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  1. Well, that was alot longer than I remembered, so I presume its had an overhaul by someone. Its much better now and the dialogue forms some nice mental pictures. Good work!
  2. Narcissa


    This means the idiot ACTUALLY did get himself killed in the tavern before I got there.. *facepalm*
  3. Narcissa


    Bah there should be a way to see what to do next! Hes disappeared again and i'm scared to move on without him incase I miss something
  4. Narcissa


    Was just trying to keep it spoiler-free. Its obvious to anyone that knows! Thanks, I thought it might be to do with him being Ka-Tur'ian but my other thought was that maybe Bodhi had gotten smarter and made one of her random minions turn him. Seemed a clever way to get out of writing the ToB segment that never comes for 5/10 Mods sadly enough.
  5. Narcissa


    Hes dead then? Permenantly?
  6. Well it depends what you consider 'woven around', I don't consider the PC taking responsibility for someone who was put in danger by association to be a 'fedex', and it fits well with the 'bringing death to enemies and friends alike' aspect of being a bhaalspawn. Which isn't so well illustrated when all the PC's friends are quickly boosted in power to levels where Eliminster and Dragons would think twice about making a move.
  7. Optional content is always good! They are all nice but a little short and meaningless (yes I know thats the point) a little expansion could be good. Unless the feeling of 'ok we've had sex, beat it <Charname>' from most is intentional. Yes and having a full romance that just involved someone special you always go back to would be nice, its already in as ribald but you'd have to rescue him or her in a complex quest in ToB, for example. Completly optional but if you refuse, your lover dies and your alignment can take a serios dip depending on how you justify it to yourself. Like: "I never really loved him/her, she was just a great ****" - Selfish and Heartless. - Dip towards evil "I couldn't risk myself in an obvious ambush, too many lives are at stake" - Neutral/Pragmatist, No alignment shift? "It wasn't my fault he/she was killed" - Unwilling to accept that his/her connection with the innocent (or not so innocent) person was the reason they died. - Dip towards neutral
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