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  1. Your point is valid. My point (where this thread started from) is that in almost any imaginable situation (in almost any situation I've been in, anyway) killing a helpless enemy increases the chance of success.
  2. You like to play dumb, don't you? No. I might say it's i) 50% of dying and ii) 5%. It's just words. Can you back them up? Some arbitrary numbers can't be an argument.
  3. You see, the only option to win for the enemy is to expend 100% of player's resources. Your percentages are wrong.
  4. Anyway, so this thread wouldn't go in vain, here's one concrete suggestion: webbed/incapacitated (stinking cloud, don't remember if there are more spells like this) NPCs make a grand target for ranged fighters and those meleers who are immune to the effects - berserkered, flying monsters, etc. (Although I'm not sure that "helpless" includes "webbed" in SCS)
  5. I excluded TobEx from my installation and no longer experience the crash.
  6. see there http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55784-saving-throw-fix-causes-bugs/
  7. No, wait. I can swear it worked just once, but it crashes on me again now, even after removing BoB. I'll keep uninstalling. Update: I wiped BG2 and reinstalled both the game and mods fresh, starting a new game after each one. The crash appeared after "Initialize mod". It didn't disappear after uninstalling the Brynnlaw mod. Not sure, maybe it's some weird mod combination. I don't think I have the power to go through the whole process again. Posting weidu.log for the reference. WeiDU.zip
  8. Uninstalling mod after mod, I finally found out that it's a conflict between Back to Brynnlaw and SCS' "Initialize mod". The order doesn't matter. I guess that's where I leave it.
  9. Well, that sums it all. If it can't be done, then it can't be done.
  10. That if you don't heal. Or Dispel. Or something else. And missile attacks also get the bonuses. If the opponent is essentially dead, then the change would do essentially nothing. I don't get your separation of "tactics" and "immersion". The best available tactics is the least immersion-breaking, as I see it (leaving aside specifically added variations). So there are exceptions, after all? Any more of them? 1) I can name more short-duration spells (chromatic orb comes to mind) 2) a disable can be dispelled 3) there are spells that allow a save every round (web, for example) Well, you did a pretty good job with casters, and I think fighters do deserve to be thrown a bone, if only with better targeting. Of course, if it's just not possible with BG2, then there's nothing to talk about. I don't mean always, but pretty often, at the very least. So if it's not the fighter, but the mage? Will you still avoid him and target on the healthy fighter? SCS will. That's my point.
  11. I'd say loads. Starting from Amulet of Protection+1. I think that mod has a list http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/154-unique-artifacts/
  12. Why does it matter whether CHARNAME is being mentioned or not?
  13. 100+HP. In ToB. That's like 2-3 hits. 1/3 of a round. And if they're not made, the next round these hits will be delivered on you. OK. What if it isn't warriors who are disabled? What if it's mages, or clerics? What if it isn't ToB? Is it not effective or is it too effective? Pick one. In-game realism argument is not valid. Just throw some dice to see it. Killing stunned is the best way to win. As for the duration, Command lasts 1 round, and it's effective through all BG1 at least. What I mean to say, there sure are times when you'd better try to interrupt enemy's mage spellcasting (especially on the higher levels). But there also are times when you'd better just destroy what you can with your sword, while you can. And it doesn't look like SCS takes it into account.
  14. Maybe, but the point is that it's not "the ring" issue. It's all of them.
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