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  1. BG1 - None. I really enjoyed Xan friendship though. BG2 - Anomen! IWD1 - Korin! (And Holvir!) IWD2 - Not finished yet. KotOR1 - Just started playing, but I don't think I will like neither Carth nor Juhani much. KotOR2 - Haven't played but been watching youtube. I think if I ever play this, I will like Atton/Bao-Dur/Mical trio. DA:O - None. I like Cullen but don't think he counts as romance option. DA2 - Same as above. ME series - Garrus! NWN2/MotB - None. NWN: HotU - Undecided... I'm still playing this game. I just finished chapter 2 and started Chapter 3 but I didn't get any love confession from Valen. I heard that romance is bugin HotU and some dialogues don't trigger... Can anyone help me out with HotU romance? I would be really grateful if anyone can provide me with the romance guide or dialogue list? I will probably give a go at installing Valen romance bug fix but from what I understand that only restores dialogue not triggering at the beginning of Chapter 3. I'm wondering if that is caused by missing some dialogues in Chapter 2. I did talk to Valen 3 times in Chapter 2 - after I was done with both islands and elder brain, but didn't get any dialogues after defeating eye tyrant and vampires.
  2. Decided to take break from IWD2 for now.... getting really tired because of the base game horrible lag doesn't really help either. Btw... totally shocked at what happened with the "Tree talk".... At this point, I have to say, I honestly don't like Diriel... I mean, even though I'm playing through as an elf, I'm a human!!! Can't help but feel a bit offended. And after the tree talk... just don't see how I will ever like this guy. At the moment, Valeero is my best friend and I'm still tossing between Jaemal and Ridzaer. I mean, I think Jaemal is really nice person and all, but he is waaaay to romantic and sweet for a guy (I guess that's why he is also romanceable option for male PCs). Ridzaer is more my type, but I get really POed that he won't stop referring me to either "mistress" or "surfacer".... And yeah, I never really liked Salomeya from the beginning. Although the conversation between her and Jaemal after my PC spent night with him was gold.....
  3. I know But just wanted to know where it will take me. By the way, I've just finished Kuldahar, and I think I was suppose to get this "tree talk" from Diriel but I'm not getting anything? Well, to clarify, I did get the talk where he asks to walk to tree with him and I accidentally pressed no. So I reloaded the game and now it won't trigger that conversation anymore (Full of questions, sorry!)
  4. They are both ok with my PC sleeping with both of them? Didn't see that coming... lol. I was thinking there's going to be a big confrontation etc....
  5. Hi there, Just want to ask about something different - I'm currently at chapter five (just arrived at Kuldahar). I'm encountering something weird (at least I think it is weird). Diriel and I haven't been having any "private talks" in chapter 4 and I thought the romance was over (I don't particularly agree with his ambition and we did have a lot of conflicting talks) and all of sudden... there it is again in chapter 5. Is this meant to be? (also couldn't initiate flirt and all of sudden, it's back too!) Also, my PC has spent night with both Ridzaer and Jaemal... is this normal??? I have a feeling something has gone wrong somewhere...
  6. I started to get P talk option after I talked to the mayor guy, thanks for the reply!!
  7. Hi, I've just started a new game and discovered that you can initiate dialogues by pressing P. For some reason, there's no option to talk to Rizdaer, is it normal?
  8. Hiya, I've decided to give this one a go again and came up party with following members: PC (Moon elf female, cleric), Diriel, Razdaer, Jaemal, Nikosh and Peony. Do you think this is a good party composition? Also, is there alignment or race restriction for romance?? And just wondering... anyone experiencing lag + fog of war looking jagged on Win7? I had similar problem when I ran IWD2 on Win XP. I did something last run to fix this but I can't remember what I did.... I did look around google to see what I can do, but things they suggest look quite risky (using compatibility toolkit) http://zeckul.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/icewind-dale-2-ultimate-installation-guide/ Anyone know a way around this problem without having to modify my PC too much? Thanks in advance!
  9. I went to swamp to get my first shard with Bevil and found it. Except... Bevil doesn't say "we have risked our lives over this?!" and the quest does not update. When I went back to West Harbour with the shard and talked to Daegun, he tells me why have I returned without it. I don't know whether it's romance mod or just nwn2 being stupid.. but does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  10. Awesome! Because I don't want to start from the beginning twice (I'm trying out Casavir romance as well..) So I will start one new OC game and one new MotB Thanx!
  11. another Q abt installing.. do I need 1.21 patch? Im currently on 1.1 and I don't want to use all my bandwidth downloading new patch... *EDIT: another quick question. I've played through Bishop romance once previously. Can I start from MotB or do I have to start game from the beginning to see Bishop's ending (MotB)?
  12. oooh! that that mean you can see some kind of ending with Bishop now?!
  13. Good. Coz I don't want to buy SoZ either....
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