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  1. My dear magyar, First, let me just say what an honour it is that you've graced us mere mortals with your true incarnation (as opposed to your numerous pseudonyms - DeszoKovacs, Jmason, numerous guests, etc where you engage in your usual mock cock-tease and get us all excited). It's been ages indeed since I engaged in a conversation with your true self. I have to admit that I originally thought geh4th was telling the truth, but now that you're here and you've clarified this for us, I'll take your word over his. I mean, you've shown yourself to be an honest, upstanding citizen of the community, and have displayed an incredible amount of benevolence and gave a lot to the less fortunate. So if you say geh4th is lying, then I will conclude that he is indeed lying! Anyway, I do not wish to intervene in the scuffle between yourself and geh4th. I simply have a few questions of my own that I've been meaning to ask based on rumours I hear every now and then. If you would be so kind as to elaborate on them, I would be eternally grateful. 1. Did you really run off with the donation money without paying for this supposedly new host? If not, why not post an official receipt or some proof of purchase detailing your transactions with your new host (as well as your current invoices with the old host so we can compare) to silence all the skeptics? 2. When exactly (and I mean the *exact* date and time) does the contract with the old host expire? 3. What was the reason for your panhandling of donations if you weren't planning on switching over to the new host? (i mean, it's been almost a whole year?) 4. If you already have moved into the new host, then why do we continue witnessing these server outages? (wasn't reliability the main reason for moving?) 5. What is the criteria you generally use to spot a Distinguished Developer? Can you list the requirements that one must meet to become distinguished? 6. Can you elaborate more on this "central european mindset" versus the "north american (western) mindset"? I know you said central Europeans are smarter, funnier, more attractive, elite, better lovers, etc... whereas the dumb, low-IQ north american primate neanderthals still have yet to evolve, but can you explain how central europeans became elite in the first place? Is it something genetic? 7. When will IEMF/IEMT come out? I cannot wait to rid myself from the dreadful clutches of weidu so I can finally embrace the work of geniuses like yourself and the Distinguished One. 8. Lastly, how is the modding business coming along? I heard rumors the Improved Anvil fanbase is growing exponentially? If so, congrats on coming up with a shrewd business model, you sneaky devil! Thanks in advance for any answers and kind regards. Yours, temujin
  2. Someone might want to send this monolithic Mobutu a copy of Eternal Enemies: Lions & Hyenas, or at least have him watch the first few minutes to learn a little more about his beloved "hardworking" lions. It's the "old contract", George. You know, the one that never expires? Or maybe this time he'll say he traded his soul to maintain this seemingly perpetual clause with that service provider. I mean, it's been almost a year since he started pilfering donations for this purpose. So why haven't we seen any noticeable improvements?
  3. Baro knows this kind of stuff? Watching this döner kebab vendor from the streets of Budapest comment on something Taimon (a genuinely talented programmer who is proficient in a plethora of languages, who has a deep understanding of reverse engineering, who made contributions to the development of weidu, nearinfinity, iesdp, gemrb and various mods) had done must've been quite a sight. Mentioning Taimon in the same breath with this snake oil salesman alone is an insult to Taimon. I would've loved to see those WoTs. This ".exe patching is dangerous" mantra is just a convenient scare tactic to try and dissuade players from using Taimon's work only because it was made available here in G3. If Taimon made all of his stuff available at BWL first, Fraudonius would be singing praises and whole-heartedly embrace him like a long-lost sibling. Also note that BWL's own mods, NeJ & TS, contain .exe modifying code. Why aren't there any WoTs for those? On another note, I'm shocked the Distinguished One was able to admit when something was beyond his skill. :O Perhaps he learned a valuable lesson from the schoolings administered by DavidW & Ardanis? Humility is always a good thing, Sikky. Well done! Nominar, whenever Sikky does a silent tweak/nerf, it simply means he's obviously trying to hide something. Something embarassing about himself or someone who is responsible for that tweak/nerf but who he doesn't want to acknowledge. In this case, it must be because all that dispel magic stuff (how it works & how it is supposed to work with a possible fix) was all revealed here by Taimon. If Sikky mentioned 'fixing' the spell in his docs, he was probably afraid someone might confront him about this subject. Another example of a silent fix was when Bigg pointed out a bug involving paladins in player2-6 slots, Sikky insisted it was not a bug, but an intentional feature... only to fix it quietly and silently hoping no one would notice. Apparently, pointing out even a single minor flaw in coding is damaging his ego.
  4. I absolutely loved his characterization of BG 2 players as having either: a) the Central European mindset or b) the North American mindset ... all while lecturing others in that same thread not to generalize! oh Baro... my delicious little dobos torte, how I love thee...
