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  1. I can't see a technical reason why not... Making it work with mods might be tricky. Also, Viconia is a bit of an issue for randomization. Icen
  2. To answer your second question, yes. Now, if I have this wrong, sorry, because I don't use a mac and have never used WeiDU on a mac. Make sure that you aren't running BG2 while installing mods, as it causes some weirdness. If you go to the downloads page, and download the mac version of BG2Tweaks, which I think is a .rar file. Then, you extract this (if it isn't self-extracting) to your BG2 installation directory. Then, there should be a program called setup-BG2Tweaks (dot whatever it is on a mac). Run this program, and a console should appear. Follow the on-screen instructions, entering "n" for any components you don't want, and "y" for any you do. Then, once the installation options are exhausted, it will say "SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED: components" and "Press ENTER to exit." (Or, it does on Windows). Once this occurs, you have installed it successfully and may play your game. Some components may require you to start again. Usually, this is when you have already encountered the resources modified in your save (so, if you have already picked up the Cloak of Mirroring, it will still have the bubble effect, iirc. You can, however, move back to a save before you picked it up and run from there.). Icen
  3. You obviously also need to assign a dialogue file for it. Icen
  4. I'd go for General Mod Discussion. Icen
  5. Well, with usabilities, you NEED to have "True Class" selected, all alignments you want (all) and all classes you need to use, as well as races. Try checking EVERY box and only unticking the race boxes. Next, check everything else is OK, like it isn't 2handed with a 1handed animation, or vice versa, and make sure that it is specified as a weapon to begin with. Icen
  6. Couldn't you lose 2d4 spells from your spellbook on casting of each, to balance it all out? Icen
  7. You could emulate the SCS way of doing it, which is by either ApplySpell()ing or ReallyForceSpell()ing a spell which removes all aftercast delay and casting time, and then just Spell()s all the buffs. Icen
  8. Of course. I just hang around here to nitpick occasionally Icen
  9. Too bad it doesn't work well, I think it's a cool feature. Anyway, I'd probably keep it anyway. If players want to exploit the issue which lets you avoid depreciation if you sell everything at once they'd still have to keep all those items in their inventory for ages, and keeping 3x full plates may not be so fun, especially with IR's weight values. Erhm, I can keep 20 full plate mails in my almost_bottomless bag of holding and then some, see and I can even sell the items from there, so no the 16 is not the limit, I know cause I have multiple time sold 50+ composite short/long bows with the original price for example, and leather armors with the price of 1gp. Why not give yourself 1.000.000 gp via console then, it's much easier than collecting 5000+ items in a conveniently modded bag of holding and sell them. You can also kill Amelyssan via Ctrl-T. Uhm, no you can't... Ctrl-T is advance game time an hour... You mean Ctrl-Y? I think you have to use it a few times on her, iirc. Icen
  10. Icendoan


    No, I'd like to say it hasn't. The core of the mod is currently implemented and appears to be working (if it doesn't please give me a shout). Lemernis and I simply haven't finished the entirety of the mod, but it is certainly playable now. Sorry I took so long to notice this post! Icen
  11. Yeah, these games are really inconsistent. You can look for other items, such as a helm or claw which might provide it. Icen
  12. Yeah, I think this would be a good thing to implement, but I support Jastey's view that it would be better as a hidden variable and not an item in the inventory. This way, you could also buy it through dialogue, asking for this type of herb. Icen
  13. I don't have that kind of money to spend on ANYTHING, let alone games. Icen
  14. It would be something like PartyHasItem("MyItem") !HaveItem("MyItem")... I'd guess. Icen
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