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  1. I'll have to check into that later. One question about the invisible minion: is it going to cause path issues at all?
  2. Whoa! I remember seeing this as a new project seventeen years ago. I thought my mod was dragging along at 7+ years. I don't know whether to be encouraged by the dedication to keeping this going no matter how slow or to be discouraged that I might do the same thing! Actually, it's neither for me. Hobbies are just that. Hope you're enjoying the process still.
  3. Thanks for the detailed answer. Using an item to provide a similar ability is fine with me. I would have preferred to get the actual bard song ability, but I don't mind going to a lesser option (especially when the other one isn't even an option). Considering the character is not a true bard (is actually a mage), using a magical item would work well enough anyway. I was just trying to get a little more of the 3.5 flair rather than being confined as AD&D is. Thanks again!
  4. I had a feeling that would be the answer. As far as the spell/special ability goes, I realize that it cannot be duplicated, but the spell could be made instant and given a long duration to simulate bard song. Or perhaps a special item with a number of uses per day would work better.
  5. I was tinkering around to see if I could add Bard Song to an NPC of a different class. After exporting a Bard PC and looking at the cre. file, I copied the Change Bard Song effect from that to another CRE. After importing that into a game, cheating the CRE into my save, and putting the NPC into my party, there was no noticeable change. Now I'm wondering if this is a GUI issue. Perhaps the ability is on the character, but I cannot access it because that class doesn't have the bard song button in the GUI. Has anyone ever done something like this? Is it possible? Or would it be better to m
  6. HarbsNarbs, I stumbled across your channel by accident. It was a fun trek back into the past and revisiting the Baldur's Gate series. Now I'm interested in picking up my attempts at modding all over again.
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