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  1. The first post makes it clear this tool is for EE only and that old things aimed at the old non-EE games have been deprecated to make things easier to maintain. Page 2 of this thread goes into this in more detail. http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29337&page=2 This doesn't use the textpack or old fixpack.
  2. The SSL cert is for 000webhostapp.com but that isn't the domain. That is likely the webhost, but the site needs a new SSL cert for the actual domain. So long as you're not inputting passwords or sensitive data on the site, it should be fine. The HTTP version of the site loads with no warning. http://baldursextendedworld.com/Install-Tool/ Unrelated, but there is a new version of the 2.5 beta patch for BG2EE that adds the Priest of Tempus kit for players. I believe there are some mods that do the same, which may not work or may be redundant with 2.5.
  3. That is a really hillarious typo. I've seen Roxanne referred to as male despite a female name and avatar. I was unsure. They can be used to be a gender non-specific singular. It isn't a typo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singular_they#Trend_to_gender-neutral_language
  4. I'm not affiliated with the project (just a fan) but I personally see Black Geyser as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. The engine looks and operates an awful lot like the Infinity Engine. I like that they're going for a different take on paths that are not inherently good or evil. They've got a few interesting mechanics like reverse pick-pocketing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grapeocean/black-geyser-couriers-of-darkness/
  5. If someone just wants to play EET without many mods, they can do a direct EET install without a tool. I would think the purpose of using a tool like this is to make it easier to install several mods at once. Sandrah is meant to compliment the entire EET experience perhaps more so than any mod out there. Roxanne is also doing the lion's share of updating old mods that have been abandoned, maintaining their own mega-mod and maintaining this tool. Sandrah Saga seems like something that should inherently appeal to most anyone who wants to use the tool, and I think Roxanne is entitled to a little
  6. Nothing. It just requires someone willing to put in the time to do so.
  7. The inventory lag sometimes happens in an unmodded game as well. It seems to be an issue with the engine at times. IWD 2.5 uses a different edition of D&D so it would be much harder to bring it over.
  8. I had no problems testing an install on the beta version and trying it out to see what bugs might arise, but because of the SoD issue, I'll probably hold off now. Their blog as said earlier this month that they expected 2.5 final to release at the end of the month. If it won't be much longer, I guess I'll wait before I test again. Thanks, by the way, for such a quick patch!
  9. I agree that Beamdog likely changed the file intentionally and it was not a mistake. I'm just giving you guys a heads up that EET will likely have to be updated when 2.5 final comes out, where as previously it looked like all the mods were installing the same on the 2.5 beta with no problems. I can upload a version of BG2200.ARE from the 2.5 beta if you want to compare differences.
  10. I think BeamDog must have changed the file, because someone else who was getting the same error as me then reverted back to the non-beta version of BGEE/BG2EE and EET installed just fine. So EET may have to do a version check and handle that different if you have 2.5 or don't.
  11. I had been testing EET (with BWS) on the 2.5 betas successfully previously, but now it fails to install on 2.5 beta. ERROR: Failure("EET/TEMP/PATCH/ARE/BG2200.ARE: read out of bounds") PLEASE email the file SETUP-EET.DEBUG to K4thos (swit) Automatically Skipping [EET core - resource importation] because of error. Using Language [English] [.\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk] created, 320392 string entries NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS EET core - resource importation D:\BWS\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition> ERROR: illegal 2-byte read from offset 13116190 of 13768-b
  12. I know in the past you've said you have a personal collection of fixes that you didn't include in BWFixpack for various reasons. It sounds like you're deprecating fixes only needed for the Classic Games. Is there any chance you'll be able to include some of those fixes for EE games that have otherwise only been in your personal collection?
  13. Could someone else either update this mod by converting files to the PVRZ format, or create a patch to install after this?
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