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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been thinking vaguely about some sort of shored-up proficiencies. I guess the time is now.
  2. Update. New dev version is dated 130726 and does not do incomplete Mode 1 installs on BGEE (i.e., it won't crash your game). There's also a small correction for BGEE to the alterations to Unshey's quest (probably not worth upgrading over). To upgrade, simply extract this version of the mod on top of your existing version and reinstall the main component. Choose to preserve saved-game compatibility if you have a game in progress. You don't need to upgrade if you use Mode 2.
  3. BGEE has that new flag on effects, bit 25 among the save-type flags, 'ignore difficulty' isn't it? Are there any more that I don't remember/is not aware of?
  4. What sort of test reports? If it's concerning the Tweaks thing, I posted working code in the Tweaks forum a while back (you probably saw it). Do you need help integrating it into your mod? (I realise I only posted the relevant fraction rather than the whole thing.)
  5. Oh, right, of course. It's because the coordinate point in the match string is not escaped. This will work: COPY_EXISTING ~ar0903.bcs~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~CreateCreature("C#KNIG05",\[820\.1500\],8)~ ~CreateCreature("C#KNIG05",[1548.1500],8)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~CreateCreature("C#Ajan\([01][0-9]\)",\[1730\.400\],0)~ ~CreateCreature("C#Ajan\1",[638.400],0)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~CreateCreature("C#KNIG07",\[500\.410\],8)~ ~CreateCreature("C#KNIG07",
  6. Sure, I can have a look. Same time line: tomorrow or during the weekend.
  7. I can have a look. I'm testing some other stuff today, tomorrow or this weekend. I can take care of this at the same time.
  8. HANDLE_AUDIO and HANDLE_TILESETS are not (yet) natively done by WeiDU. They are (thus far) wrapper functions around oggdec/SoX and tisunpack. The big advantage is that you get compatibility with Windows, OS X, Linux and BGEE all in one go. Everything but decompression is also done by WeiDU, so you also get proper backups and proper uninstallations. All you need to do is supply the audio/tilesets and oggdec for Windows, SoX for OS X and tisunpack for Windows, OS X and optionally Linux. For HANDLE_AUDIO, you put your audio, oggdec.exe and SoX for OS X in "MyMod/audio". Then, anywhere in
  9. Yeah, ADD_JOURNAL has been in since the last few betas. I would also recommend the HANDLE_AUDIO function for your sounds, if any. I don't know how the situation with tilesets is on BGEE, but if you can just untiz them like normal, there will also be the HANDLE_TILESETS function (coded, but not included in beta 231.10).
  10. Updated. New dev version is dated 130724 and actually installs. Can you ask for more?
  11. It looks like it's enough to simply decompress the relevant biff in cdX/data. Unfortunately, there's no way to do this with existing WeiDU functionality on a 32-bit platform. If you don't mind waiting a while and shipping a WeiDU beta, I can most likely write something that could do this reasonably smoothly. For a Windows-only solution, there's a tool called CBF2BIF posted over at SHS. I haven't tested it, but it should be able to do this.
  12. Well, actually, I can confirm this bug. It apparently happens if AREA090A.BIF has not been cached (and decompressed) before you install Sensible Encounters. Delete your cache directory, install Sensible Entrances, create a new game and save in the Promenade -> Crash on entering the NORH Uninstall Sensible Entrances, reload from the Promenade -> No crash (unflipped TIS) Reinstall Sensible Entrances, reload from the Promenade -> No crash (flipped TIS) Make your cache directory unavailable to the game, reload from the Promenade -> Crash Delete the new cache dir and make the ol
  13. I seriously doubt this is a corrupted CRE. AH, have you by any chance installed Generalised Biffing on top of your mod stack? Either way, you should post your weidu.log. It's very likely not something that using v13 over v12 would help with.
  14. WeiDU changes most files as it goes along. It's just changes to the TLKs, and perhaps the key file, that get queued up and written all-at-once at the end. Putting Cam's code at the end of the relevant component in your mod will work.
  15. They are in stack operations. Maybe inlined files should be uniquely named like how you shouldn't use STRING_SET, but they do share a namespace with "real" files, so it's a good habit to differentiate the two by the file names.
  16. I don't know if it's a problem, but you are not setting the width variable here. (Maybe it's set outside the ACTION_IF, but that seems fragile.) You really ought to call the inlined file something more inline-y, say ".../ajantis/inlined/dammit_cam.d". Collisions are perhaps not very likely, but it'd be no fun if it were to happen.
  17. Unless you plan on your Ajantis mod to be installed after the Tweakpack, it would have have to be the Tweakpack that detects your Ajantis mod.
  18. This is a proto version of Item Randomiser v7. It is not feature complete but rather than sitting on the changes until I have time to finish v7, I will release one or more development versions. This version is dated 170205. Install: Place the extracted files in your game directory. Windows: follow the regular installation instructions OS X: make the command file executable and run it, I guess GNU/Linux: follow the regular installation instructions Download.
  19. I would suggest you continue to use the Linux version of WeiDU. It's the supported way of installing WeiDU mods on Linux. Using WeInstall is optional, but greatly simplifies using WeiDU on the command line. You can simply think of WeiDU as tool for installing and managing mods. The documentation is more geared towards modders than end users, however.
  20. I doubt your linux.ini is involved in this. What the oh-so-clear error message is telling us is that WeiDU can't find the file. It seems that, contrary to the installation instructions, the bg2fixpack directory has not already been tolowered, since the file exists as "bg2fixpack/copy/ISCRL5A.BAM". If you haven't already, you need to tolower the bg2fixpack directory yourself. (Sidenote, the CD/HD numbers in linux.ini are unimportant.)
  21. Bingo. It's missing a tutu_var. Will fix. Thanks for persisting in this (and sorry for the inconvenience).
  22. What platform are you seeing this on, and what other mods do you have installed? It sure sounds like something's off, so maybe I did not try it with the right combination of factors.
  23. Maybe it was plunder? It is not like Bassilus has ample opportunity to trade in his loot. I'll see if I can up with something, but there are certain problems. For one, there is no guarantee there would be a suitable item available. Maybe the tier simply does not include any, or maybe the ones there were have already been randomised. This is the case with Bassilus. He need not get a random weapon, but there simply are no other weapons he can use in that tier. As for NPCs in general, I think the mod currently tries to make the best possible use of existing proficiencies and weapons. But
  24. The archive may be in a version of RAR your software can't handle (there have been revisions and new versions released over the years). Assuming you can't upgrade your software to more recent versions, you can probably use the linux distribution. The only differences between the latter and the OSX version is the command file, the WeiDU binary and the autoinstall tp2 file, and the former two are not difficult to obtain elsewhere.
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