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  1. By the way: I don't know if I remembered to mention this, but I installed your unique containers mod. It's great. Does just what I'd hoped it would.
  2. I was afraid of that, but it isn't the end of the world. I'll do that last, I guess, when I've finished the walkthrough. Thanks for the info.
  3. Does anybody know where I can find a good unmodified worldmap (BG1 or SoA, preferably both) image? Is there a way to extract one from the game?
  4. I've done every romance (I can find) in BG1 except Shar-Teel. So far I haven't found a bad one. Coran's was sort of twitchy, I thought, and Ajantis I didn't enjoy much because I just don't like Ajantis and the character I was playing wasn't really looking for the kind of commitment involved... Actually, that was the only time in my last run-through that I saw one of the conflicts play out. Ajantis attacked Viconia and I was pleased as punch to defend her from his fanaticism and drop him from the party, engagement ring or no. I always liked Vicky. I have two major problems with evil parties. First, I just don't like evil people. I mean, they're great as comic relief and every story needs a good villain, but I don't usually want to roleplay one. Second, it seems like the game really punishes you for being evil. It starts from the minute you take your first steps out into the world (how am I supposed to roleplay someone raised by Gorion, whom he loves like a son/daughter, who's irredeemably evil?) and just gets worse. I don't want to fight my way through hoards of flaming fist spawns in every map. I don't want all my quest NPCs to turn red before I can talk to them. I don't want my party members to attack me. And I don't want to lose out on twenty to thirty percent of the experience, cash and items in the game because it rewards good behavior a lot more than bad. I mean, it's shocking how often giving a middle-of-the-road response like "what's in it for me?" can stop a quest in its tracks. I know there are mods that try to balance that, but for me it's just better to do what I enjoy more anyway. Which brings me to another thing that I think is sort of skewed. I say it rewards good behavior and punishes bad, and I think that's true, in everything except rep rewards. Sure you get a rep boost for saving the town and you take a hit (and a big one at that) for murdering innocent people, but honestly, there's a lot more rep increase than decrease. I mean you save a kitten stuck up a tree (or dropped off a waterfall) and the game calls you a hero, but half the stuff you do that's questionable at best has no penalty. Like refusing to let someone go after they surrender (like Deke, or Tranzig to name just a few off the top of my head), or goading people into a fight when it can be easily avoided (like Sendai of Amn, or Kirian, or Shoal), or stealing something that's quest-required (like the telescope, or the helm and cloak of balduran, or Algernon's cloak)... You can drown a bunch of slaves, join the thieves' guild, kill people to save a tree and pick every pocket on the sword coast and still have a twenty rep. And I'm not saying you don't do more good than harm if you play that game, but come on... Have we learned nothing from Hancock? Eventually people get tired of you if you're an asshole. No matter how many people you save. If the game was a little more balanced, you wouldn't have to murder people indiscriminately to have a low enough rep to romance Shar-Teel. Just my two cents.
