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  1. Let me just say that my significant other competed (on team Bioware). And that, even coming in second (so close!), the whole thing was totally, completely awesome.
  2. Considering my significant other is already an enormous fan of the game (I swear she spends half her day on the forums), I've already got it pre-ordered. Personally, I hope the marketing person for the game simply screwed up badly, and that they're going to live up to the whole "spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate" thing, rather than the Marilyn Mansoned trailers.
  3. Bloody Hell, this is sad news. While Eddings was never one of the greats (something the man cheerfully admitted himself, something I find very admirable), his work was always entertaining and a great read. I remember reading through his two big series (Belgariad & Elenium) in a couple of days time each, with hardly a boring moment. Goodbye, Mr. Eddings.
  4. Must be the English version, then. Some of the dwarven NPC's in the end have pretty good voicing (the King is the most memorable one), but all the rest is really rather bland, and not that great. Really, generic blandness is my biggest complaint about the game overall. Generic storyline, generic main PC (dialogue, mainly), generic NPC's, and generic world. Not bad, per se, but there were very few 'oooh' moments for me. As for the same voice actors showing up in different games: I really don't see the problem. Sure, when I first heard Kaiden speak, I also thought of Carth, but when the two are distinct enough characters (which I feel they are), I don't see the issue. I mean, I don't feel like Loghaire Thunderstone from Arcanum, Master Li from Jade Empire and Pan from Rise of the Argonauts are the same character at all, even though they're all done by the same voice actor who has a very distinctive way of speaking. In short, I prefer a well done voicing of a well-known actor over a badly done one of a new actor (and given their record, I think Bioware and other companies agree).
  5. I've just finished it, got my hands on it a few weeks ago. It's a fun enough game, with a decent main storyline (nothing extraordinary, though), and some rather fun and imaginative sidequests. Don't expect any in-party banter, though. My main complaints are the blandness of the party members (made worse by the lack of banter/dialogue), the character creation system (I spent some time studying the DSA official CC system, which did me very little good... your archetype is pretty much pre-generated) and the voicing is definitely sub-par. Don't expect David Warner or Jim Cummings. Still... this could be the company's BG1, with plenty of exploration, quests, but shallow party members, to its BG2, although it's not quite as good as BG1 was back in the day (or I've just become more spoiled). All in all, a fun enough game to give a try.
  6. To me, Elanee always felt like a more stalkerlike, less cool Jaheira rip-off, with nasal, subpar voicing. Neeshka was one of the few characters who were actually interesting in NWN2 from the get-go, and the promise for romance was already there (in fact, Elanee's "let's get it on" at the wall came as a surprise for me the first time). So yeah, Neeshka all the way .
  7. Happy B-Day! Have a good one, Bri.
  8. Congratulations! Have a good one . Happy Birthday!!! (seeing as you rounded the cap of 30... old? )
  9. Happy B-day, mate. Hope you had a good one.
  10. They don't really NEED to answer those questions at all, really. I mean, the Bhaalspawn is in Tethyr during ToB, and after that, well... they could leave it somewhat vague. Or they could do a similar solution to how Obsidian did things in Kotor 2: at the beginning of the game, you talk to another character about this, and through the dialogue you basically establish what happened (ascension yes/no, what party members, etc). I just think that would allow for more interesting things (i.e. having Nalia/Valygar on the Council of Six, Jaheira in charge of the Harpers, etc.)... alternatively, leave the main NPC's from BG2 out, and only use secondary ones, so you don't clash with the epilogues.
  11. I suppose I'm just about the only one who found the 'old' Realms overly filled with former adventurer bartenders (Level 15 Fighter, CG), uber powerful mages and Chosen (I'm looking at you, El) running rampant, and more convoluted, overly complicated history than you could shake a stick at? If I didn't like brewing up my own stuff so much, I'd actually consider running a game in the new FR. I'd definitely play in one, without fear of lacking the lore to play a good character. As for a new BG... as long as they do it justice (unlike the console rip-offs which had BG in their name because that's the only BG related titles they were allowed to publish) and come up with a good story, I'd be willing to give it a try. Rather than a prequel, I'd like 'after the End' style: you feel the consequences of the Bhaalspawn war, meet up with some old favourites, and see what's happened. Less chance of a screwup, IMO, than going into prequel mode, and more interesting possibilities.
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one.
  13. I've got it, and... I'm not sure, yet. I find the campaign enjoyable enough, but Obsidian's steady move towards less party interaction is not one I cheer, and the story and RP on this one just barely approaches acceptable. I appreciate that they are trying to broaden their reach with some simulation elements, but: 1. This is an RPG, and IMO, they should get that part right, first. 2. The execution of the simulation elements leaves quite a bit to be desired. As for the other additions, I think they listened to popular appeal. According to what I've heard on the boards, the Swashbuckler was one of the most often requested classes. I do wonder why they put in a deity-specific cleric prestige class, though. I've also got a personal hatred for any race that comes with level adjustment, but then that's more or less a necessary evil of the system.
  14. As far as I know, stuff that worked before the update, will still work now. Expansions tend to open up new possibilities where modding is concerned, rather than shut them off, right? By the way, Domi, Storm of Zehir is in great need of a "NWN2 Storm of Zehir NPC Mod"
  15. Lord Ernie

    Fallout 3

    I too am enjoying it. Yeah, the game has a certain Oblivionesque feel to it, but without Oblivion's badly designed character advancement, and with an actually interesting story, unique characters, and actual dialogue options (not to mention VATS for cinematic combat), this game leaves Oblivion in the dust. Add in the right theme and feel, and you do indeed get a game worthy of the title Fallout 3. I mean, had anyone really expected a turn-based isometric approach in this day and age? Times change.
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