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  1. @Graoumf Thanks! That was most probably supposed to be an extra line. Please translate all of it.
  2. There is no central registration for EET Worldmap locations. Try not to put your area on the same spot as another mod? Usually that's something that can be easily corrected once players start complaining.
  3. What do you mean, does the fate spirit reject to summon him or is his name not listed? Please note that he is not appearing in the alphabetical order. Also, for EET, Gavin's name will not be listed if: -it is a continuous game and Gavin was not in party in SoA -Gavin was in group upon transition to ToB -Gavin is dead.
  4. I guess that's something that would be useful, considering he gets a spear via BG1NPC Project. Although I'd assume he had/has this for Tutu? I have no idea how to code that, though.
  5. @Anton This is definitely a non-intended incompatibility. The BGII mod is from the same author as the BG1 NPC Project content. Thank you for reporting. We'll look at it when time allows.
  6. Thank you very much for the report! That would be great!
  7. Short answer is no. Since the crossmod for these mods is inside the Breagar component ("2"), the mods would need to be installed before the Crossmod and PID component. But the main Breagar component would not necessarily need to be installed before the mods. It might seem that simply putting the whole Breagar mod after these mods would have sufficed to solve this conflict. The component-wise install order gets interesting the moment there are three mods that need to be installed before/after in a way that simply putting one after the other in total wouldn't suffice as an install order.
  8. I put "NPC" in there as a condition for the Crossmod and PID component which would mean it would need to be installed after any NPC mods. Do you want it more specific? Right, my bad. I always understood they'd have to be globally unique but I see that from the syntax of tp2 name+LABEL they do not have to be.
  9. Aren't LABELs globally unique? The whole LABEL thing if used instead of DESIGNATED numbers would be useless if they wouldn't be. Will PI still list the components of one mod in the correct order? If the "component wise install order syntax" leads to optional components accepted before main components then it doesn't make much sense.
  10. You mean this is not possible for the dynamic install order syntax? What would be the best way to give syntax for the components, then. Repeat the overall rules or just leave them out completely? What I mean, would this make more sense: Component 2 ~Breagar: Crossmods and PID~: Component 10 ~Change Breagar's dialog timer? (Default is 30 minutes between dialogues.)~:
  11. @AL|EN example for ACBre: Component 0 ~Breagar: Contents~: Component 2 ~Breagar: Crossmods and PID~: Component 10 ~Change Breagar's dialog timer? (Default is 30 minutes between dialogues.)~:
  12. @AL|EN will do. Is there a list of so far used Type declarations? I'd suggest "Crossmod" if it doesn't exist yet.
  13. Oh! I can do that. Thanks! Will be fixed in the next version.
  14. That's.. a very good find and I just noticed I have no idea what to do with this file. Any help appreciated.
  15. Good catch, thanks! This will be a problem in case Imoen gets kicked out and moves with the camp to the new locations (bd3000, bd7100). This will be fixed in the next version.
  16. I think you can cover both by using "Dialogu?e?" or something.
  17. Reinstall EET? If you need to reinstall EET then I'd recommen starting with a new fresh game. Personally I prefer to deinstall mods according to reverse order, make the changes, and install them anew, and not using the automated reinstall feature. If you have a game where you already installed SCS after EET_end (I understood there are components that require this), then adding mods is a PITA due to SCS's size and complexity. If it's only a matter of deinstalling EET_end because it's the last in the mod order, then adding mods is not so complicated.
  18. I undestood the OP's concern is regarding the integrity of their EET install, not whether it's a good idea for a current playthrough. For a current playthrough it is always best not to change mod installation, that is true.
  19. Because weidu will remember the order and do the following: deinstall the mod you installed after EET_end, reinstall EET_end, and reinstall the mod. It does that on purpose so your mod order doesn't get borked. That's what always happens if you reinstall a mod from your installed mods. There is no reason to. EET_end makes sure all game and mod added texts are considered in the appropriate dialogues, and it does that anew every time you (re)install it.
  20. Not sure it's something else or the same thing but applying some effects and removing them again works well with ADD_SECTYPE.
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