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    Alex Macintosh (PC) - Project Lead. - (Updated to version five - 2/17/10)
    Baldur's Goth - Maintainer/Head of the various expansions. (Updated on 02/07/2010)
    Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant - Writer & Quest input.
    Summon Bhaalspawn NPC (PC) - Project Lead. - (Updated to version three - 2/17/10)
    The MTS Crappack - Project Lead. (Updated to version three - 2/17/10)
    Johnathan NPC conversion for BGT - Project lead.
    Taim NPC English Conversion - Project Lead - (Updated to 1.2 on 11/01/2007)

    In Progress:
    Shyhinworunto Chende NPC - Project Lead (Beta updated to version two! 11/12/2007)

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  1. Not sure how soon I would be able to play it, but I could look at the files and give feedback?
  2. That makes me sad. A new priest would be very nice.
  3. Pitty that. BG2 really needs a new priest option. I knew I should have signed up to "test". Hope everything goes better for you. I have no idea what is wrong, but your post does not sound (er... read) happy.
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