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  1. Thank you. That is very helpful. I'll try to have it sorted out before the end of the week. I don't think I will need the files now, no.
  2. I'll have a look. It would help if you'd provide the files override/fl#randomseed.2da override/fl#removeditems.2da override/fl#randoptions.2da weidu.log
  3. The version dated 151017 fixes an issue involving the BG1 engine. Randomised scrolls could be bought for cheap. This issue did not affect Tutu, BGT and other flavours of the BG2 engine. Re-installing with 151017 will not break saved games but will not fix scroll costs in stores you've already been to.
  4. The scroll is added with no charges (but a number in stock). With 0 charges, the engine evidently treats the item as worthless. Will fix.
  5. The version dated 140831 re-enables the Polish translation. Many thanks to Cahir for the update! There are also some other minor fixes to some of the text.
  6. It was a feature request back when. I believe the motivation was that they were too powerful.
  7. The version dated 140720 disables the Polish translation, which was non-functional anyway. I'm disabling it rather than making it functional, because over the years the coverage of the translation has decreased and were I to install a Polish translation I would not expect 9 out of 10 new or altered strings to be in English. The translation will be re-enabled as soon as it is updated.
  8. The file "compile/g3mrsgtu.baf" fails to compile on BGII: EE because it contains the line Face("G3Drini") Presumably you want FaceObject() instead. It does not fail on other platforms because WeiDU does not try to look up the argument in an IDS file other than on the EEs, but the action has probably never produced the desired result.
  9. I suspect it is fine. Tarnesh has 4 scrolls and Item Randomiser gives him a few more. On second thought, he probably should not receive level 2 scrolls, so I'll remove him from that tier (which means at least one less scroll). Considering the 4 scrolls he normally has, perhaps he should also receive fewer level 1 scrolls. Normal Hobgoblins are not touched by Item Randomiser. The game has its own rudimentary random-item system, which includes common scrolls among its possible rewards. Hobgoblins are beneficiaries, so you may find scrolls on them. Chests commonly contain minor scrolls, a
  10. The dev version dated 140501 reduces the number of wands and scrolls you will find on BG: EE games. Upgrading from earlier versions requires you to start a new game.
  11. The version dated 140501 fixes the large number of wands and scrolls ond BG: EE. Upgrading from earlier versions requires you to start a new game.
  12. Yes with an if or no with a but. If both games are identical, they can multi-player together. Possibly BGII: EE lifts this restriction, I don't know. You can get Item Randomiser to install identically, or you can install your mods on one game and copy the game to the second computer. To install item Randomiser identically on a second computer, ensure that you have exactly the same mods and components installed on both. Install Item Randomiser on computer A. Copy the three files fl#randomseed.2da, fl#removeditems.2da and fl#randoptions.2da from the override directory of computer A to the overri
  13. The dev version linked to here in the forum is already compatible. But you are right, I should update the main download, as well (I've been meaning to, but things keep getting in the way).
  14. Off-hand, I don't know if the flag's used. I don't respect it if it is, so it's not a problem (as far as I'm concerned). The changes to the wands are fine too. It's just something I need to account for. I'll look into if there's any vendor carrying any larger-than-in-BG1 amount of scrolls too.
  15. No, there has not been a consistent policy in dealing with equipped items. Equipped items are have mostly been randomised when they are notable and easily available, or when they are notable and/or some sort of replacement item can be arranged. Suryris' Blade is perhaps notable, but it is not easily available, and it's hard to arrange a replacement item without simply swapping it for a generic +1 halberd, so randomising it has not been a priority.
  16. I suppose you are right. I'll look into moving those locations elsewhere. Zhalimar uses the weapon, which always makes me a bit wary of moving it. However, I suppose I'm more cavalier about such things today than I were originally. Maybe it can be moved without upsetting the balance of the battle too much, but it might be exclusive to mode 2. I'll consider it. Thank you for your feedback.
  17. I'm torn. On one hand, I'm not unsympathetic. On the other, I would imagine there are people who like finding loot in e.g., the Silvershield estate. More pragmatically, I don't think I could remove these out-of-the-way locations without either randomising fewer items or stacking higher piles of loot onto the remaining locations. There was someone else who requested that random loot not be given to optional fights. I guess I could combine this with that, for some sort of "streamlined" option that would probably randomise fewer items (the more notable ones) and limit itself to surer location
  18. Yes, there are two copies of that sword in BG1. Item Randomiser is supposed to delete the copy in Ulgoth's Beard, but I see the code can potentially fail to do so under some circumstances. Can you tell me what platform you are on (BGT or Tutu, etc.) and post the contents of your weidu.log, please?
  19. The version dated 140101 fixes a rare bug that could result in unobtainable items. It is safe to upgrade from earlier versions but bugs you have already encountered will not be retroactively fixed. Edit: the archive has been updated to include WeiDU. The OS X version is 64-bit, built on OS X Mavericks. Other OS X builds of WeiDU are available at weidu.org.
  20. Okay, the problem appears to be that BG: EE increases the number of wands carried by stores by up to an order of magnitude. Future versions of Item Randomiser will likely bring the number of wands back down to sane amounts.
  21. Depending on what exactly you uninstalled and how far into the game you got, you may have invalidated your saves. However, if you upload the files fl#randomseed.2da, fl#randoptions.2da and fl#removeditems.2da (located in your override folder) and post the contents of your weidu.log file, I'll try to reproduce your problem.
  22. Okay, can reproduce. The Gromnir thing is a bug alright. Will fix. The scrolls thing looks like luck of the draw. There is an awful lot of scrolls being randomised. Stands to reason there will occasionally be someone who receives multiple copies of the same scroll (like Rayic or the Yuan-ti mage). Some tiers contain more scrolls than others, or might contain fewer locations than others, and would thus be particularly susceptible to this. I can look into adding some more locations for scrolls, so you'll not find quite so many of them in any one place. The multiple copies might also be a def
  23. The version dated 131118 features compatibility with BGII: EE, as well as improved compatibility with BG: EE.
  24. Update. The version dated 131007 fixes a small compatibility issue with SCS. It is safe to upgrade, but the fix will not affect creatures you have already encountered. Personally, I wouldn't upgrade over this. It is also packaged with WeiDU 232, so installation on BGEE is now done in the same way as on any other game.
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