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  1. Yeah, I know. The vanilla dialogue file as an empty DO ~%WNL%~ transition action and apparently that causes this problem. It's probably harmless, but I can throw in a REPLACE_TEXTUALLY to keep it from showing up on the radar.
  2. There's some in the Monstrous Manual Fiend Folio Appendix (2nd Ed):
  3. Good I've always intended for the mod to be customisable and I'm glad my efforts haven't been wasted. "Replacement" is a straight swap. The replacement item ends up in the same inventory slot as the old item, inherits flags and everything and no checking is done to make sure the item doesn't clash with any other item. Proficiencies are taken into account when a random weapon is given to the creature but are not altered unless it's done manually. Illegal weapon combinations (e.g. two-handed sword + shield) results in CTDs. I should probably add some safe guards to the replacemen
  4. Yes, the Gesen, Wave and Equalizer stuff is all normally randomised. I can look into making a 'strict' option that makes the main component less carefree about what it randomises. I know Item Revisions' altered item descriptions have come up a few times, like that time with the ranger armour. This 'strict' option could also be used to account for changes like that and e.g. keep Mielikki's Gift from being randomised (if Item Revisions is installed) while still randomising The Night's Gift (if Item Revisions is not installed). But until then it's a simple procedure to keep item
  5. Some SoA items are very powerful till the end of ToB, so those could be moved to chapters 8-9 as well. To keep things simple, I think there could be the option to shuffle the old tier 7 and tier 10 items so that they share the same tier and are availabe from enemies of both halves of the game. There will be 14 tier 7 locations in SoA for 14 tier 7 and 28 tier 10 items, so you can expect to get like 8-10 pieces of ToB loot ( mostly un-upgraded +3/+4 weapons, most of them less powerful than tier 7 Celestial Fury or Soul Reaver anyway ) while defeating underdark enemies, the twisted rune, Bodh
  6. Can do. Do you have any particular items in mind? Either stuff that should stay in ToB or non-WK stuff that could be found in SoA. I didn't think it was right killing a dragon (one of the most powerful ones in SoA, no less) in her own lair and getting a grand total of nothing. Sure, you get the blood but that's not part of her hoard (and other dragons give scales). That it's a mere tier 4 item is because it's only attainable if you kill her. For comparison, Firkraag gets two tier 6 items, plus Carsomyr. Thax gets a tier 5 and tier 6 item and Nizi gets two tier 7 items (but he's just bac
  7. It will be a while before version 7 sees the light of day. Consequently there's a large window of opportunity for suggestions and similar. If you have something you'd like like to see included in Item Randomiser, don't hesitate to suggest it. I've got a pretty good track record when it comes to implementing suggestions. I'm already planning on randomising potions, wands and ammunition, and if I can manage to make a description BAM that doesn't make me wince there'll be a component for randomising the material needed to forge the IMoD.
  8. If you find a bug or something along those lines, please let me know so I can fix it. The bug report archive is here.
  9. Both the backstabbing and the mage spells should be granted by the Stalker CLAB file, so you needn't do anything since you are using a different CLAB file.
  10. Congratulations. This sounds very interesting.
  11. I think you need to quote or wavy-line this bit. I.e.: SAY "Infiltrator: Der Infiltrator ist ein Barde, der..."
  12. Yes, it would seem like fjbard should have its spell resource changed from fjbarda to fjbardb and fjblade should have its spell resource changed from fjbardb to fjbladeb.
  13. This may be relevant. Installing the game into another directory than c:\program files is supposedly another possible solution.
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