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  1. Tsujatha, haha. I never liked him, but I never did much of the romance with him. I think Sillara confused confidence with arrogance. I hated his "I know more than you" attitude, no matter what you talk about he has some comment on how you're doing it wrong unless you're doing it his way. His "Good is worthless unless it is achieved" comment was the final nail in the coffin. One upping everyone isn't endearing either. There where some other things but these were the main grievances. One thing I don't like is, NPC's leaving forevar!! when you kick them out, I know for the purposes of immersion it's better to assume the NPC has something better to do than wait around for <CHARNAME>, but convenience should take precedence in this case. I don't care how unrealistic it is for Nalia to wait around in the Copper Coronet, I want her to be in there. It's a game at the end of the day. Saerileth does this too I think, as does Yasraena, though I like her the best. But on to more positive things, Angelo is fun. I know 'Holla' was explained but I still chuckle at it. I like how he shares his wisdom without lording it over you, and that he accepts responsibility. Not a lot of mewling, crying, whining, and yelling at <CHARNAME> for crap she/he didn't do. I'm not finished yet, good going though. A breath of fresh air he is.
  2. Awesome, congratulations. I was looking forward to this. Luckily, I just installed BG2 after a hiatus. But they were Harpers, all the Harpers deserve to be offed. Tutankhamun died at like 17 or so I think. He probably died from teen angst, no one understands the boy king, poor Tut.
  3. Agreed, romance is nice and all. But I usually travel without Viconia, Jaheira, and Aerie as I don't want to deal with them hitting on me or deal with their problems in general. Friendship is always welcome. I'd like some camaraderie. I enjoyed being involved in Korgan making fun of Nalia. Aerie has no sense of humor.
  4. Will you be roughing up Anomen? With, like a blade in his back?
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