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  1. There is also a new string in setup.tra: @99187 = ~This mod needs to be installed before EET_End on your EET install.~ I have a question about this file. Why @6, @7 and @99172+99173 are commented while @8-10 and @99174+99175 are called?
  2. I noticed another extra line in thenovelists.tra : @333 = ~"*Please* tell me you're not dressing me up in pluderhosen." <CHARNAME> looked at Delio pleadingly. "Big pants are all the rage this year," replied Delio, amber eyes bright. "They show off those wide, erm, child-siring hips and, of course, there's the necessary conspicuous display of fabric." <CHARNAME> cringed. "It's a battlefield like any other. And we need to get our armour and weapons *right*, or we won't even get in the door... what are you doing?" <CHARNAME>'s nimble fingers wra
  3. Hi jastey, I hope you feel well since the time. I noticed a strange string in messenger2.tra : @256 = ~... little lights... in... the dark...~ ~... watch... them... burn...~
  4. Here are the french ones (always made by Le Marquis): @107 = ~Maison du voisin d'Alanna~ @108 = ~Vendeur d'animaux de compagnie~
  5. We are also waiting to an update of Anthology to include french translation, made by Isaya.
  6. Demi, I saw you updated the first post with the last release. It's ok for the french language except @812. If you want the last french files for a next beta, there are 5 posts above.
  7. Here is the complete french translation (always made by Mornagest). french_complete-v4b14.zip
  8. Thanks. I will upload the new .tra files when @812 is translated. Please note that all updates of french languages are made by Mornagest. In the change-log.txt, you can find something about this in the to-do-list:
  9. With the files I attached above, it's ok for arcane.tra, except @812 - we need more time to translate it. It's ok for divine.tra too.
  10. Demi, The french .tra files are not the last I sent you. i noticed you changed @811, but we'll see it later. Here are the files: Files deleted
  11. Hi Demi, Here are the .tra files for Spell Revisions v4 beta13. All credits go to Mornagest (of the d'Oghmatiques) for this update. We tested the translation on BG2EE install and it works fine. We also noticed a string in .tp2 isn't reported in setup.tra files: Here is the translation in french: Also, we noticed others languages are incomplete for this version (as the french until today): there are missing strings, and existing strings don't have been updated. That is to say that installs in others languages will fail; We think you should deactivate install in others language
  12. We're still on the update of the french translation. arcane.tra is done; we're working on divine.tra. We noticed some oddness: - there are two spells "Dispel Magic" in @503/@504 and in @547/@548 - in @750, there is "Fire Shield (Red)" -> it should be "Fire Shield"
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