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    IE Games (duh!)<br />Games in general<br />Rollercoasters (I travel extensively to ride. It's a *very* expensive hobby)<br />Lifting weights (currently I can bench around 150lbs and deadlift 250lbs. I am old and prone to injury, though).<br />Perfume (seriously. It's my one girly thing - I love niche and artisan perfumes. This is another very expensive hobby. Sigh.)

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  1. Good to hear. Looking forward to this one as well.
  2. I'll be on this like a fat man at a Vegas buffet. So yes, keep it coming.
  3. I've now played through both the new paths and want to say, good job! I liked the puzzle box on the naughty playthrough - it felt like a Mensa challenge! It does seem as though Sime will work for anyone, though!
  4. Well, on a personal note, I always play ToB. I must admit I find it a bit of a grind but I am a competionist and I like seeing the additional mod content and epilogues. Otherwise it's a bit like coitus interruptus, eh? If a ToB portion is in the works, I won't download the mod until it's included. (I have played a few SoA only mods like Keto but then replace the silent NPC with Sarevok or another ToB only character like Irenicus in TLR or Iylos). (And Jesus, I didn't realise this game had been out 16 years. Now I feel old!)
  5. Ha, we have totally different tastes there. My favourites were definitely Angelo, Edwin and Sarevok whereas I found Tsjujatha too self-absorbed (CHARNAME ascended in that game to get away from him!) and Kelsey far too needy (at least in ToB). Eddie is definitely worth a shot because he's hilarious in the mod.
  6. There's quite a few, actually: Kelsey, Tsujatha, Angelo, Xan (elf only), Solaufein (bi-), Faren (also bi-), Kivan, Darian, Arath (SoA only but ToB is coming soon) that I can think of off the top of my head, plus romances for existing Biowares, Sarevok (ToB only), Haer'Dalis (currently SoA only but ToB is in the works) and Edwin. A Keldorn romance is also in development at beta stage. But of course not all of those are to everyone's tastes so more options are always better! I am glad to see mods like this still in development - I can play through BG2 any amount of times if I have a new (and quality) mod to play with and Aklon seems to fit this description. Out of interest, is he being released SoA only at first, or all in one go with the ToB portion as well?
  7. Another one I'm glad is still going. Whilst I always loathed Durlag's Tower, I did like the werewolf part of TotSC.
  8. Nice to see this taking shape. I'm glad you are doing ToB with the SoA part - an SoA-only mod (particularly a romance) feels half-finished to me, so I always wait until the ToB part is released before playing.
  9. Having played Keto I'd say not. She has a whole huge quest in Chapter 6 which centres around him being dead, not to mention the other dialogues. Angelo has some nice dialogues with Yoshmio before Spellhold. After, you can ask him about Yoshimo via the PID and he says something like "it's a shame, chief, but what can you do?" Not too major, really - and not sure if it checks for Yoshimo's death but you might want to ask Sister V, or Kulyok (who coded it).
  10. Nothing wrong with that. Modders need love too.
  11. Cal Jones

    ToB news

    And indeed it is. I haven't played Amber yet (I'm fairly new to mods, to be honest) but will definitely give her a whirl once her ToB content is in.
  12. I'd say about 25 years too young. Although he is HOT. I think we can largely ignore ethnicities in the BG universe, it's full of inconsistencies. Rasheman berserkers are supposed to be large, hairy and bear-like, yet Minsc is bald and beardless with a tattooed head. Thayans are supposed to be bald and tattooed and then we have Edwin... And as for Sarevok, his portrait is sort of ethnic, yet if you look at the original renders (and his sprite in BG) then his arms are most definitely white. Perhaps all that roasting in hell gave him a tan... I think the only thing they've really stuck with is Kara Turans.
  13. I think SisterV is having a little joke with you there, Eleima, given that it was he who did Xan's voice.
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