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  1. Glad to hear I probably haven't messed up, as I would have had to go back a fair bit. Angelo responded to the sword-holder's death with a comment at the time so it's been acknowledged in some way. I have Sawara's finger so I guess I should hang onto that at least, judging from the FAQ. Thanks, I'll carry on then!
  2. I have been playing with the Angelo mod the last few days (and enjoying it muchly). After being set the Sawara sword quest, the resident thief in my party stole from his chests before I had completed it. He and the male henchie attacked (Suu was bribed already) and my party ended up killing them. That was all fine but when I went to the Govt. district I had a fight with the one I was supposed to take the sword from. If I take the sword, I get transported to Sawara's house and have no way out as I already used the planar gem beforehand after fighting Sawara. Of course the teleportation doesn't happen if I leave the sword alone but I have just one question... Is the sword vital to the plot at all? If not, I'll just carry on without it.
  3. I had the same Mateo glitch happen but didn't spot this thread. I got around it by temporarily taking Kivan out of my party and asking him to wait there before talking to Adric, then getting Kivan to rejoin afterwards.
  4. It seems that the problem I was having with Sarevok was cured after uninstalling and reinstalling, along with the lack of Kivan dialogue, thankfully.
  5. Progress at last. It seems that uninstalling was the thing to do. I removed everything including BGTutu, reinstalled SOA, TOB and the patch, reinstalled the Kivan mod. Something must have screwed up with one of the installations before. This time on reloading my earliest TOB save, my problem with the Sarevok dialogue didn't occur, I was able to keep my original party members who had interjections I hadn't yet seen, and Kivan did the 'prophets and portents' talk. No PID yet but I've only just restarted and am still in the pocket plane so I am optimistic.
  6. I changed it and then reinstalled but the same issue occured with the lovetalk music triggering but no talk, unfortunately. I'm mystified. Since I have the other bug going on with ToB which probably doesn't relate to the mod at all, I think I might uninstall and reinstall the whole game.
  7. I'd really like to report back and say it worked, but unfortunately I don't think it has. When I installed it seemed to go fine apart from one error message saying the following - (more or less, it may not be a perfect copy as I wrote it down by hand). BIFF [./MOVIES/25MOVIES.BIF] cannot be loaded: Unix.Unix_error (20,"stat","./MOVIES/25MOVIES.BIF") I started playing the game from the same savegame I sent you earlier, and there was just one change - the lovetalk music started up twice within about 5 minutes of one another, but there was no dialogue to go with it. I could not initiate PIDs either before or after this happened. Just letting you know in case something really obvious comes to mind as a cause!
  8. Many thanks to both of you, that's really helpful, but there's just one last thing. I'm getting 'page not found' for the link, so could you repost it or email the file to me? edit - not to worry - I've got to the link via the parent directory. http://www.members.shaw.ca/domi/P%23KIV01.BAF
  9. It's unfinished but someone from the Petals and Thorns forum is working on it - you'd need to join that forum if you want to find out more detail/help out with any future beta testing. He hadn't been recruited for this playthrough and checking through some of the other possible romance conflicts Anomen was set to 3 and the other possibilities were coming up as 'does not exist'. My game is patched to 26498.
  10. Yes, I installed the TOB portion, although not immediately when I first started the game which was initially for SOA only. After I added TOB I uninstalled and reinstalled the Kivan mod which seemed to be working fine on the whole for the rest of SOA. Here's the WEIDU log (the fixpack was only installed yesterday after I was already experiencing the problem and the other one I mentioned in another post). Thanks for taking the time to look at this - I'd love to carry on playing the mod through TOB so hopefully something will come to light.
  11. I'm getting the same problem (besides the bug which is probably unconnected to the mod mentioned in the other post). Kivan's not talking so far and I've left the pocket plane and am taking on quests in the town - nor are any of the PIDs available.
  12. Ah, I think I've just spotted a workaround on the Bioware forums just after posting this. It seems if you kick a couple of party members (Imoen and Jaheira apparently, who I did have in my party) then talk to Sarevok, the dialogue triggers. Weirdly, it didn't work unless I kicked _all_ members out save for Kivan - but all the original party members save for him had to go before I could initiate dialogue with Sarevok. So I now have a different party - but at least I've still got Kivan in it!
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