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  1. Version v7


    Item Randomiser is a large-scale random treasure mod for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. The mod can randomise up to several hundred items in Baldur's Gate (including TotSC) and up to several hundred more in Baldur's Gate II (including ToB). The randomised items can be found throughout the game world over the course of the game. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Wisp

    DIY Manual

    In a way removing locations is very simple; you just delete a line in the appropriate location list and you are done. However, for the uninitiated there may be a stumbling block or two. There is also one caveat. First off, the locations used by Item Randomiser are controlled by location lists. There are 4 location lists: lists/locations/base/bg1.2da - Main location list for BG1. lists/locations/mode2/bg1.2da - Extension list used by Mode 2 for BG1. lists/locations/base/bg2.2da - Main location list for BG2. lists/locations/mode2/bg2.2da - Extension list used by Mode 2 for BG2. You can fin
  3. I don't think so either. Recharging probably exists in BG1. The item format isn't that different between the two games.
  4. Wisp

    DIY Manual

    Adding an item to the pool of items to be randomised is generally not difficult. However, there are a few caveats: Item Randomiser has two kinds of items lists: a main list and an extension list. The latter is used exclusively by Mode 2, but the main list is used by both Mode 1 and Mode 2. When you add an item you can choose to have the item taken from somewhere else or to have the item simply be added. The main list can only take items from area, creature and store files (there are two exceptions, but that's just what they are: exceptions). If the items needs to be taken from somewhere els
  5. Wisp

    DIY Manual

    Keeping an item from being randomised is fairly easy. You do this by editing one or more text files before installing the mod. Refer to the section on item lists for more information on that subject. As an example, say we wanted to remove the Robe of Vecna from the BG2 list, so it'd show up in its usual place in Deirdre's shop. To do that we first need to know what the item file is called. As of version 5, this information is included in the spoilers document. Secondly, we need to know which list to edit. This information can also be obtained from the spoilers document. In our exam
  6. Yeah, that's on the list. Yeah, that sounds like it'd be worth doing something about.
  7. I've been unable to reproduce this bug. But upon reviewing the code just now I think I may have found the problem. Thanks for the poke. I'll try to get an unofficial v6.7 out later today tomorrow.
  8. Wisp

