kulyok now. Icen
  12. I'm not sure about Keto, not having played the mod. If it is, I'll add it to the list, but until someone a) gets proof or b) has a solution. You could just use ButtPluggingCumBubble to check if he is dead or not, or even Dead("Yoshimo"). Icen
  13. Yes, as Tweakpack doesn't interfere with GUI as far as I know. In fact, this mod is a requisite for several UI packs which enlarge PS:T's GUI. Icen
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