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  1. Dabus and Lollorian talked about 3 components of SCS and why they get not installed with the BWS-Beta. Perhaps someone else has an idea what's going on (posts #116 an #117). Greetings Leomar
  2. Leomar

    Gavin Hitpoints

    Is the HP issue solved with the new Gavin version? Greetings Leomar
  3. Thanks for your answer, Berelinde. Greetings Leomar
  4. There are two different changelogs of the new v10. Which one is true? Modding news: Readme: I found a folder for "Kivan of Shilmista and Xulaye" in the SoA/banters folder, but none of "SisterVigilante's Angelo and Iylos" in ToB. [EDIT] I found "SisterVigilante's Angelo and Iylos" in ToB, too, so the readme's version-history is not complete and the "Kivan of Shilmista and Xulaye" banters are not listed at "Content: Crossmod Banter Pack for Shadows of Amn". [EDITEDIT] From the version-history of the readme: I'm not sure, but I can't find a romance conflict for Neh'taniel in the "romanceconflictscripts" folder. Is it stored elsewhere? Greetings Leomar
  5. For CliffHistory we follow the advise of the readme: and for Oversight, too: Cause of the warnings we don't tried it and so we don't know how well they work together. Therefore we don't know if they are compatible with the SCSII components. But we think, not. Greetings Leomar
  6. That would be fine, because we have an own German textpatch for BG2 and ToB and can benefit of your corrections. By the way, we know, how much work this all is. MK who did the German textpatch in the past worked more then 1 year at it. Since then we update the German textpatch time by time. Greetings Leomar
  7. Miloch has released the "Creature Fixer" and a description of the tool can be found here: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?showtopic=43526 Like you can read in the first post, there are some issues with plain BG2. I've used the "Creature Fixer" after the installation of BG2 Fixpack and this is the result: There are some comments to the result, which can be read after post #15. Greetings Leomar
  8. At the moment we talk again about "PnP Free Action" in combination with the revision mods. It starts in the FA thread with Post #37. Greetings Leomar
  9. You get here the updated Italian and German translations for the BG2 Fixpack: http://whiteagnus.bplaced.net/filemanager/...ack_Ger_Ita.zip Greetings Leomar
  10. Hmmm, I've downloaded the file today and all is there. I don't know, why I've got an archive only with the arcane.tra... But now, all is fine. Greetings Leomar
  11. I think you have forgotten to put all the rest of the fixes in your new hotfix. In the hotfix package is only the arcane.tra. Greetings Leomar
  12. No problem. Thanks for the information. Greetings Leomar
  13. Mike1072, you told us in our BWP thread at SHS, that the hotfixes we use in the BW Fixpack are not correct at the moment. We use the hotfixes you posted here in this forum: Is there something different between the hotfixes posted here and the ones in our BW Fixpack? Normally it should be the same or do you plan to update the hotfixes? I ask, because we want to release an updated BW Fixpack and need to know, what we must change. Idealy new hotfixes from you. Greetings Leomar
  14. I've got from Andrea an updated Italian translation. You can get the Italian translation here (I've inlcuded German and Spanish, too, so you can replace the link in your first post): http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?act=att...st&id=17327 Greetings Leomar
  15. We know this problem and you can read more about it here: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=16588 Greetings Leomar
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