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  1. Before, every change i was aware of, because i had selected it. Now i have to alt tab constantly to the goddamn readme to see exactly what game changes im not aware of are in effect. Or just get buggered by them in passing. Like the guarded compound's staircase being magically sealed off. That was a hoot. Took me a while to figure out why +3 weapons return "ineffective" vs mantled enemies. Had fun with that one. Was having to read and choose too much of a burden for someone? If you dont implement the 120k gold required to pay off gaelan + the 50k for spell casting license as mandatory in your next update, I'm starting a riot. English is a third language for me, so im at a loss as to properly impress on you just how much I hate that particular change in direction, but there it is.
  2. Also, how does light of selune figure in the install order. And when i import npc in my pre-final battle save, i get this unplayable stutter. Off-topic: Would you have any idea why i cant get the Fang bastard sword to show up in Deidre's store? I thought it was too strong to get this early, but i soloed the game and never found it. I do have the stronger bastard swords component installed, but that has never been an issue before.
  3. Err...I stand corrected then. But in my defence, I downloaded and installed around 40 mods, after spending 2 days hunting down said mods, tinkering with proper load order, skimming through readmies for compatibility, and finally installing them all with their hundreds of separate options. So I kinda forgot, i also installed Tactics stuff. Weimer is a sadist. One question - does scs2 modify mod-induced encounters, which already have a scripted behavior and their own potions? i mean such as Solaufein's fights and cyric chosen and the like? I also have the Questpack improved AI, but i think i remember reading that apart from umber hulks and mummies, SCS2 supercedes them with no trouble. Dont remember reading anything about if Tactics plays nice with QP. I probably have too many mods
  4. I consider myself a good player. I dont know the cheeses, i just pick pick whaevert seems like a sensible tactic for any battle. Enough to beat the game several times, as well as rogue rebalance's chosen of cyric, Ascension with all the "tougher" components and solaufein's eclipse fight. I even used a code to fight the eclipse party in SoA. And yet NONE of that can prepare me for a walk-in blast with a 9 level spell, courtesy of the gnome in Valygar's second floor, when i went there to get the coordinates for umar hills. I was attacked by a spell, whose level alone was higher than my character's My mind - it is blown. I did not install smarter mages, as reading through the readme, i found it ridicilous that all of the mages, would autmatically know to dispel you, renew their own buffs, and generally give you the finger.. The readme sold the SCS2 as "plays fair, doesnt cheat" but so many of the components betray that statement. Like casters starting buffed? All notable mage opponents already have scripted instant casts at start + a variety of sequencers. Also, everyone magically hanging on to just the right potions to drink as soon as you approach? I cant get around without keldorn, as any muppet with a backstab multiplier has more invisiblity potions, than the guys from Chosen of Cyric. My beef here is that while i installed the tougher, vampires, mind flayers, githyanki, dragons, trolls, irenicus ETC, i Specifically did not install the smarter mages, because it seemed like an exercise in masochism, which i wanted to avoid, and apparently, I was unsuccessful. So which component could it be that makes no-name-gnome fire off a meteor swarm and his chain contingencies as soon as i climb the stairs, before the dialog is initiated?
  5. cant decide between original and alt3. Alt5 is a solid work of art, but kinda looks like a pagan shaman, instead of a warrior.
  6. My last post on these forums was made on 2008. I have not played BG2 for at least 2, maybe 3 years. It was by a fortunate happenstance that the second google result for "grim flare " yielded this Tyris Flare - The Gibberlings Three Forums So, im like, "...the hell? Izzat the golden axe character?" One readme and a look at the portraitrs later i am fishing anew for my 20-30 mods with which I used to season my BG2 games every 6 months or so. GA 3 character in BG2. Thats so badass. This i gotta see. I also suspect that listening to HAMMERFALL's Any Means Necessary might've had something to do with it. Anyway, just letting the author know, about how influental his work has been on me. ...kinda weak in the stats department. Quite unlike her f/m collegue Solaufein. But then again, he needs to be strong for those insane fights you get with him. But then again x2, I use codes to initiate his fights even if he aint present. P.S. It would seem more sensible that she would be a multiclass as opposed to dual. I know race restrictions prevent that - just saying. Also, given her background it would make alot more sense that she would be a berserker. And dualed a level 6? 1 level short of the extra attack? You are killing me here.
  7. I am a fan of solo-ing and the main reason I am going to play this mod is to have someone to talk too in order to shrug off the monotonous hack-and-slash feeling I get. However I am not too wild about going off with a full party and i think I'll just take one NPC at a time with me. So my questio nis: if i do this, will something get messed up or am I in the clear? Also Im reading between the lines that there'sa "P" button that is used in this mod to cause some shenanigans. Would someone care to elaborate on this for me? Cheers.
  8. like this one: "//Stats: Int >13; Dex>13 +1; CHR>13+1; Int<9; Dex<9; Chr<9 -1 //Alignment: Any Chaotic + 2, Any Lawful -2 //Race: Halflings, Gnomes + 2, Elves, Dwarves, Half-Elves +1; Humans, Half-Orcs -1 //Subrace: Aasimar, Tiefling, Drow, Duregar, Sniferblin +5 //Class: no prefrence //Kit: MAGE_NECROMANCER, CLERIC_BANE, CLERIC_TALOS -1 //Skills Concentration>5 +1; Knowledge_Arcana>5 + 1; Spellcraft >5 +1; Use_Magic_Device>5 +1 //Skills: Bluff>5, Intimidate>5, Move_Silently, Hide -1" Any place i can get these variables for all NPC's?
  9. I did not quite understand what you wanted to say in the first paragraph. Were you saying that ~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #18 // Restored Minor Dialogs ~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #0 // BG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes ~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #1 // BG2 Fixpack - Game Text Update were likely the cause of the shorter cutscenes component not working? The answer to the second part - on the questpack when prompted to install 1 of the 3 options you quoted or skip installing this component, i pressed one which was for the All Creature & Area Improvement. I can only assume boss improvements is included in it. I have not repeatedly run questpack to try and install all 3 ( that would be moronic), i just ran it once. Of course there was the issue with me uninstalling cutscenes from tweakpack, and then every one of my mods reinstalled themselves, but i do not think the setup tried to install all three.
  10. Just finished installing my mods on a fresh bg2:ToB install and, sadly, i got a bug not 1 minute into the game. Surely enough irenicus shows up, gives the shortened speech and promptly ports away. So far so good but im stuck in cut-scene mod waiting for an Imoen that never shows up. Goody gumdrops. I do not have BGT installed i do not even have bg1 installed. I suspect it might have been caused by an inappropriate mod-installation sequence. I would very much appreciate it if someone who knows his mods better than me, which should provide for an extensive list of people and maybe even a trained monkey, to check my WeiDU log for any mods that should've been installed before/after another. http://www.2shared.com/file/3444819/95a78e66/WeiDU.html? - apparently you have to wait 10 seconds or so for the "save on PC" download link to show up Cheers.
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