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    Alex Macintosh (PC) - Project Lead. - (Updated to version five - 2/17/10)
    Baldur's Goth - Maintainer/Head of the various expansions. (Updated on 02/07/2010)
    Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant - Writer & Quest input.
    Summon Bhaalspawn NPC (PC) - Project Lead. - (Updated to version three - 2/17/10)
    The MTS Crappack - Project Lead. (Updated to version three - 2/17/10)
    Johnathan NPC conversion for BGT - Project lead.
    Taim NPC English Conversion - Project Lead - (Updated to 1.2 on 11/01/2007)

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    Shyhinworunto Chende NPC - Project Lead (Beta updated to version two! 11/12/2007)

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  1. As the custodian of Silver Star, I am crawlign out from under my rock to give Smiling Imp permission to cross mod her. http://gamingnerdsrus.co/forum/index.php?topic=270
  2. If you are looking for any missing mods, let me know. I'll see if I still have a copy.
  3. vilkacis did the "Rupert the Dye Merchant" a while back, which allows you to change character colors in the game. You could probably tweak/borrow his code (he is a cool guy and if you ask he will probably even offer to help), to make a spell like SixOfSpades recommended. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/24786-ruper...nt-version-211/
  4. +1 I enjoy a challenge, but games that require multiple reloads until I get bored and ctrl+y do not appeal to me. I never played Improved Anvil because the "increased challenge" that requires me to take a kit that does not sound fun, role-play is lessened, and I am required to take a certain party members to survive (like Valley Girl), thieves and bards being pretty much useless (I enjoy playing bards), and the mod being an IAP mod even though it is installed in Weidu which means "that shalt have no other mods then IA"... Because of these, Improved Anvil does not appeal to me. Then of course the support forum charging me money to get support in the same style feedback is allowed at the Attic... Yeah, no thanks. As for Improved Anvil Lite - The kits still do not appeal to me, and the items are a bit over powered for my typical install. I chose to host it because it had vanished from the internet, and I think people should be allowed to play any mod they want. The download count proves to me that some people want to at least try the mod, so why not let them (which is my attitude for Improved Anvil).
  5. What's Improved Anvil Lite? Edit: Nevermind, I just googled it... Sounds really lame btw. Different people like different things. Some people prefer the idea of new items without the increased difficulty, single mod install, etc... ((See I can use tact)) In other news, some comedian posted the link to IA v6 on my forum. I think I will leave it up for the "lolz" as they say on the internet.
  6. I wonder why my forum has not gotten hate for reposting/hosting Improved Anvil Lite.
  7. Baronius, will you and Sekrit please create your own blogs (or share the links if you have them). I would follow them forever!
  8. My Smaller mods I have made though the years have all been updated, and can now be found at the Chosen of Mystra under the subforum MTS' Misc Mods. If anyone is wondering why I moved my mods from TeamBG to CoM; I have less time to spend on the Infinity Engine then I did in the past, so I wanted to work on consolidating most of my mods to a single location. Alex Macintosh (PC) - (Updated to version five - 2/17/10) Summon Bhaalspawn NPC (PC) - (Updated to version three - 2/17/10) The MTS Crappack - (Updated to version three - 2/17/10) Taim NPC English Conversion - (Updated to 1.2 on 11/01/2007)
  9. You mean the game is not supposed to crash?
  10. Nethack is a mod? Demivrgvs is obviously a huge fan of IWDII EoU.
  11. There is a diffrence between Queens and over-inflated egos. I would say more, but I am allready feeding one...
  12. Glad to see this mod has a home, and I cannot wait to play with it (when I am not coding). @ The Bigg - It was nice of them to advertise for Wisp. The funny thing is They did not delete (it does happen sometimes) another post that advertised a lite version of a mod. I just find it all amusing how this mod is an "epidemic", it is not like there is a mod that predates both mods possessing an item randomizer feature... Snark aside, I can't wait to play this mod. It will be nice not automatically knowing where the best items are in the game, so for once I won't go in a certain order to maximize my equipment. Edit: As a note; I had not heard of this mod in progress until they complained about it.
  13. Chosen of Mystra also hosts soundsets.
  14. <insert appropriate smiley that expresses my desire for this project to be completed here>
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