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  1. Lord Ernie


    Heh... alright, a serious question then. What cross-mod content is planned? You've mentioned Auren; is there any other NPC you're planning stuff for?
  2. Lord Ernie


    You mentioned cross-mod content. Will she banter with Goo and/or Alassa?
  3. Lord Ernie


    Great to see her revealed, finally. Congrats, Grim and Alarielle! You seem to have forgotten the eternal question about any mod, though: any ETA?
  4. Tashia can be found right where she's been since the start of SHS, at her own forums. Mind you, the expanded version is still in beta-testing stage, and hasn't been released to the general public as of yet (although that should not be too long anymore).
  5. Note that I actually haven't much right to say anything in here (I'm not Bri or Cam), but I was following this one quite closely before it stalled (I was a tester). It wasn't as much Bri's responsibility, as it was Camdawg's. He had other projects to work on, other things to deal with, and this has been so, AFAIK, for the last couple of months. So, Bri started poking the other project she was working on, asking for a coder. I signed up, and we've progressed a bit since then. I'm just stressing that Tashia is not the reason, or at least not the cause, of the delay on Delainy.
  6. Heh, fair enough. Few others understand lazyness better than I do . Good point. Very good point, even. There's such a thing as being too ambitious. Others would say that writing is like biking... no matter how long you haven't been doing it, it remains a natural thing. Personally, I wouldn't know. Whatever I've written throughout the years (a collection of stories that just got into my head) wasn't that good, and far between, so you do have a point there. But I think writing depends more on the skill and imagination of the writer than on practice. It's like with music: with practic
  7. So you're saying that you're writing stuff as it comes up is bad news? I'd say kick the proverbial muse, and write as you please. You're being too hard on yourself, as always.
  8. Any updates? It's been a few weeks since the last one.
  9. I'm supposed to be pretty busy myself right now (I've got 4 projects running for school), but if I can help out in any way (except for the voicing, I guess; I don't think my voice is quite what you're looking for), just whistle.
  10. No matter your age, losing your father is hard, though it's true that at a young age (ours) it's still alot harder. I can't imagine how it must feel. For what it's worth, I offer my condolences as well.
  11. Actually, playtesting has been quiet for some time now, since Camdawg hasn't found the time yet to produce a new build. Last one was still very much alpha, anyway. Not that it matters (or should matter) to me a lot right now, being in the middle of my exams. Any updates, Cam?
  12. I third this fact. Besides, there's no rush. Better to take things slow than produce something of lower quality. There's no time limit when writing.
  13. Right, now I do have a question. I've been reading your bit about how to spawn an NPC (in a seamless fashion, etc.) and since I thought you had a good point, I've rewritten my NPC to spawn in the same way. However, now when I enter the Copper Coronet (where my NPC is supposed to spawn), the game crashes to desktop. I see but two reasons for this bug: my .cre files are corrupt in some fashion, which would be strange, since I've got no problem opening them in Near Infinity or Shadowkeeper. Another is there's some bug in my script. Oh, BTW, how is the next build coming along? EDIT: I'm pr
  14. No (unanwered) questions for the moment, really. Thanks for the offer, though. It's all pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it (especially if you've got some coding experience). I'll admit that the NPC I'm creating at the moment is a bit less ambitious than Delainy (some less dialogue for starters, I lack Bri's writing skills), but I'm still thinking of adding some stuff to him. As I only tend to code and write when I get bored, however, it's advancing quite slowly.
  15. It's been quiet here, very quiet. Any updates, yet? I know it's the end of the year, and it's a busy period for most, but I just noticed that the last update was a long time ago; the fact that I'm reading Delainy code right now to learn a bit about Weidu makes that even harder to ignore. So, what's up? Cheers
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