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  1. Yup, me too. Doesn't seem like any answer is forthcoming :\
  2. Blah, lucky me XP Oh well. You're right, they are gone now, so it's not an ongoing problem. I'll just be careful about how to approach them next time Oh, and I do have any number of mods installed, so it could relate to somebody else's script rather than yours. I just wanted to check if it was a known issue before worrying about everything that might be conflicting with it ^_^; Thanks! No, I'm afraid to you should give Amber her belongings. She's not coming back. I hope you have an earlier savegame stored or can manage without her. I don't think she would join the Protagonist's party after he/she nicked her belongings. It's not a very good start to a companionship, you see. If anything, there should be a scene when she returns to steal them back. So far I've felt that it's enough to give two chances to hand over the stuff in the joining dialogue. But I'm open to suggestions if the should be a clearer "warning" that she's about to leave for good. Fair enough, but it's not like it was "nicking" - I just didn't want to give her stuff back in the same breath that I revealed that I had it. After all, my character doesn't know what her alignment is like at this point, and if she runs off and stabs somebody it's on my head ^^; I mean, the character at the time was anti-law, so I wasn't thinking of anything like "I bailed you out, now you're mine!", but I was hoping for something like "Hey, I did you a favour, how about cutting me some slack?". FWIW, Once she did leave, I wasn't expecting her to come back and be happy - I was expecting her to come back and have a big argument with me Stealing it back would be pretty cool too, so long as I got the chance to interact with her again (even if it was to the end of "The hell I'm joining you!"). I take a fairly organic approach to these things - if it's not in-character for my PC to get her to join, I'm happy to let her go - but my encounter with her seems unfinished with the route I choose. It's not technically a good start to a companionship, but how many books/films/etc. are there where two characters start out not getting along, but develop over time? Isn't that how Amber's character development progresses, essentially? I liked the idea that both she and my character meant well and were good people, but since my character's cha was even worse than hers, they would have essentially the same "people problems" as each other. I guess I hoped they would find each other exhasperating enough to be interesting, sort of thing. But hey, if that's not what you want for her, I guess I'm out of luck ^^; Side note, I don't really mean to be complaining here! The parts of the mod I did experience were well-written and nicely blended with the original style - they didn't feel out-of-place at all. Perhaps there could have been some more threatening options for evil characters dealing with the governmental red tape, but that doesn't really bother me because I don't think I'll ever want to play an evil character. And hey, thanks for listening ^^
  3. Just a couple of questions: Firstly, in the game I started after installing Amber, the children who initiate her first plot (the whole prison thing) spawned about twenty times in the same area in my game. They just kept coming! And just kept walking into me and forcing the same dialogue over and over. And robbing me, since I had to cough up some money to avoid terrorising them every time! Those are some rich little kids... on the other hand, they probably need it since they're a family of forty or so. Is this a known issue, or am I just special? ^_^; Also, after getting Amber released into the custody of my PC (I managed to run away from the freaky child avalanche during the breaks between encounters), I let her go but didn't give her stuff back. I intended to give it back, of course, but I wanted to explain the situation first, so I didn't just hand it over when I first had the chance - and then she just left. I figured that was no problem, because I was rather expecting that she'd come back later when she realised I still had it (and be all pissed off at me for not mentioning it, to which I would say something along the lines of "Hey, you never asked" - I don't know why that amuses me so much). I haven't seen her again since, though. Did I screw the plot by letting her go, or is she still out there somewhere? And if it's working as intended, would you consider adding such a "return" dialogue in future versions? Thanks for looking, and sorry if I'm repeating questions that others have asked too ^^; I did try to find answers in the FAQ and forums first, but I couldn't find anything that related...
  4. Belated advice! I'm new to modding but experienced with recording and vocals. I hope this helps. It's a bit retro, but I find that holding a sheet of glass behind the mic when I speak gives me a much nicer, crisper sound. I use the glass slide from my lightbox, but a piece from a picture frame or something would probably work just fine. Of course, you can probably achieve the same "sharpening" effect in a sound editor (once again, Audacity is love) but this works well if you want to do it in a more physical manner. If you have the option, use an instrument mic rather than a vocal mic. It's a matter of opinion, but I strongly think that instrument mics sound better when it comes to voice-acting. ACT LIKE YOU MEAN IT. It's horrible to listen to an actor when they're holding back or embarrassed. You have to go for it with confidence or you will sound bad. Also, don't turn up the mic/hold it closer to compensate for speaking quietly. Speak up instead!
  5. Is this topic still active/useful? I'm evidently making some kind of idiot mistake, because even after choosing the directories, "Go" and the options are still invalid u.u; Help? (Yes, I know I'm about eight years late to this whole modding thing. I don't care. Solaufein and Kelsey are inspiring, damnit.)
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