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  1. For me it's almost a toss up between Dynaheir and Coran (though I really liked Branwen as well). I haven't done Shar-Teel or Ajantis yet (trying to get to them all, but it takes time), so I guess what I'm really saying is that of the four I've done, Xan was the only one I didn't like much, and that's really mostly cause I just don't like Xan much. I thought the Branwen romance really showed me another side of a character I'd never given much thought to before, and that was really neat. But the Coran and Dynaheir romances were extremely well written, well thought-out, and engaging. If I have to pick one and stick with it, I pick Dynaheir for a couple reasons. 1. I'm male IRL, so I just like playing male characters better. 2. There was a lot more really interesting stuff in there, in the history chats, about the Hathrans and the history of the Sword Coast, and Minsc and Dynaheir's relationship, etc. 3. Coran's romance was sort of harder to keep going than I'd like. It was too easy to screw it up and end up on the wrong path and after doing that once and having to go back and redo all of Cloakwood because of it, I found myself obsessively checking the attributes after every LT to make sure I didn't do it again, and that was kind of a chore. Also try as I might, I never could get the post-brielbara stuff to start. I don't know why, but Coran never went back for Namara in my game. :shrug:
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