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  1. Glad you've made some more progress. I can't wait to see how he deals with Edwina. ^^ *donates some bread, milk and honey*
  2. Shame to hear about your computer and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  3. Another one I forgot to add. Maybe asking Ajantis's to show Charname the approved stance to perform a certain sword parry/technique. Afterall Ajantis has had a lot more formalized training than her. Could work vice versa too if Charname is a melee class.
  4. Um, these probably rank very high on the cheese factor but... "Accidently" stumbling so Ajantis can catch you/help you up. I remember there was a conversation in BG where you asked who would be his Queen of love and beauty. After that I always wanted to tie a ribbon or something as a favor on his arm. When your in a tavern could you ask him to dance?
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