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  1. You'll feel really old when you realize that a lot of the current users might not know who dorotea and / or jcompton are... (sigh, good old times, although I think that ban was before my time, too.)
  2. In SoD I found the action: ActionOverride("npcname",DestroyAllFragileEquipment(ADAMANTINE)) I would assume this would destroy any items flagged with this flag. This flag is not available in original BGII (I don't know about ToBEx), hence the very long script to catch all available items. If the party teleports elsewhere, the items would not be destroyed unless such a script runs in the new area, too.
  3. BG1NPC Project is EET compatible as of v24.2 . (It needs some more testing before I'd recommend integrating it into a Megainstall.)
  4. We had little drawbacks like the BST areas overwriting pvrz files (area graphics) from SoD (because of the way pvrz are created by skipping the second letter of the area name - which is part of the unique prefix, don't ask me why they made the format like that) but we got that sorted. Quest development will still take while, though.
  5. @Gwaihir Looks good! And thanks for the info about the install problem for Yeslick.
  6. I would rather place this in the General Mod Discussion, actually - I would say your project is more modding than "Yorkshire pudding and wormholes" (which is the description of the Noobermeet forum if you look at it from the main forum page). EDIT: You are free to open a thread in Nobermeet, though, of course.
  7. If you are talking about a thread like you had at BeamDog's, we don't have to discuss about this, go ahead!
  8. Thanks! At least 90% of the credits go to AstroBryGuy who made the mod compatible content-wise with BG:EE 2.5. He also started to insert first EET syntax. I finished the syntax and had a close look at the installed files in the game.
  9. BG1NPC v24.2 has everything to be direcly compatible with EET. What it still needs is testing! I went through the files, tested the install, talked with Imoen about Gorion's death and got a little something from the Gatewarden at Candlekeep's gates. Now the mod needs you! Everyone interested in testing, please install the mod directly to your EET game (before the EET_End.exe of course), and let me know whether you encounter any problems in your game. Read the Readme Download at G3 Download at GitHub
  10. The mod updates to v24.2 with native EET compatibility and bug fixes. Changes: Native EET compatibility added (still in beta). Ajantis should not attack if PC gives Kirinhale's lock to Riggilo after the succubus is already dead. Added silent = 1 to item patching to suppress warnings and prevent component to be shown as "installed with warnings" (BGT) Thalantyr will also give Kivan his spear if talked to later (BGT has an extra dialogue state that should be patched, too). (BGT) Various item fixes for BGT-BG1 items (instead of checking for the BGII versions). (BGT) Coran's wyvern quest: Coran's joined states will be patched corectly. Added table of changed component numbers if compared to v23.3 "Changed_component_numbers_v24.html" to /bg1npc_docs. Added install order for BGQE component "Brage's Sword" and Brage's Redemption to compatibility notes and updated links in readme. Removed hint to look for support for megainstalls at SHS from installation prompts.
  11. jastey

    Bug Thread

    I didn't check the files, it was just a wild guess out of many, many own bug experiences...
  12. I'd be thrilled! I'm not maintaining the mod because I think I'm the best suited, but because I wanted this old one-of-the-first mods to be available/playable/enjoyable on nowadays engines. This is not meant as a justification with regard to the ongoing discussion, but what I meant was: I am happy if others will contribute or even resume maintenance. -me-: I think we are done with repeating the same arguments, and I would appreciate tuning down the swear word, too.
  13. Anyone wanting to discuss this topic in a constructive manner is welcome to do so here. Everyone wanting to throw insults and personal attacks go walking with the dog. Anyone searching for the moved posts, they are here.
  14. I fear this is going to melt down to "dig through the quest progress, identify the crucial variables and use them for detection, for every such quest individually". How does BGT deal with this? If you search for ("ENDOFBG1","GLOBAL",1) checks you'll see what it does at places. (Most I found were cleaning ups of cres which aren't supposed to be there after Sarevok died.)
  15. jastey

    Bug Thread

    This sounds very much like a scripting error with regard to the interjection dialogue: Calin probably executed the commands meant for the character you were talking with. Let me guess: the priest is still around after Calin disappeard?.. For you: reload an earlier save and kick out Calin when talking to the priest, then let him rejoin. I am sure he is not meant to leave at that point.
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