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  1. First of all, thanks to CamDawg for compiling this tutorial and for helping to make all the G3 mods Mac-friendly! All four of us that download and use them are extremely appreciative! Second, I'd like to give a (hopefully) better solution for listing all the .ogg files in the .command script. I'm going to assume that the reasoning behind listing the files in the ogg_files variable is for two reasons: expansion of wildcards doesn't work with sox (as stated in the tutorial) and that you only want to affect the .ogg files used by this particular mod (not all .oggs by any mod). While listi
  2. Ditto on the Disable Button... For the spell slots, can't you use effect #62 Priest Spell Slots Modifier? Just use one effect for every level and give negative spell levels.
  3. But the kit would still be available by using AddKit() wouldn't it? You just couldn't select it at character creation. Or does AddKit() also check for race restrictions?
  4. Let me just clarify - when I'm making my kit with Weidu, what do I put in the section for race restrictions? Will Weidu choke at that point if the 2da's don't exist? Do I need to put the K_M_X stuff even though the files aren't present or do I leave it blank? I'm not worried about it not being selectable at character generation, but I would rather not have to do a stupid jester dance (pun intended) just to apply a mage kit.
  5. You mean we don't have to assign the K_M_X to mage kits? <frustration>*Commences hair pulling and screaming*</frustration> I share the common sentiment of "Why did they all say it was hardcoded, darn it!" This is what I've been doing for all my mage kits: Create a bard kit Create a script for changing to mage kit: IF blah THEN RESPONSE #100 ChangeClass(Myself,BARD) AddKit(BARDKIT) // Add my kit ChangeClass(Myself,MAGE) ApplySpellRES("kitspell",Myself) // This spell fixes all the problems that changing to a bard created. END Wish I had
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