  5. Here's what bothers me about these NPC conflicts that I can't ever seem to trigger: They deliberately (it seems) make them attractive, and then at the same time they make them hard to do. Here's what I mean. All the people who have conflicts are either people I don't care about killing people I don't care about, or people I do care about killing people I don't care about. Like, Ajantis fights Viconia: Who cares. Make sure Vicky wins and you get rid of one really obnoxious paladin. Yeslick fights Kagain: So what? Nobody wins because they're both losers. Just kick out the one that's still standing and move on with your life. Dynaheir fights Edwin: This one I actually want to see because not only do I not mind losing Edwin, I actively want him to die. Same with Jaheira and Khalid vs. Xzar and Montaron. As long as Jaheira wins, I don't care that the other two get the axe. Shar-Teel v. Eldoth: again I have no preference. Tiax fights Quayle: Again, who cares? The only reason to avoid this one is because they both make cameos in SoA. See what I mean? As far as I'm concerned, as long as I make sure that the right person wins, there's no conflict (except perhaps Kivan v. Viconia) that costs me someone I want to keep. So I think they're a fun and amusing part of the game. But at the same time, the thing that makes them cool, makes them untenable. First off, they appear to be random, which bothers me because I can't plan for it, and it looks like I can't even use cheats to accelerate it. And they take forever. So I have to walk around, map to map, quest to quest with a character I don't like, waiting for a chance to see a character I do like whack him. And this isn't the only place where that happens. Everything NPC-dependent just takes forever. It's worse in SoA where you really have limited space in your party because something like 40 percent of the quests have an NPC that's required to complete them (or, at least, that might as well be required from a realistic RP perspective). It's like the game designers just assume that you're going to start off with five NPCs and stick with those guys, through thick and thin, till the end of the game. If that's what you're supposed to do, why did they make so much NPC content that you'd never get to see? I mean, am I crazy, (don't answer that), or does it seem like they actively decided to make it impossible to do everything (or even close to everything) in a single run-through? Let's take a simple example. Let's say I want to end my game with the party that goes to Irenicus's Dungeon (Jaheira, Khalid, Imoen, Dynaheir, Minsc and the PC) so I decide to play the game the way the designers almost force you to play it. Get out of Candlekeep and pick up Imoen. Head to the Friendly Arm Inn (the last wish of your dead father) and pick up Jaheira and Khalid. Head to Nashkel (because Jaheira keeps nagging at you to do that) and run into Minsc. Minsc threatens you with violence if you don't pick up Dynaheir, so you head to the Gnoll stronghold. I now have a full party. I can stick with those guys for the rest of the game, but if I do, I miss out on the Dynaheir/Edwin conflict, Coran's Wyverns, Eldoth's 'Rescue' of Skie, Branwen's Revenge on Tranzig, Kivan's Revenge on Tazok, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum. So I say, Okay, well, I'll drop someone to have space for those things. Who are you gonna drop? Your childhood best friend and (apparently) half-sister? The guardians who swore to your foster father that they'd stick with you and protect you? The simple, but good-hearted Minsc (who happens to be one of my favorite characters, and I don't think I'm alone here)? The Rashemi witch who's pledged her life to your cause after you rescued her from certain death at the hands of the gnolls? I suppose it's the mark of a good game that I care enough about the characters that I have trouble doing those things. But jeez. It would have killed them to let us have a seven-person party?
  6. I'm really not sure what compiling means. I do know that after I edited and saved the script with DLTCEP it said it was compiling and then it wouldn't open or read it anymore. That seems like it might be a problem. Also, it didn't work. As near as I can tell that first love-talk when you rest in Mutamin's Garden (or whatever that area's called) triggers with same conditions as before. Low rep. No lawful neutral. Etc. I think it's time to resign myself to the sad reality that Shar-Teel and I just aren't meant to be. I mean, I can use SK to change my PC to one that works, but that seems like a huge chore to have to do over and over again for every lovetalk and starting a new game with a 'suitable' PC is worse. I quote Commodus from Gladiator: It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed. But I can live with it. She probably wouldn't have been happy in my party anyway and as far as I can tell all I'm missing out on is some funny dialogue and a get-outta-jail free card with Angelo. I just checked. Near Infinity and Infinity Explorer won't read the Sharteel.bcs file either. Did I screw it up somehow? Do I need to do a reinstall?
  7. Sorry. (looks for embarrassed sm... oh, here it is) I think I'll give it a try and see if it works. Worst case scenario is I have to reinstall, and since I'm not very far along, and I'm getting pretty close to finally getting the game the way I want it, I probably won't mind. Yeah, I know. But I figure I can search for all the instances of "reputationlt(1,10)" and get pretty close. If the romance stalls, I'll know I missed one. I'm sure you're right. But it's the only romance I haven't done at this point and I really just wanna see how it goes. I've never been able to stomach playing an evil game, though, so this is my work-around. I've tried playing evil several times, but I always realize I'm really playing a good game anyway and I end up just stopping in the middle. Anyway, thanks for the advice and thanks for that original fix with the happy patch.
