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  1. Heh, in your "Written Tutorial" link (http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=5895) thingy for DLCTEP , you guys got a thing saying: Section 1. DLTCEP is available from the DLTCEP homepage: <link removed> , heh ... that link is kinda interesting if you actually click on it.... (And if that has anything to do with BG-modding, I wonder what PST modding would be like )
  2. Technically i'm not using this to play in widescreen, i'm just running it at 1024x768 cause some of the widescreen resolutions seem to make the game look really wierd. I do have a widescreen monitor, but I found that 1024x768 seems to look "the best", now the only wierd thing is (obviously) that the GUI/HUD/etc. other then the main game window seems to be in the top left corner of the thingy. I've been looking around for a tutorial on GUI editing, found winbiff, mosworkshop & bamworkshop, but, i seem to be in a quandary as to how to effectively resize the UI to 1024x768. (Every test sample I did just made the screens just flicker and didn't seem to alter their resolution at all.) I'm gonna mess around some more with it, but if i can figure it out I'm gonna try and convert the existing gui to 1024x768. (But, knowing me, i'm not very adept at these sorts of things and i get sidetracked really easily too.)
  3. Yep. 2* Nivida 8800GTX-s ...
  4. Had the same issue. I fixed this by going to : RightClick on desktop -> Properties -> Settings Tab -> Advanced Button -> Troubleshoot -> Lower Hardware Acceleration ... I lowered it to one tick from No Acceleration. Spells were fine after that, however, I did notice some occasional wierd mouse trail kinda thingies appearing over various GUI elements occasionally but not in the regular kinda gameplaye are, only on the character sheet, journal, etc. Otherwise, I have to note, I love PS:T but have had such a hard time going back to (re)play this one compared to BG2 because of the ugly 640x480 res, and this widescreen modification has totally enthralled me, and I totally wanna give my thanks to the guy who put this thing out, because this made the (best?) RPG (re)playable again for me!
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