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  1. If you release a public version of this mod, and need the french translation to be updated, you can contact Isaya or me.
  2. I'll ask the french community... but i have the english and french .tra files. We translate indeed this mod a very long time ago. It would be great to see it available. There is also a topic in PPG you might find useful. And here in G3. Edit : files removed
  3. Here are the french ones (always made by Le Marquis): @107 = ~Maison du voisin d'Alanna~ @108 = ~Vendeur d'animaux de compagnie~
  4. We are also waiting to an update of Anthology to include french translation, made by Isaya.
  5. Demi, I saw you updated the first post with the last release. It's ok for the french language except @812. If you want the last french files for a next beta, there are 5 posts above.
  6. Here is the complete french translation (always made by Mornagest). french_complete-v4b14.zip
  7. Thanks. I will upload the new .tra files when @812 is translated. Please note that all updates of french languages are made by Mornagest. In the change-log.txt, you can find something about this in the to-do-list:
  8. With the files I attached above, it's ok for arcane.tra, except @812 - we need more time to translate it. It's ok for divine.tra too.
  9. Demi, The french .tra files are not the last I sent you. i noticed you changed @811, but we'll see it later. Here are the files: Files deleted
  10. @Demi, here are the french .tra files for this update. Files deleted
  11. There are no change in english files between v29 and v30.
  12. And french one is here: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25059&do=findComment&comment=231240
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