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  1. If this was Facebook (and years ago for me), I'd be tempted to post the "I'm in this picture and I don't like it" meme from the report section.
  2. Will do, great to see you are still around too! Not yet. He actually took time out of his vacation to let me know that, and added that if no one offers to help, he'd take a crack at it when he returns.
  3. If memory serves, the Alex Macintosh mod I converted from mac specific IAP to WEIDU sells arrows enchanted with slow. If it wasn't that mod, it was another one. I know I've used them in the game...
  4. There are the Arrows of Biting in BG1 & 2. https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Arrow_of_Biting
  5. Sorry about that. I knew I should have used one of my other ones...
  6. I'll start by saying +1 to what temnix said here, and Lava said at Beamdog. I am planning on getting back into nodding within a year to two. I lost interest in the large one I was working on, but I have a ton of new .bams, and a few items in various stages of completion so I plan to release a store/item mod from its ashes. So I thought why not, let's look at this list. 103 pages... Okay, let's try to look through this... Okay the first part looks like some kind of manifesto where you try to explain to modders who, what, why, when, where they should mod. Yeah, there are a few hundred different opinions on that. So we'll skip ahead to the items... Which are blatantly ripped off from other sources, and you want them created with your exacting instructions.. At that point, this happened: CamDawg edit: warning, gore Look, it's great you are excited about the game, it is fun, moreso with mods. First off, you'll be lucky if anyone actually reads that entire novella. Secondly, the only way this will ever see the light of day is if you learn to code, and make it yourself. It would be one thing if it was 1-2 items that would fit a WIP mod well, but this? Also, what would people credit you for? All you did was compile and post a novella/manifesto of things you ripped off. I get it, it was exciting when I got credit for helping on my first mod... Especially since I have been around since TeamBG 1.0 and DSotSC was shiny and new (you could even send money and they'd burn you a CD of the mod - a download of that size on a 56k modem took forever. Thank the Goddess for a program called Net Ants which let you resume/pause downloads in the case of a disconnect - don't get me started on the headache that was BGT in the early days either...). I digress, items are fairly simple to code. There are tons of tutorials, and people in the various nodding communities are often happy to help if you get stuck. The only thing better than getting credit for helping on a mod, is taking credit for creating your own mod. Just do yourself a favor; start small. I've seen too many epic mods by first time modders die because it was too ambitious, and the work became daunting.
  7. Thank you, I shot them a private message. Neither of them has been active in months, but hopefully they will get an email notification.
  8. My laptop is currently dead. I was wondering if I posted a list of mods sistersinister and I want to play on our Android phones if anyone here would be willing to convert them/upload them (with install instructions - it has been a decade and EE is new to me). Please? I'm spoiled, and the game just isn't as much fun without mods.
  9. Thank you very much! Good to see you are still around too!
  10. I'd much prefer being listed as AnnabelleRose, but I don't seem to be able to change it myself. Also; not dead.
  11. Not sure how soon I would be able to play it, but I could look at the files and give feedback?
  12. That makes me sad. A new priest would be very nice.
  13. Pitty that. BG2 really needs a new priest option. I knew I should have signed up to "test". Hope everything goes better for you. I have no idea what is wrong, but your post does not sound (er... read) happy.
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