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  1. Ay-up, that would be Old Jed. The problem is in our knowledge.
  2. Yeah, it lets you know the demon's true name to control the armor he's inhabiting. The only way to get the armor, at least without dying and unleashing a powerful killing machine to the rest of the party. The ideal solution would be to do some arrangements in the plot itself to change it, or switch the spell to something more appropriate or something, but that's probably asking too much as long as you're a one-man team.
  3. So there are a few spells in IWD1 that aren't in IWD2, which are probably going to be removed by this project. I'm not going to miss them, really, but I'm concerned about one of those spells, mainly Contact Other Plane, because at one point in HoW, it's essential in acquiring a powerful armor. How are you going to resolve this matter?
  4. Shadows curse me, occasionally. Far less than they used to in the original, but still. Also blunt weapons work relatively well, in case you get stuck. Not well enough, though: I can still remember how well maces and axes used to crush undead in Diablo.
  5. There should be a massive increase to the quest rewards: I agree that the original 13k I got from Kresselack is a bit too much now that my bunch gets levels faster, but 700 is nothing short of an insult for all the hard work and slaughter my team went through. Somewhere in between would be good, maybe 9k or something, and a similar approach to the other quests. As for the creatures, the experience I get from them is a bit too small as well. The 600 of imbued wights is just about right, but mummies and Myrkul's Sending give way too little. As for their toughness, it should be reduced, and a
  6. I'd love to help, but I can't do programming: Beta testing and hopefully helpful advice and feedback is just about as far as my abilities can stretch. Sorry.
  7. For the record, if this thing was playable to the finish, Arundel working and all, I'd've beaten it at least twice by now. No pressure, take your time, etcetera. It's not like I'm bored out of my skull or anything.
  8. Oh, well that explains your opinion about difficulty: I thought it was kinda easy as well. A lot less goblins at the Kuldahar pass, for instance. Could be because I hadn't reached for level 2 just yet back then. It'll be a lot of work, sure: Your work is still far from what BG1Tutu was, but I'm confident this will have changed in the end. Well, I reckon that if you could change the colour scheme to fit somewhat the original, then I'd be fairly satisfied. I always hated the silvery-greenish outlook of IWD2, while IWD1's brown fit in just about perfectly. You're welcom
  9. Well, to my experience, the game works just fine - apart from Old Jed, of course - at least up until the second level of the Vale of Shadows's main dungeon, where I am right now. The only actual gameplay problem I have is that I level up a bit too slow right now: I'm about two levels behind of what I would be in a normal game. You could boost up the experience a little bit, especially on some tougher monsters: Everything gives about half the usual experience! And it's not funny when every undead, only excluding the lowest of the lowest of skeletons, has ridiculous damage resistances: When a My
  10. Edit: Never mind, figured it out exactly five seconds after posting this. Here's another question, though: The operation ran succesfully, but you didn't leave any instructions of what to do next? Both IWD1 and 2 would still seem to run perfectly normally, saved games and all, and I'm not sure whether this should be a good or bad thing: Right now it'd seem like nothing's changed. Moredit: I sure hope the instructions about allowing to write in the override folder meant about removing the "read only" label, which I did. Interestingly, each time I open the Properties window of the folder,
  11. Thanks. Downloading now (and uninstalling mods). Also one another thing: I used to love the IWD1 interface, but hate the IWD2 one. So I was wondering whether it'd be possible for you, or someone else, to add a similar option than in BG1TuTu, where you could make the game look like it's supposed to instead of the sequel? (Obviously a lot tougher task than with BG1Tutu, but still.)
  12. I can't download because it asks not only a password, but a name, which you never mentioned. Also how will this thing conflict with all those mods I've put on IWD1? Should I uninstall them first, or will this just dump everything over them and forget about them?
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