  8. That seems easy enough. I was hoping that by looking at the code I could see something I could sort of read... at least well enough to know that it was going to do what I want it to, but it's greek to me. You're sure that this happy.tpa is the problem and not something in the rest of the code in there? I guess I can try it and then run and get Dynaheir and Edwin and test it out. Then again, I still don't really understand what's going on with these conflicts at all. I read a webpage about them at Sorcerer's Place (which was the only one I could find) and all it tells me is something to the effect of "if you have x and y in your party, there's a chance that they'll fight each other". I've spent all day at it and I can't figure out how to increase or decrease that chance or even how to tell what goes into it. I looked at the Jaheira/Khalid vs. Xzar/Monty stuff till my eyes crossed and I still can't get them to fight, no matter how much I AdvanceRealTime or hold down ctrl-t to advance the game clock. I'm just about to give up on them (except the Dynaheir vs Edwin conflict, which I think is the only one that's 100% certain to occur eventually). ...sigh. The other thing I was hoping to do (if I could figure out how reputation checks work) was modify the Shar-Teel romance so that you can start and complete it without having to randomly kill a peasant every couple days. I think I'm making progress on it... sort of. I found out, using Infinity Explorer, that there's a script called "Sharteel" that has the following code: IF !Global("endofbg1","GLOBAL",2) Global("X#SharMatch","GLOBAL",0) CheckStatGT(Player1,10,CHR) CheckStatGT(Player1,10,STR) Gender(Player1,MALE) !Alignment(Player1,MASK_GOOD) !Alignment(Player1,LAWFUL_NEUTRAL) !Race(Player1,HALFLING) ReputationLT(Player1,10) THEN RESPONSE #100 RealSetGlobalTimer("X#SharInterestTime","GLOBAL",TWENTY_MINUTES) SetGlobal("X#SharMatch","GLOBAL",1) END I'm pretty sure this code means: If it's still BG1 If x#sharmatch is zero If the PC has a charisma of 10 or above If the PC has a strength of 10 or above If the PC is male If the PC is not good aligned If the PC is not lawful neutral If the PC is not a halfling If the PC has a reputation between 1 and 10 then start the romance. Easy. Seems like all I'd need to do is change the line about reputation to make it 1,20 instead of 1,10 and I'm rollin' in puppies. But I can't figure out how to find (much less edit) this file in near infinity, and I don't know if infinity explorer actually edits anything. Again I say... sigh. Anybody care to take a newbie by the hand? //////EDIT////// Doncha just hate it when you spend ten minutes typing out a question on a forum and then you find the answer ten seconds later? I now know that the script is a .bcs file and I can find the correct code using DLTCEP. I'm still just a little bit scared to modify it though. Do I have a pretty good understanding of what this code is doing here? If I change that one digit (making it a 20 instead of a 10), that is going to do what I want it to, right? Just make it so that the romance starts no matter what your rep is? And another thing: What if I wanted to do this romance as a lawful neutral character (if I have to pick between Shar-Teel and my ferret, I'm picking my ferret)? Could I just take out the "!Alignment(Player1,LAWFUL_NEUTRAL)" line? Would that remove the condition?
  9. I see now that you weren't talking to me.
  10. <backing up slowly> I wasn't recommending anything. I just meant I thought the stuff you'd have to be able to do would require more than a text editor. <considers buying a sign that says "Total noob here." and wearing it around his neck>
  11. I only changed nine files (seven bags of holding and two scrollcases) so it only takes me about eighteen seconds to update everything with near infinity. I downloaded your mod, though, and I'll definitely give it a look. My bags look like sh...er...crap and I'm sure yours are better.
  12. I have just begun my first foray into the fast-paced and exciting world of tp2 editing (I'm writing my own portrait pack). So I may be able to handle it. Mind: I'm a total noob at this stuff, so speak slowly and use small words. And I'm fine with Keldorn and Viccy fighting. I really don't mind when NPCs have problems with each other. I just don't like it when they have problems with me. If I know a fight is coming, I can plan for it. And if I want to avoid it, I'm not terrible at finding the right variable or timer and tweaking it with SK. So say on, dear lady (or.. uh... sir. I'm going by the avatar image here) and I'll give it a go.
