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  1. If installed in the order EndlessBg1 - Transitions, there will be no conflicts, but Transitions overwrites some parts of EndlessBG1 which is wanted behavior as Transitions comes with its own versions of most of the components. There is the possibility to consider EndlessBG1's versions in Transitions' install options and you could leave out some of T.'s components if you prefer EndlessBG1's, but the Imoen-Jannath interaction will always be overwritten with T.'s version.
  2. The REPLACE_SAY means the state 14 of MELISS01.dlg is replaced by the new line. The "no such index" is because the mod attached new lines to the dialog.tlk but NI can't read them because of some default range of strings, this can be adjusted but I forgot how. Tagging @argent77..
  3. @ss4elby thanks for the follow up. Does the mod author know or which mod was it?
  4. Installs via the EE Setup Tool are not suppoeted as far as I know. Reason is that we do not know what the tool is actually installing, might not be the original or up-tp-date version.
  5. @ss4elby You mean a non-weidu mod that isn't listed in th weidu.log? I could have saved some time had I know this...
  6. @ss4elby see my above post. modmerge.exe is not trated as a mod so it won't show in the weidu.log. In case you did not delete and complete set up your game anew after the patch it is possible there are remnants that prevent modmerge/DLC Merger to work properly. (At least I'd assume that's how it works for GOG games, as well.)
  7. There is the rare cases where - after a game was updated and a fomerly modded game was erased of its mods - that running the modmerge tool/DLC Merger pretended to have modmerged the game, whereas in reality it wasn't. See here @argent77's suggestions for steps to really reset your (GOG/Steam) SoD game so it can be successfully modmerged + modded. @Jarno Mikkola is referring to the DLC Merger, which is preferable to the modmerge tool as it is handled like a normal mod (i.e. can be seen on the weidu.log, can be deinstalled).
  8. Well, damage type is "Jaheira? Is e-everything alright?", apparently.
  9. Do not use old savegames in a newly modded (new) game, it will scrumble up texts and names.
  10. Anton described what it is about above: no choice to summon the NPC at the Fate Spirit for a newly started ToB game in EET. It's up to you to decide whether you need this or not.
  11. I like your humor. Just one more thing: Yes, definitely. Roxanne is very helpful to players, and also makes bugreports and contributions to mods. (Just not the ones she maintaines inofficial versions of.) But: if there are glitches in an install created by her EE Setup Tool which uses her own mod versions - it might just be that it's a gitch that the original mod wouldn't even have. To be precise: it might well be she is helping you with a problem that's only there because of her. So yes, she is quick with helping, but whether this is really a preferable situation for the players
  12. The mod updates to 6.2. This is important for the non-English versions. - Corrected text formatting upon installation on EE (mod should not stop EE game from launching) introduced in 6.1 for German+Italian versions. - Corrected general file formatting for some Italian tras. - Restructured mod installation (check file for "do only once" actions). - One more interjection for BG1. - more BG1 content. - All lines from tp2 trified.
  13. @Swift just to make sure: the fix in the first post has to be put into the EET mod folder before installing EET. It's not a patch you can apply if your EET game is already set up.
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