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  1. You're right, a Bhaalspawn/lycanthrope is fun. I usually play a shapeshifter when I'm romancing Jaheira. However, I've decided I'll wait to play him again till Del is out so I can romance her. Figure since you're putting the wolf talk options in, I'll make use of them. Hell, I've even decided to play thru BG1 again first. I've got an awesome pic for him too...though I have no idea where I found it...very werewolf-like. I'll send it to you if you'd like to see it.
  2. I know, was just throwing in my thoughts for eventual consideration when the dialogue is polished up. Is that "wolf" as in a wolf or "wolf" as in werewolf? If it's the latter, that can open up all kinds of interesting dialogue possibilities/choices.
  3. I've always taken it to mean she was terrified until she discovered Shar. The word "grace" has a positive connotation to it. I don't think she would use that word if Shar terrified her. She might if she was being sarcastic but I don't get a feeling of sarcasm from that line.
  4. Interesting. This is an interaction I wouldn't have considered. Not sure I'm 100% comfortable with it but that's just due to a little bias on my part. I like it. I do have a couple of suggestions though: How bout "Even then, though, Delainy is quite thorough, using her teeth to take out every snarl in your fur and removing any burrs she finds." The sentence doesn't seem to flow very well to me as is. Delainy's lies down next to you, her flank pressing you for warmth.
  5. No but I'll take a look. Thanks. I was afraid of that. Well I see if I can come up with something. Thanks everybody.
  6. You've got a shop already created that you want to update with new items. How do you get these new items to show up in the shop without starting a new game and without having already purchased items reappear? I figure you could do some sort of inventory check but that seems overly complex to me?
  7. Make sure you have the latest patches installed. Wouldn't hurt to have the latest version of Baldurdash installed either. It corrects many problems.
  8. I've had it happen before. Try waiting a couple of minutes before you initiate dialog again. Is this happening with all your party npc's or just the one you're trying to romance?
  9. If this has been answered somewhere already my apologies. How are you handling the fact the romancible characters will not be returning in BGII (outside of a mod)? I mean do you both enjoy it while it lasts and then simply go your separate ways or what?
  10. A different perspective. Elfwood is running a little slowly at the moment so bear with it. Sweet Satisfaction
  11. Holy Avenger Divine Avenger Radiant Avenger Dark Avenger Fist of (Insert Diety)? No offense Nightmare but "vindicator" just doesn't sound right to me. May just be me though.
  12. Reading thru some of the threads I've seen a general desire for changes to the romances. Some are too short, some only let you get to know the npc if you romance them, some just don't represent the npc well. So, what would you change about the romances if you could? If you have specific ideas about an npc, post'em. From a modding perspective (for the more experienced or knowledgeable), how feasible would it be to do so? Would this involve more than just rewrites?
  13. Would love to see them. True. I agree. It's about expression. Some followers might choose the dominatrix route, some might become poisoners, others might take a more emotional route. The point is to inflict pain not how it is inflicted. It requires a delicate balance whichever form it takes. All that said, I just don't see Viccy as a Loviatan. When she inflicts pain it's to get what she wants, not because she gets any real enjoyment out of it. Not saying she doesn't enjoy a little just saying it's not done for the same reasons a Loviatan would enjoy it. Shar I can see for reasons I've already mentioned. I can also see Sharess due to Viccy's preferred means of getting what she wants...not to mention I'm sure Sharess would take great glee in taking followers from Shar.
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