  5. Notice every time the server goes down, the response is always the same old "the server is still running under the 'old' host because the contract hasn't ended..." Baro would never give us the exact date when this mysterious contract would end, just that it hasn't ended yet. If he did, obviously he would be cornered and trapped into a position where he cannot explain why the server crashed the times after that certain date. Ten months ago, when BWL went pay-to-play, the contract was about to expire. Now, it seems the contract is still ongoing. I bet five years down the road the contract would still not have expired... Apparently, this elusive, mythical contract is seemingly eternal! Word on the street is that Baronius is currently "shopping" for a new much, much cheaper host with a tight budget on hand -- and I do emphasize the word 'tight' because most of the revenue was likely spent taking a cruise into the Bahamas. Baro himself recently admitted (rather unwittingly) that he was "abroad"... Somebody spilled the beans on Wikileaks that the Black Wyrm currently resides in Baronius' private office.
  6. Ah, but therein lies the problem, Baro. You see, just because a professor paid for a $50 online PhD to earn his 'degree' doesn't mean he is an actual professor or even imply he knows any highschool maths himself. Likewise, just because some dude walks around with the title 'Distinguished Developer' doesn't mean he is either distinguished or even a developer. It simply means that title was carefully constructed with selective, hand-picked criteria to zero in on one and only one target. A couple of examples where our distinguished professor had no clue what he was talking about: Once upon a time, one of the students of this professor had reported that the prof's hyper intelligent, polygon-using creature AI was not attacking targets who were unconscious. The professor was shocked at first because he was always supremely confident in his AI. But more importantly, the professor didn't know how to fix this problem. Instead of admitting as such, our beloved prof concluded the problem simply cannot be fixed! In other words, he claimed the problem was 'hardcoded' despite having no skill in Assembly or any intimate knowledge of how things work. Fortunately for him, a more experienced professor in DavidW quickly came to the rescue and showed the Distinguished One how the problem could be solved with just a couple of lines in softcode. Some time later, our beloved professor had made another bold statement - that a certain bug in Spell Shield simply cannot be fixed! Once again, instead of admitting that he doesn't know how to fix the bug, the Distinguished One is audacious enough to claim it cannot be fixed - as if it is an empirical statement written in stone. Within hours, a player who went by the name Ardanis, a lowly mortal, clearly no where near as experienced as the Distinguished One, had shown him the bug could be easily fixed using custom sectypes. The professor was outraged! He couldn't accept that he was proven wrong by an inferior, inexperienced being! Instead, our professor resorted to his usual tactic - that Ardanis used a cheap, cheesy method of fixing a problem and therefore it isn't valid! I could go on and on... but these two examples alone should make one wonder why this professor should be referred to as "distinguished" when he simply has no clue in his own area of expertise? Is he perhaps too WEAK to admit he lacks the necessary modding skill and just deflects his shortcomings on his players? While I agree that Central European (and by that I assume you mean Hungarian) mentality is far superior to the Westerner mentality, I disagree with that last sentence. Improved Anvil is a product in a commercial market. The game itself costs only $9.99. Improved Anvil costs $30. Lets just ignore, for a moment, your arrogance in thinking Improved Anvil is worth three times more than the game. Please tell me, how is this not commercial?
  7. #12029 - Minor Globe of Invulneribility #26784 - confered -> conferred ugh... why did those clowns have to borrow terms from Tolkien? :facepalm: Looks like they were riding the coattails off LoTR's success. And I've been programmed all these years to use mithril (in addition to the fact it sounded more 'cooler' than mithral). It's like the time when you find out Pluto is not a planet... it just ain't the same anymore...
  8. The funny thing is, he was accusing some player Ryel ril Ryers (a Hungarian) of running away from battle like a coward. Some time later, that same player carefully analyzed Sikret's ongoing playthrough and noticed Sikky did the exact same thing - he ran away like a whipped dog from the Torgal battle. When Ryel questioned him about it, Sikky insisted he didn't run away. Instead, according to Sikret, all he did was execute a "tactical, step-by-step retreat". What a brave and noble samurai you are, Sikky! The modern day Sun Tzu!
  9. tch...tch...tch... you know, Baro, if you wanna expose me, at least do it when I'm not logged on or posting at the same time. That way it makes it less obvious.
  10. That's right, Splunge. Only a worthless little shit like Jizzo-Kovacs would reduce to hiding behind names when he's not busy participating in fellatio sessions with Sikky the Simpleton.
  11. mithril vs mithral - do both of these words have different meanings? I always see them arbitrarily interchanged quite a bit and it bugs the hell out of me.
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