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  1. Do you mean in the dream? cause that's, uh, a dream... I must confess I'd prefer to see just an expansion of the endgame (City of Judgement) part where you could get him out of the Wall a-la Akachi did with his beloved...the parallel is just too obvious to ignore it And, of course, change his existing Wall dialogue and Kelemvor one. For me, that would provide the most satisfying and logical conclusion to the romance - but, of course, it's just me Still, Mielikki/Silvanus...urgh. I completely agree with this, in fact the first time that I played MoTB I was dissapointed that they didn't have this option at the end, because it just seemed so obvious to me. I've always loved Bishop and this would make a great addition to MoTB. It could be incorporated into the whole story line, saving him from the wall.
  2. I've been playing Bishops Romance all week without any problems, and now all of a sudden, when I get to the final battle, when everyone stands around the table as is getting ready to start talking strategy the game gives me an error message and quits. It's never done this before and I've played the game about 10 times. Has any one else had this problem since loading the "Bishops Romance" Mod? Iv'e tried 5 or 6 times and it keeps happening. I even did a restart. But no luck. Am I the only one this has happened too?
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