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  1. Your post makes no sense. In this context, a schema is a separate document (it does not literally have to be a separate document) that describes the structure and bounds of the first document (the config file). Schema validation is the process of ensuring the config file conforms to the specifications laid out in the schema. There is no incorrect or incomplete input, or validation would fail.
  2. You can verify user input with a schema, either to make the component uninstallable if the user input is incorrect, or by restricting which values the user can input during input time. In either case, you'd be sure installation would not fail or stall due to the input value. No, because there is no established alternative, and even if there were, it would not deprecate READLN because there would still be valid use cases.
  3. Speaking of which, these past weeks I've been working on Zeitgeist and I've always had the intention of eventually adding the ability to perform command-line stuff from the GUI. Adding it is conceptually simple, for the most part; is it something I should give a priority bump? (Up from maybe eventually, perhaps.)
  4. What? Like Mike says, that's what `revert` is for. No rewriting history at all. Revert is only for local commits, DavidW ask about "revert a set of pushed changes" so he want to remove/alter remote ones. No, it's not. `revert` is the proper way to undo a pushed commit. It creates an inverted commit that undoes the targeted commit entirely. The thing you are talking about, rewriting history, is arguably a bad way to work with pushed commits. It's fine for local stuff, knock yourself out, but once the commit is pushed, you should not rewrite it unless you have very good reason. Beyon
  5. What? Like Mike says, that's what `revert` is for. No rewriting history at all.
  6. Something I often see you young whippersnappers trip over is the commit message. The commit message should be readable It should start with a short, one-line title: 72 characters or less. The title should summarise the commit message. Fewer characters is good because commands like `revert` add length to the title in the form: > Revert "Title of commit message" Some advocate a title of 50 characters at most. The title should be written in the imperative mood, so as to match git itself. The title should be capitalised but not end with a period. After the title, there should be a compl
  7. Classic BG2, Polish, Patch It is caused by wiedu 24600, if I use 24200 (shipped with mod), everything is fine. According to your debug file, you were using 245, not 246. The error you experienced was fixed in 246.
  8. Version 7 of Item Randomiser has been released. This is not the fabled version 7, legends of which has been passed down to us by our forebears, which promised to fulfil all those requested features. It's simply the latest dev version with no further changes, released so as to update the painfully old version that could still be downloaded from G3.
  9. Item Randomiser is compatible with all mods that move or remove items provided it is installed after those mods.
  10. Just to be incredibly contrarian about this, Zeitgeist will support INI over my dead body*. It's not a suitable format for abstracted editing, for lack of a better term (that is, parsing it, presenting it with abstracted controls, say GUI widgets, allowing the user to change values within predefined bounds and doing something useful with the results); JSON's where it's at (the offshoots are less widely supported and are thus less qualified). Hell, even XML is better. The only way INI works if it's like today, where the user essentially opens text files in editors and change values at ver own r
  11. Next one (you could pull and INCLUDE the function definitions today, but you'd do well to remember to take them back out when they'd no longer be necessary).
  12. I've added an option for controlling where the output ends up: out_path, defaults to %tra_path% If %out_path% is different from %tra_path%, no TRA files in %tra_path% are changed and no marker files or other new files are created If converted TRA files are arranged in a directory structure in %tra_path%, a mirrored structure is created in %out_path% Created files in %out_path% are uninstalled, but any new directory structures that may be created during install remain (because uninstalls do not reverse-create directories) If you use %out_path%, HANDLE_CHARSETS is obviously no longer transparent
  13. Yes, I'm afraid 6.8 (which is the version you find on the front page) is technically old, and not technically compatible with BG:EE, even. The latest quote version unquote is found here.
  14. So it was an old, already fixed bug, at that. I would expect the macro to sort just as well.
  15. If anyone's still interested, the thing with DS and EE 2.5 was that the DS code would add and delete effects in the same loop, but would not necessarily do so in the correct order, so which would produce incorrect results for some inputs (for example, it deletes an effect located last; delta is -1, then adds an effect at position 0, i.e., at fx_off + delta * fx_size, or 0x30 bytes before fx_off). EE 2.5 contains or contained files that would trigger this oversight. I posted a simple fix here and in the DS thread at SHS, but apparently I toil in obscurity.
  16. WeiDU v245 "Medieval Steel" has been released. Download for Windows Download for GNU/Linux Download for mac OS Download the source code Forum Change log Readme The directory layout in the packages has changed with the introduction of 64-bit binaries for Mac and Windows. bin/x86 has the 32-bit binaries and bin/amd64 has the 64-bit ones.
  17. If the IDS type is guaranteed to already exist, you can retrieve the value like how Argent77 posted. You need to bit-shift the value if you get it from ADD_AREA_TYPE, which you do if you are adding the type for the first time or if you are uncertain whether the type already exists or not. Presumably the variable BG1AREA was improperly set in the code you posted (e.g., because ADD_AREA_TYPE was never called to set it). You'd get the behaviour you describe if the variable was 0.
  18. WeiDU v243 "243 is not a prime number" has been released. Download for Windows Download for GNU/Linux Download for mac OS (pending compiler) Download the source code Forum Change log Readme
  19. Items are arranged into tiers, by my estimation of the item's power. The demon lords gives an item of the second-most powerful tier in SoA. This is stuff like Belm, Azuredge and Reflection Shield. The tier consists of a base of 22 items, with another 10 added by mode 2.
  20. Jarno wins. The only distinction TP2 makes between stings and integers are which strings are not integers after coercion. This works fine: OUTER_SPRINT myvar "123" OUTER_SET myothervar = myvar COPY_EXISTING sw1h01.itm override WRITE_LONG NAME1 myvar I hate to pick nits but... CamDawg, %string_thats_actually_an_int% is exactly equivalent to "string_thats_actually_an_int". On their own, percentage signs are string delimiters. Inside strings, they delimit variables, but only inside strings.
  21. So I've been thinking about kit values, because why not? IESDP currently states that the value is stored in a big-endian format, but unless I have really misunderstood the concept, the kit value is not big-endian. It uses a reversed word order, but the words themselves are little-endian. The value 0x80000000 is stored as 00 80 00 00 in the CRE and the value 0x4005 is stored as 00 00 05 40. Were they big-endian they'd be 80 00 00 00 and 00 00 40 05.
  22. aTweaks works differently. Killing the Nabassu does indeed prevent ghastification. But I can't explain this. The spell looks right and in testing a successful save vs. spell prevents all ill effects and a failed save results in strings being displayed (among other things). Incidentally, Death Ward is no protection against Death Gaze.
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