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  1. Cheers, will take a look. Never heard of the thing before.
  2. They can block the entrance in some tight spaces indoors so that you're stuck. That's why I removed them in v3.
  3. Hmm. Wouldn't recommend it, I think. You'd see strangeness due to the invisible creature changes. Time to do a proper new release one of these weekends, with the studded/chain buffs. Watch this space...
  4. If you install the bg2tweaks' one first, I'll skip the thieving skill adjustments in this mod. At least I believe that's how I set it up way back.
  5. Version v2


    Full Plate and Packing Steel is one big rework of the armour system of BG2, IWD, BGT, and Tutu, and a small collection of tweaks, dependent or not. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  6. I'll do a proper release in a bit. But this should fix the two most popular bugs. Fix: the invisible creature blocking and bumping into the protagonist Compatibility update: Spell Revisions v3 Please test & yell if things break. http://anduin.net/~knan/bg2beta/fullplate-v3-beta.rar
  7. Hah. I'll have to try 日本語 one of these months.
  8. That one's actually a stock string, very elegant. Nythrun's way ahead of us, as usual. So that should be pre-translated already GET_STRREF 0x3f17 ~none_of_these_things~ (line 8397 of v1.3)
  9. That's fair. Thanks for the note.
  10. Let me reassure you. This mod does not change storylines or move characters into the standard BG2 plot against their will, nothing like that. This mod allows you to change the class of existing npcs in your own game to better fit your own conception of them. Does that help?
  11. There's also the spanish tra stuff from Lord Psion (which may have acquired charset issues during a board update).
  12. S. Damage Threshold / 3E Damage Resistance / Runequest absorb-X-points-YY%-of-the-time would be good. That is, "drop all damages from slashing weapons by 2", for example. Avoids the "nibbled to death in shiny full plate armour by a horde of xvarts" syndrome. A. Agreed! Sadly technically very difficult to do in the BG2/IWD1 engines, and the workarounds are unlikely to work well enough to be worth it. Will probably be implemented in a (hypothetical) IWD2 version of the mod, since the IWD2 engine has support for it. Q. Can I disable the movement slowdown from heavy armour? It annoys me. A. Umm... yes, but not easily. Watch this space. Won't be a standard option, since I consider it part of the balancing of the mod.
  13. As promised, basic spoilers for armour stats. It's still recommended to just install the mod, play the game and look at the stats in-game. (edit: updated url, and now included with the mod)
  14. A humble leather armour from Icewind Dale. Unencumbering, somewhat protective. Keldorn's rather impressive suit of armour. Very heavy, formidable protection.
  15. Compatible, install these mods before Full Plate: Indifferent, the mods below can be installed whenever you want.
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