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  1. Rawr.. I simply have to see that. I'd love to help...Cernd Romance is one of the things I'd really be interested in.
  2. That's good. Sarah and the protagonist can make some pretty quick progress. Glad to see this is different, heh.
  3. Could you please update Lsome forum entries to the following? (Applies to Wikaede, Moongaze's Kari and Lockheart) And replace the old blackwyrmlair forum link with this one: http://z10.invisionfree.com/macabremods/in...hp?showforum=11 Also, the forum entries of Wikaede and Moongaze's Kari are no longer valid. I do not have any replacement forums at present, as both mods need to be created anew from scratch. I'd advise removing the links until further notice. I am still open to writing crossmod content for both mods, however. And, a new entry: [MM] Alcander Sidian (BG2) Author(s): Moongaze This mod introduces Alcander Sidian, a travelling warrior-mage from a far away land, hence his rather unusual accent that one either loves or loathes. Kind, caring, and with plenty a tale to tell, Alcander is always ready for a new challenge. Despite his relatively positive demeanor, he carries some dark secrets with him, that only a select few get to hear, including the girl who manages to capture his heart. (Romance module) Homepage: None Forum: http://z10.invisionfree.com/macabremods/in...hp?showforum=10
  4. Indeed, any and all NPC's that do not already banter with each other, should banter with each other. I frequently end up with a party that consists of 5 mod NPC's and a protagonist, and they hardly banter at all. The problem is, not every author is as free and easy about co-op crossmod content (I'm pretty easy. You need but ask). Authors may dislike working with certain others, too. There are still a lot of sign-ups missing, and if they're not missing, they don't have any content written as of yet.
  5. I tried Sarah in my game, though I've yet to give Auren a try. That's the problem...so many NPC's to try that I end up with 5 mod NPC's and a protagonist (no banters except Crossmod ). Just as well she isn't a romance (my protagonist weeps...). This is going to sound wrong, but I wonder what her interaction with Nalia will be like. I'm all for showing different sides of existing NPC's (I'm doing a similar thing with my Aerie Relationship mod), and more homosexual romances. Secretly I'm hoping it's a little different from the Sarah/Charname romance. Variety is the spice of life!
  6. Eh, typical modding community response, that. Always trying to be "funny" with half-concealed insults and shady intentions.
  7. Macabre>>Mods is the new home of my projects... Seen it before? It's possible... yes, I was that alternate account. Not anymore, though. Macabre>>Mods is mine. Modding is a minor hobby for me nowadays...I occasionally spend a little time on it, mostly for myself (never too late to give that a try). If finished and ready, I'll give it to the world by putting it up for download. Progress, if any, will go at a really slow pace. I will not get involved with all the modding politics that are going on nowadays, so please be a dear and don't bring it to Macabre>>Mods. =) In any case, the link's at the top...click it if you're interested. You'll find additional information at the forum itself. Registration is required to post. Please take any discussions about this to a different topic. This is simply news. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Heheh...didn't expect this many reactions to just one simple *news* post. You guys must really hate me. Or are you disappointed I didn't leave when I said I would? Don't worry, I won't be around much, so you'll have all the time in the world to rejoice and do all kinds of freakish games with each other, aye? This begins to look like the G3 Villain Convention. *grouphugs... and backstabs (villains will be villains)*
  9. *rolls eyes and sighs softly* Oh brother... you guys are giving me a headache.
  10. Sorry mate, replying here is absolutely pointless, as I will not read it.
  11. I'm going to fully remake Wikaede Revisited, as I was never happy with it in its One-Day form, as well as the forms after that. It'll be a private release at first, and once everything works as it should, I could probably make the final version public. In the meantime, sit tight and don't use any other version of Wikaede. Cheers, M
  12. Can't kill a modder's heart, no matter how much seems to go wrong. I've moved my mods to my own forum. Skunk's Den It's still a little messy, but I'll clean up sooner or later. Promise.
  13. If this was directed at me, I'd have to say--no; I've always found Xan a very funny character Some of the lines I had to voice for him, like when he says he's surprised everyone is still alive or when you try sleeping outside, still crack me up. Basically Xan is a straight man, something BG arguably doesn't have enough of (it's usually Anomen); they're far outnumbered by the goofballs. But Xan has that special quality Krusty the Clown elucidates, in that bit in The Simpsons where they show how Sideshow Bob got picked: "The pie-in-the-face aint funny unless the sap has dignity! Hey Lord Autumnbottom, get over here!" There's a picture of him getting his hair died pink over at SHS right now that must capture him perfectly. Heh. I should really try to romance the gloomy one sometime... I'm having trouble envisioning that. As for Angelo, he's indeed quite..."different". Did you come up with all the ideas yourself? How long did it take for you to think of- and write the whole thing? It sounds like quite a task...
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