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  1. Woops, sorry sas a while ago so I think my brain stored you two together! >_<
  2. I know I'm coming in late on this, but I never found it until now ^_^ I loved the SoA portion, and also loved your Bishop mod for NWN 2, and am really looking forward to seeing how it goes in ToB, been holding off "moving forward" into ToB so to speak til its done ^_^
  3. Ok, after doing some experimenting, I finally got a resolution (for now anyhow lol) I used the console command of: rs kr_roster_edit and he was actually in the list (when I would get the imfamous missing Casavir missing bug he was never in the list for me to select so I didnt even think to try that one) so for the time being until the game decides to lose him (again) I got Bishop back (now every time i enter the flagon im immediately looking at the fireplace though LoL)
  4. Ok thanks, really hate havig things stop working when they add new stuff >_<
  5. Uncertain why this is happening, but ever since I installed SoZ I have had Bishop dissapear from the game entirely after he "visits me" during my squire ritual.. Deleted saved games 3 times and started from scratch and ran though to this point, and each time, after Shandra, sand, and I return to the flagon after telling torio i'm a squire of neverwinter, Bishop is no longer next to the table near the fireplace.... Tried doing the "copy character file from another save to newest save and reload", but no dice
  6. I believe you have to finish all of the stuff there for it to fire, since you havent done the gem mines, it doesnt "count" the area as finished. Once your done there and are heading off towards your destiny so to speak it should fire, it just wont happen til your progressing to the next step.
  7. Bah wasnt logged in lol.. ah well, try what I reccomended above and see if that works for you ^_^
  8. You have to click "I have other questions" which opens another chat options set, should be option #6, "Flirt with bishop"
  9. Ok, I had to just comment, that this: killed me *wanders off still giggling*
  10. I'm pretty sure she has ^_^ But I think i know what your talking about, something to do with the PCs soul and walls correct? Perhaps Bishops soul, corrupted so to speak as it is, is channeled into "the void" somewhat?
  11. LoL, sorry just excited! I was extremely dissapointed to get to that part in MoTB and have him be stuffed in the wall (dont even get me started on the horrid voice acting for that scene *cringes*) Gann is nice an all, but gimmeh bishop! ^_~
  12. Ok great, I'll just stay paused there then ^_^
  13. Somewhat confused, but you might be getting a bug I got... when leaving the illfarrn ruins, if I went directly back to crossroad keep, it misfired and I got stuck. The way I got around the bug, when leaving illfarn ruins, I went to Neverwinter docks, then after walking into duncans Inn, I left exited everwinter, and then went to Crossroad Keep, it fired correctly. If this isnt the bug your getting, sorry ^_^
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