    DIY Manual

    Item lists control which items are randomised under which circumstances. There are 4 item lists: lists/items/base/bg1.2da - Main item list for BG1. lists/items/mode2/bg1.2da - Extension list used by Mode 2 for BG1. lists/items/base/bg2.2da - Main item list for BG2. lists/items/mode2/bg2.2da - Extension list used by Mode 2 for BG2. Item lists follow a 7-column format, with each row corresponding to 1 item. A column is a whitespace-separated sequence of characters. If a row is deleted from a list (or is made to contain less than 6 columns), that item will not be randomised when the mod is ins
  9. Sorry for dragging my feet on this. I started on a full-on documentation project, but since that will evidently take a while I'll post the more pressing now and the rest when/if it's completed. Item Randomiser is designed to be a customisable mod. This is in part because it is easier for me that way and in part because I realised early on that there could well be a demographic that would appreciate not being locked in by my, or anyone else's, preferences. If you want to add or remove items, introduce new tiers or overhaul the location lists, it's all possible. This set of Do-It-Yourself ar
  10. This doesn't belong in the Fixpack (and I can hear the objections already). I don't think the NI guys will include it either. Additionally, maybe half of the areas that need to be flagged are from megamods and such, and we both know they'll never be updated on account of this. An includeable resource that makes one or more new area types available would be the way to go. Personally I prefer ADD_AREA_TYPE because that way I don't feel I have to provide all the area types (the complete system). I can simply release the two area types I have and leave it at that. But if you, or someone e
  11. I think you may be underestimating the complications involved here. But correct me if I'm wrong. To have any meaning the area type needs to encompass a static list of areas. You will want to know where and when the area type you are using is true. Then, given different preferences and requirements and all that, I'd say it's a bit too optimistic to expect a single area type label (with an area list) to satisfy everyone. Assuming this sees use outside a handful of mods I wouldn't be surprised if we do have "duplicate" area types (e.g., two or more types for different types of inns). The
  12. It would be a bit outside the scope of the mod. I'll think about it. Yeah, I think I can do that.
  13. Well, feck. It's a new bug I managed to introduce in 6.6. I'll try to have an update of 6.6 available tomorrow. You can fix it locally by opening the file "randomiser/lib/macros.tpa" with a text editor and replacing "iiic_num_item" with "iiic_num_itm". There's only one instance.
  14. It's not necessary. It's another case of proto-corruption caused by Item Randomiser. (Phenomenologically it's all but invisible until the right mod is installed on top; SCSII in this case.) V6.6 will be out within a day or two.
  15. Sounds a bit outside the scope of Item Randomiser. But it does sound like it could fit aTweaks. If you're willing to wait until my modding interest swings back up I could have a look at it then.
  16. I'd guess no. Item Randomiser doesn't touch Haegan at all (and doesn't do anything particular with the beastmaster). Did they drop any items at all? If you upload the files beast.cre and haegan.cre (both from your override, probably) along with change-logs of them, I could have a look.
  17. I guess that's open to interpretation. As I see it, there's nothing about the encounter that doesn't work even without the bracers. Being able to back it up has never been a prerequisite for boasting. Not to mention he's trying to intimidate you into giving him your money, or that the bracers don't actually have anything to do with being the "fastest draw in the west."
  18. It does say you need to start a new game after installing the mod, unless you use the option to preserve saved-game compatibility. When you visit an area it is stored in your saved game and conventional modding has no further apparent effect on the area until you start a new game. You're right. I shall have to add it to the list.
  19. I have been accused of proliferating the amount of available money in the game before, so maybe something to combat that would be in order. Making Cespenar and Cromwell charge more is a good suggestion. And maybe there's something else that can be done. I know Aurora does something with gold rewards and random loot tables, so I'd have to see if there's something left for me.
  20. Yeah, if you have the scroll and the hammer but lack either of the other two components you'll get a NVROL. I wonder how I thought the current setup was safe. V6.5 can be expected soon-ish, probably along with some sort of hotfix for Cespenar.
  21. For some reason the folder randomiser/ssl/ssl_out has gone missing. Simply creating the folder should allow you to install the mod. Will fix in the next update.
  22. Well, I guess I'll include all the inns then. Most mod-added inns are located in copies of Beregost, copies of IWD's towns (log cabins), or areas of roughly the same type. The exceptions I know of are two inns from TDD, which are located in the wilderness of Amn/Tethyr and one from NTotSC, which is some sort of castle east of Baldur's Gate. But I'd like to keep the Underdark as the exception, since the large majority of the area is not an inn. If someone would like to include it, it's easy enough have an AreaCheck for ar2100.
  23. I have a pretty comprehensive list of inns now. But I'm unsure of how urban is urban enough for you. Unfortunately the inns range from being located in Athkatla/Baldur's Gate to being located in the middle of nowhere, with more intermediate cases like Ulgoth's Beard (village), The Friendly Arm and Candlekeep (fortified communities that could qualify as urban-ish all on their own). Since the whole purpose of this is to have something simple and useful, the line will simply have to be drawn somewhere, probably excluding some of the mod-added inns. Aside from degree of urban-ness, there
  24. Sort of. The general idea's the same, but details are different. And when WeiDU 228 is out I'll move over to the TP2 action. But if you are thinking of mirroring the code in Aran, there's no need. I plan on publishing a .tpa file, that'll do all the work of adding the area type and flagging areas, which you'll be able to just include in your mod.
  25. Yeah, that'd be me. Earlier versions of the mod did not give human-Abazigal the items it gave to dragon-Abazigal. Later versions do, but it looks like I overlooked making them undroppable on human-Abazigal. Will fix.
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