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  1. Considering you remember Desret and I don't remember Brielbara, I think this says something about nerd level. Grr. Opening Infinity Explorer...
  2. It'd be neat to have a "browser" like that in which dialogue trees could be made rather than working in notepad. I imagine that's not so easily done either, is it? Although I suppose that wouldn't be something for DLCTEP. The mention of the dialogue tree just reminded me of it.
  3. What... nobody has thought about expanding Desret's dialogue about the great entropy? The icy pleasure of the endless void? I mean, sure, she and her sister try to kill you to make it happen, but how's that ever stopped anyone?
  4. I came across a poll asking which is the best Bioware game ever. Since it's on the Bioware Social Boards, BG doesn't stand as much chance, unless, of course, we cheat a little and advertise. Since the NWN fans have started spreading the poll around their boards to gain the most votes (cheating!) so they can gloat about NWN being the best Bioware game ever, then it stands to reason that the BG people can do the same. Vote for BG/BG2! So go there and vote and show them what the REAL best Bioware game is.
  5. It is the refusal to adapt to the world we live in today that is causing the Church to become irrelevant. (The only reason I actually know anyone that goes to Church (in this case Anglican) is because my husband's father is a priest.) Well, really, if the Church, as you put it, has "to adapt to the world we live in today", then it would not be a real Church. Since God never changes, then His Church can never change its teachings, or it's not His Church. If the Church had to change to meet the new "needs" of society, then that would make society more powerful than God and religion pointless. We would be here to serve government first and God as an afterthought. So it's obvious that a changing Church is not a possibility. I could name a good deal of other arguments in this thread that are very poorly done (and could be easily picked apart) but I'm not really interested in getting in a long debate that, as pointed out before, will go nowhere. Basically, I'm just posting here to let Grogerson know he's not alone in his sanity.
  6. You don't need a mod to split them. Merely walk into a building you do not intend on returning to, place the undesired NPC at the far end, kick the person out and walk out the door. So long as the NPC does not get a chance to speak with you, the second of the pair will remain content.
  7. You will find that not even the trash gets tossed on this forum. That explains all the flies that hover around. That said, just stay away from the infighting and you'll have a great time in the modding community.
  8. Ok, so Spanish as in from Spain...? Because I understand that there are differences in the Spanish spoken there and that spoken in Mexico. That could explain the two different explanations of how the H sounds.
  9. In Spanish, the "J" has the sound of an "H", as in Horse. Hence, Jalapeno (Ha-lah- pe-nyo). I don't know how many times I've heard it pronounced Jolla-pea-noh. To get the "Y" sound, you put two "L's" together. Pollo (Poy-yoh).
  10. As far as Order goes, it might be a good idea to check Anomen's dialogues since he speaks of the order fairly often. Then you can write it how Bioware did it.
  11. Perhaps "I deem it best" would work instead?
  12. I noticed that IESDP describes AR0206 as "The Halfling Village in the Sphere" but it's actually the ghoul village under the Temple district. IESDP also says that AR0201 is the ghoul village, but it's the area leading to both the village and the beholder lair.
  13. They were executing the third man by hanging.
  14. An onion He told them to switch camels. It didn't go anywhere. The adding is going in the wrong direction. The boy's two pieces should be subracted, not added, to bring the total to 25 (what the innkeeper got).
  15. So answers can be posted here? Or are we just supposed to PM them so others can continue to guess?
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