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  1. Am I the only one who realizes that DezsoKovacs is temujin? I mean really - The avatar? The cracks about Baronious's fortunes? The blatant (and lame) effort to make IA fans look like morons? Seriously - what am I missing?
  2. 1. I wasn't aware of the Saros incident until now. 2. I jump on you, not because you "tease" Baronious (although it goes far beyond that), but because you actually seem to think that what he says is important. Otherwise, why waste your time responding? Personally, I just ignore his posts because, as Moongaze says in the IA thread, he sems to have changed in the last couple of months. Which isn't to say that I disagree with everything he (and Sikret) say about the Fixpack - I actually think they make some good points, but the way they make them causes the message to get lost.
  3. This comment is dripping with so much irony that it's created a puddle on the desk underneath my monitor.
  4. There is a component in the BG2 Tweak Pack ("Add Save Penalties for Spells Cast by High-Level Casters ") that does this.
  5. They're talking about their General Opinion of Improved Anvil, but only in code. Duh!
  6. Gah! As a fellow Canuk, I am dismayed at the destroying of the "polite Canadian" profile. Well, it died a long time ago until you decided to resurrect it.
  7. This is what I get for rushing my posts... What I meant was that there could be two views: 1) Baronious and Sikret are arrogant asses. 2) Or, OTOH, they want people to get full enjoyment out of IA, and don't appreciate it when others try to circumvent their intent. Personally, I subscibe to #2. With apologies to Baronious and Siket for my misleading previous post. Although they do have a tendancy to take themselves a bit too seriously at times. (As do we all.)
  8. I continue to be amazed at people who, while sarcastically referring to other people as "grown men", display in the same post that they're anything but. Baronious and Sikret are arrogant asses. Or, OTOH, they want people to get full enjoyment out of IA, and don't appreciate it when others try to circumvent their intent. Which view you subscribe to depends on, umm... Well, hell - it's just a game. Why, in this particular situation, does anyone need to subscribe to a view? It's not like there's a shortage of mods. Pick the ones you want to play, ignore (emphasis on ignore) the others, and have fun! Unless, of course, this is your idea of fun. In which case I understand Battle.net is still around.
  9. Ahh, I remember the days when I used to experiment with mind-altering substances. Well, not so much remember. It was more like spontaneous recall. Edit: Huh? What am I doing here? Mommy??
  10. Really, you shouldn't worry about it too much. CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP is pretty easy to use as an alternative.
  11. Assuming your Fighter/Druid is multi-clssed, you shoud be able to reach F(24)/D(21) before hitting the cap. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean, but that fact that your other characters are multi or dual doesn't really have anything to do with your F/D not being able to get to druid level 21 before the cap kicks in. Of greater concern is whether you will be able to reach the cap with a full party. In a game without mods that give extra XP, and assuming you do most of the side quests, you'll probably finish TOB with around 6.5 million XP for each of your six party members, meaining your F/D will end up at around F(21)/D(17). An XP cap remover won't change that. You'd need to either go with a smaller party or add mods that contain extra XP.
  12. I knew that would end up confusing someone. That particular section was not lised in order. Instead, what is important is what I said about each one - i.e. SCS II is last, Tweaks is second last (i.e. before SCS), aand Level One NPC's after any mod adding kits (but before SCS or Tweaks). As far as installing Level One NPC's at the very end, I think I'd better let someone else answer whether it would cause problems with Tweaks or SCS II. Somehow I suspect not, but I'm not a modder, so I'm probably wrong.
  13. Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, I did say "generally". Plus I acknowledged that it may be cultural (i.e. North American, given where I live (Canada). And I didn't even mention women who are kinda "butchy". (That's with a "u", not an "i". Although, in retrospect...) ;)
  14. I suspect you're right, DavidW. Men generally seem to be more competitive than women (although this may be more of a cultural thing than inherently gender-based), and tactical mods seem to be more about competition. Granted, the battle is between against a machine (or perhaps the mod's author), but it's still competitive in nature.
  15. Well, I for one am really looking forward to going down the curve.
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