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  1. Okay so I get the title so far for latest Happy Bday Domi so Happy Birthday Domi! Been on walkabout but got back in time for the wish anyway, maybe next year I'll get here in time for the cake
  2. If its not too late and you still want feedback I'd be happy too. Just email it to me if you'd like.
  3. Have to say that for now BG I & II is still the best game all around for me but that is due to the mods out there that still keep it alive in terms of replayability. I'm playing on a console since my computer would revolt if I tried to use it for Dragon Age, which for the vanilla version is okay. Yeah I have to admit the game is a bit on the addictive side. Voice acting is top notch and the banters are still giving me laughs 3 characters into the game. It was also good to see Bioware stop shying away from some of the romance possibilities. All in all I'd have to say an incredible start to what I guess is supposed to be a series of sorts? Also I'd have to say that this game offers the best dragon fight I've ever had. I think I did the one fight 3 times before I moved on with the game, the killing blow was absolutely awesome. First time as the character, second and third I watched from a distance as Morrigan. Really well done. Well most of what I want to say has been said better already by others but a couple of things I want to add are this. Finding out you can "harden" both Allister and Lelianna through dialog choices really added to the realism of what you would go through as your band continues on its way. Granted the changes are not huge, that I've noticed, but it does affect certain outcomes and choices those characters will make at times. And I can never on any of my playthroughs seem to get Allister, Morrigan, and Lelianna out of my party. The banters during the early/mid romance stages are still too funny for me to miss. Though adding Zevran/Wynne later is pretty funny as well. And can we talk about the Landmarks for Dog??? lol I'll switch to PC once the modders have had some time with it, maybe by then I can afford a rig that won't croak at the thought of Dragon Age being played on it. Until then an excellent game that does seem to be the "spiritual successor" to BG and has more than a few nods in that direction.
  4. A happy birthday to you Domi, late though it may be. And to little Kira as well, what a great age! And what wonderful oddness today is my day as well along with Kira being my sisters name. Best wishes and the hope that most of the cake and ice cream is not worn. Cheers
  5. Caelellowynn


    Chances are they downloaded the Mac version instead of the Windows version. Like I "didn't" do *cough* *cough*.
  6. One thing I would add to this discussion is something relatively simple depending on the nature of what you want to protect. Mail it to yourself. Doing this essentially gives you an authenticated date stamp by a government agency. While in and of itself does nothing to legally protect you it can however give you means to prove "this was my idea first". If it's too large to mail is there some way to boil it down to pertinent facts that will establish a link to the larger idea? Quantitative outline, photographs, etc.. Mail it to yourself, don't open, then put it somewhere safe and forget about it (along with an external copy). It is a quick way to get a little insurance early on for the price of a stamp. Also, if it looked to be going to court you simply have your lawyer set up a legally verifiable opening and quite possibly find the opposing party more amenable to a solution you like. Hope you find this idea useful.
  7. A belated Happy Birthday Domi!
  8. I wish I had spidey-sense like you KIrving, I might get into less trouble that way (oh crap that's right, I'm trying to reform from using these). Yeah I agree, probably not. I have, perhaps, a most bizarre question. What exactly do we mean when we say "people gamers". I know it probably seems self-evident to many but humor me please. And how exactly does this effect game content/story arch? Or is it more a terminology change?
  9. Remarkably similar to what my wife said about Trinity earlier, although "boring and not very interesting" were the words I believe she used. Still I thought she ought to get consideration due to shrinkwrapping at the very least. Although there is a guest spot she does on Stargate Atlantis where she definitely isn't soccer mom material. Granted its Rodney Mckay's hallucination. Probably not funny but if that doesn't sound like a "can't win for losing" scenario.
  10. Trinity not a vixen? Okay I get Janeway (more of a mature attraction there), Eowyn, (the stoic "I shall endure" attraction - why does that remind me of Sarah Plain and Tall?), Hermoine ( right. under 18. come back in a few years if you want to be considered for vixen status). But not Trinity??? I mean even if one doesn't find her attractive, still, she meets the requirements. Vinyl outfit shrinkwrapped on, slow-mo kicking of just about everything, cool in air suppension of pre 'kick you in the face' move, obligatory sex scene somewhere in the story arc, and general all around attitude of *I'm hot and can kick your ass*. That is totally vixen material. Well just having a bit of fun. I think I had to let off some inner anxiety after following that link and finding out the PowerPuff Girls had made the top 20. The PowerPuff Girls! That just makes me feel ...old. Its like listening to the radio and hearing for the first time a song you grew up with on the oldies station.
  11. I found this here to be an interesting article which I think relates somewhat to this topic. Granted it doesn't seem to take into account, among other things, the competition between Sony and Microsoft for the next-gen format standard of Blu-ray or HD DVD, but I do not think that really takes away from the author's main point. I think female gamers are a largely untapped market. Bioware, among the best around to me, still sells the audience short. Anomen, Carth, Disciple, Atton, and even Kaiden. They have always struck me as not only lame romance options, but also strikingly similar in general personality construct. I would likely play out the female romance if they actually offered me someone I didn't have such a hard time buying as person my character would be interested in. Now, being male, I could be completely off base about that, maybe they really are believable romances (all the more important as that ends up being the only option). More women in developmental roles. That's what I would like to see. Games couldn't help but get better, to my mind, if that 88.5% figure from the article dropped. I suppose its possible the male dominated industry could become more openminded on its own and simply start producing more female inclusive games. Might be quicker the other way though. Note: I left Liara of Mass Effect out it, she's an alien so no fair.
  12. Thought some might find this link here interesting. What are you gonna do?
  13. Alrighty then, that post up thar would be me. *sigh*
  14. I am definitely interested. I'm getting the basics covered I think, but I know there is way more out there I don't know, then do. EQ is one of them. So please, share away. I'll try the speakers. That is the only thing on besides the 'puter in the room. Well, that and the boiler occasionally, but that isn't the background noise I'm having issues with.
  15. *Sigh* Bugger thought I was logged in. That was me.
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