  13. Tears of joy stream down my face. I love you guys. In a manly way, of course. That seems to have done the trick. I really appreciate the help.
  14. Okay. I'll take that out. On it.
  15. Erm... Okay. I think I did what you suggested (or at least I tried to). I downloaded weidu 207 and unzipped it. I took the Weidu.exe out of the folder and put it in BG - SoA. I renamed it Setup-dnportraitpack after taking my existing Setup-dnportraitpack out of the folder. Then I ran it. It still didn't work, but the error message looks different. Now I'm getting this: WeiDU v 20700 Log C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\Setup-dnportraitpack.exe version = 20600 Newest WeiDU is version 20700, updating! WeiDU files in version order: [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] version 20700 [SETUP-UB.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Tashia.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Solaufein.exe] version 20600 [setup-sarahsoa.exe] version 20600 [Setup-RE.exe] version 20600 [setup-npc_tweak.exe] version 20600 [Setup-NPCFlirt.exe] version 20600 [Setup-kivan.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Keto.exe] version 20600 [Setup-IndiNPC.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Imoen.exe] version 20600 [Setup-GUI.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Fade.exe] version 20600 [Setup-deArnise.exe] version 20600 [Setup-D0QuestPack.exe] version 20600 [setup-CrossmodBG2.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Chloe.exe] version 20600 [setup-BTL.exe] version 20600 [Setup-BGTMusic.exe] version 20600 [Setup-BGT105bPatch.exe] version 20600 [Setup-BGT.exe] version 20600 [setup-bgqe.exe] version 20600 [Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe] version 20600 [Setup-bg2fixpack.exe] version 20600 [setup-bg1ub.exe] version 20600 [setup-bg1npc.exe] version 20600 [Setup-AurenAseph.exe] version 20600 [Setup-Amber.exe] version 20600 [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] loaded, 498176 bytes Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [SETUP-UB.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Tashia.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Solaufein.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-sarahsoa.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-RE.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-npc_tweak.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-NPCFlirt.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-kivan.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Keto.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-IndiNPC.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Imoen.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-GUI.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Fade.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-deArnise.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-D0QuestPack.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-CrossmodBG2.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Chloe.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-BTL.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-BGTMusic.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-BGT105bPatch.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-BGT.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-bgqe.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-bg2fixpack.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-bg1ub.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [setup-bg1npc.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-AurenAseph.exe]: true Copying [Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] -> [Setup-Amber.exe]: true [./CHITIN.KEY] loaded, 679026 bytes [./CHITIN.KEY] 258 BIFFs, 47951 resources [dialog.tlk] 172789 string entries [./Autorun.ini] loaded, 1452 bytes [./baldur.ini] loaded, 3656 bytes Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD1\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD2\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD2\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD3\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD4\] Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD5\] [./Keymap.ini] loaded, 5618 bytes [./Mplaynow.ini] loaded, 230 bytes [C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\Setup-dnportraitpack.exe] Using scripting style "BG2" [dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable. [dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file. [DNPORTRAITPACK/SETUP-DNPORTRAITPACK.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 12 column 1-24 Near Text: DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY GLR parse error [DNPORTRAITPACK/SETUP-DNPORTRAITPACK.TP2] ERROR at line 12 column 1-24 Near Text: DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [DNPORTRAITPACK/SETUP-DNPORTRAITPACK.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: problem parsing TP file [DNPORTRAITPACK/SETUP-DNPORTRAITPACK.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error FATAL ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error WeiDU Timings Parsing TP2 files 0.000 loading files 0.000 parsing .log files 0.010 unmarshal KEY 0.170 unmarshal TLK 1.823 stuff not covered elsewhere 3.124 TOTAL 5.127
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