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  1. I'd rather you kept working with the current conversion. You're pretty late in the schedule and I'm really looking forward to anything.
  2. Should've done this seventy years ago. Maybe then we could have prevented Holocaust.
  3. No, the first part of the game revolves around getting to meet Pharod. The sphere was just one side quest among countless others.
  4. Hey, thanks for the link. I played my first game modless: I always do, unless they fix something game-crippling. Gotta see to this now. Edit: So is there some specific order I should install these in?
  5. Thanks. Beat the game now. It's pretty awesome. Probably going to start all over again soon.
  6. Apparently it's entirely impossible to gain items in this game in less than legit means, unlike in other Infinity Engine games. See the problem is, I'm pretty much at the end of the game,
  7. Phase spiders are compeletely ridiculous: They can appear literally from the other side of the map in a second to attack my mage, even if they have no logical way of knowing where he is.
  8. Kaishas didn't carry the sea charts, so I Shadowkeeper'd them for myself. But I still can't get out: I click the ship and nothing happens. Would love to go and do that Durlag's little place too. So, would there be some variable I could edit to get myself out of the place? Also WeiDU, since this probably comes from wrong installation order with the mods or something:
  9. Battling the Prat's bunch in the Candlekeep dungeons (a fight that was pretty tough even in the vanilla), I've decided that Inquisitors have become awesome. I'm going to bring Ajantis around next time (whom I level1npc'd an Inquisitor, to mimic his mentor Keldorn).
  10. They do? Funny thing, people always stuck in the Web. Didn't try to walk out. Nevah. Yeah pathfinding is kinda retarded. Always been in every Infinity game.
  11. More often than not, they seem to be aware of where my party is, even if they shouldn't. If my thief goes ahead, backstabs someone, and runs away, they follow him for a while, but once he gets around the corner and hides in shadows, they stop in their tracks, and head straight to the rest of my group even if they didn't see them, even if they're on a compeletely different floor or something. They sometimes even ignore my warriors, despite being directly in their line of sight and doing a good job in hacking them to pieces, instead going straight to my mage that's hiding around the corner. I like that the enemies are smarter these days, but they shouldn't be able to do stuff like this. It's both annoying and unrealistic, and I'm kinda against both of those. In other news, there's one thing about the AI of my own characters that's been bugging me as long as I've played Baldur's Gate, and since this post is about intelligence in general and this mod seems to be doing a very good job with it, I'm going to mention it here now. See, those characters are always really dumb when it comes to ranged attacks. Please direct your attention to the elegant and well-drawn illustration here: My archer, or a wizard (point A) wishes to attack an enemy fighter (point B), a killing machine in close combat but with no ranged capabilities. My fellow doesn't have a direct line of sight, so when I direct him to attack the enemy, he stupidly heads straight to the middle of it (point C), instead of trying to keep his distance (point D). Many deaths have come to me directly from the stupidity of my own characters, especially in the situations where I can't be sure of whether they see the enemy or now: And instead of taking one step to the right to see the enemy beyond that pillar, they walk straight over there and get slaughtered. I don't think this is so hard-coded to the engine that it couldn't be changed. And one more thing, this one about the enemy intelligence: Why would a genius wizard sit on his butt in a corrosive cloud of Cloudkill, or sticky web of Web, instead of trying to find his way out? I mean, it just doesn't make sense, now does it. I could imagine some stupid animal or mindless undead to stand right there, but I'd expect humans and other intelligent creatures to try and find their way out of the thing, or even investigate and discover the nasty adventurer bugger who put that Cloudkill there in the first place. Possible?
  12. Me? No, no no no, I'm just the complaining guy, who bugs everyone but does nothing himself. I'm like, level 6 in that, if I multiclassed now it'd take years before I could do that.
  13. Here's another idea, though, to make it a bit more fair: Don't give every single mage the exact friggin' same spell selection, i.e. Mirror Image, Stoneskin, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Chaos. Because there are loads of other spells around, and they managed to give them some differences in BGII as well, so why not here? Make them summon million monsters at me for a change, like I keep doing to them.
  14. Okay, now I'm just going to sound like a n00b, but... NI?
  15. Oh. Anyway... They have more levels, ergo, they should give more experience.
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