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  1. I just tested the spear, it works great now. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I tried it on a couple of naked NPCs. Boy that sounds bad... I used the spear on NPCs with all protective equipment removed.
  3. I just reloaded and Ixil's spear still doesn't have pin and now the extra damage isn't being applied either. It does show that a save roll is being made, it just doesn't do anything when the save is failed.
  4. The pin effect from Ixil's Spike +5 doesn't work. The additional damage occurs but no pin.
  5. Well... they could drink a potion, it would just end up on the floor.
  6. FYI about the sphere: The new version of aTweaks - The PnP Fiends component now handles the demons inside the Planar Sphere a bit differently. Lea'liyl is now treated as a Marilith, one of the two generic Tanar'ri becomes a Glabrezu while the other remains a Nabassu. Some previously unused dialogue lines for Lea'liyl and the Nabassu have also been restored
  7. You could always move 1 piece. There would still be 2. After all there are 5 total.
  8. Are you planning to do anything with the Mask of King Strohm? I didn't see any mention of it when i did a search. It would be nice if it was useful beyond revealing the guardian.
  9. Just a thought about FoA, if you want to tone it down, just scatter one or two of the heads to other locations in the game. Then you haven't really nerfed it, you have just delayed its rise to full power.
  10. Halberds, second choice. The more you can cut down on confusion the better. Daggers, scimitars and flails, I like your ideas. Making items distinct is always good.
  11. Well, you could have a Morningstar that grants the user Grandmastery in Halberd while equipped, or a Paladin-only helmet that gives bonus Wizard spellslots. The Axe of Hrothgar comes pretty close, too, with its WIS bonus that's virtually useless unless you've got Ashes of Embers or something (and even then, you can't switch to your Sling without erasing those extra spellslots). But barring obvious stupidities like that, the weapon could be carry fantastically powerful X-bane enchantments but lack the requisite enchantment level to actually hit X (e.g., Jerrod's Mace being only a +1 weapon), or the item could grant a whole bunch of pitifully weak enchantments (+1% Resistance to each of the 10 forms of damage, whoopdeedoo), or immunities to spells or effects that are never used against you ("User cannot be Magnetized . . . what's Magnetized?"). I was thinking along simpler lines. With weapons, damage is king. The main reason you pick up a weapon is to do damage. Therefore I think it is misleading when you equate non-damaging and damaging abilities which is what using total enchantment to compare weapons does. e.g. A plain +3 sword is far superior to a +1 sword that also gives you 20% acid resistance and casts cure light wounds 1X/day. What I'm saying is that not all effects are equal. Even + To Hit is inferior to + damage, not in BG1 of course but its true for the most part in BG2 especially as the game progresses and it is definitely true in ToB. This is why I disagree with the re-nerfing of hammer damage. Unless you decided to include armor damage resistance modifiers. But I thought that was scrapped because of fear of 100% damage resistance. If I remember right, the rod of smiting was mage only and therefore all but useless. At least I never used it. I don't know what its status is now. Check page 1 of this thread. Speaking of which, Demi, I thought you were going to post swords soon. I'm fine with FoA as it is. However, I haven't seen its 2 +4 variations posted.
  12. If you consume the last charge it is destroyed, much like wands. Afaik there's no way to prevent it. I'm assuming 1X per day items work in a different way. What about the ring of invisibility, its 3X per day? Is it destroyed at 0 charges? This was one of the reasons I almost never used the original staff of striking. You don't count your number of attacks in the middle of battles. It's one of those "I'll save it for a rainy day items" that never gets used. Unfortunate because I like that it recharges itself now. If you are a fighter that specializes in staffs and you are under the effects of haste, those charges are going to go really fast. Oh well. Just for the record, I would also like to see some optional component of restoring enchantment level. There are a couple ways that could be handled you know. The good part about that is that your vision wouldn't be messed with. Its still fully intact as the main way the mod is installed. This would just be an optional component for all those "insane" people out there.
  13. Demi, I have taken your list and added some notes: - Backbiter - Cursed - Vampire's Revenge – REALLY cursed - Kiel's Morningstar – Cursed - Cleric's Staff – You say its usable by clerics, it’s not clear if its only usable by clerics. It’s only good for undead though. That is on top of pre-existing ones: - Azuredge- again, only good for undead - Mace of Disruption – again, only good for undead. I think I see a pattern here hmmm. - Root of the Problem – druid only - Hammer of Thunderbolts – can you actually get this before the underdark. Even if you can it’s one of the hardest battles in the game. - Wyrmcleaver – This one is useful even not fighting dragons and it’s a halberd. - Dragonslayer – It was looking interesting, but I think you decided to nerf its slicing effect. Regardless it’s a long sword, one of the most common picks of the vanilla game. - Flail of Ages – best of the bunch by far, but little different from vanilla as with long swords. - Berserking Greatsword - Cursed The cursed items are just that, cursed. If I can't put it down, I'm not picking it up. So I think my point stands, you haven't really balanced the underused items with respect to the traditional common items in the early game at least (long sword, 2-handed sword, flail, katana). I hope you don't use this as an excuse to do more nerfing. The one exception is the halberd, but you have to go through beholder-death to get it. I consider it along with the Illithid lair, a post underdark encounter.
  14. You can get both Lilarcor and Carsomyr before the underdark and lets not forget celestial fury which you said you made more powerful. They are all +3 weapons minimum and 2 are 2-handed swords. And i don't have a problem with that. No one is talking about +10 weapons. All I ever wanted was to see some of the off weapons get some better representation, spears, staffs, daggers, clubs. I asked for one +3 spear in the Planar Sphere and I gave good reasons for it that other people agreed with. You've done wonders for the +2 weapons but the 2-handed swords and katanas are still much better. And there are plenty of mods that will make the game harder. Across the board nerfing is not necessary to balance the weapons. Play on insane with all the SCS components and an xp cap mod and it doesn't matter what weapon you have, you will suffer. I don't like to play that way, my life is hard enough. Anyway, I haven't heard anyone asking for +10 weapons or even +5s. 1 or 2 +3 weapons that are traditionally under-used placed pre-underdark. I don't think that's an unreasonable request. Its your right to ignore me, but please don't make it sound like I want you to turn this into a clone of Improved Anvil.
  15. They have a thing about not having +3 weapons before the Underdark except for a couple of their favorites. There is a very low threshold for what overpowered means in this mod. I never saw the value in total enchantment myself. You can have an item with a bunch of minor powers that could raise its enchantment level to +10, but it could still be a crappy item. Not all powers are equal yet they are treated equal when you assign a total enchantment value. It has limited value in its application imho. But this is Demi's mod and he can do what he wants. Oh, I'm not sure but I think there is a tweak for throwing daggers to be used in off hand.
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