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  1. Update: Status English version: 60%, German version: 50%
  2. (I think it is teasing what we are doing here...) Anyone here who wants to translate German -> English?
  3. Hehee, thank you. And thank you to Annalena, without her very busy testing the mod wouldn't have reached the status it has right now.
  4. Well, actually I hope that players might lose an emotional tear at Ajantis engaged path. Or two. On some occations. But there will be a happily ever after, promised! Well, at least if you are walking the path of good... Thank you, Kulyok. I am doing something really terrible at the moment. I am trying my luck on Ajantis vanilla BG1 romance. Dear gods!
  5. Thank you for kind words! No English Alpha yet, but conceptionally wise, everything I planned is implemented, and testing of the Alpha is progressing.
  6. ROFL (A-Team, eh?) Thank you for the kind words. Alphatesting is progressing. Translation is still waiting.
  7. Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Modification (BGQE) is a quest mod compatible with all BG1 games, i.e. original BG1 with or without TotSC, all BGTutu games, BGT, BG:EE, and EET. It adds several small quests and encounters to the game. The duration of the game time added by this mod is approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on playing style. Since Version 9, the Bjornin Extention is moved to the RE BG1 mod (Romantic Encouters for BG1). That is where it belonged all along. Install this mod before bg1npc project. Otherwise, some reply options are gone. (The quests are still solv
  8. German Alpha is up and testing started. Translation will be done in the meantime. I won't have much time the following weeks, though.
  9. I know what you mean, but after reading the sentence for about five times I think it sais "I expect you to add content"... Thank you for the permission, it is seldom a modder is so ready to allow others to write for their NPC.
  10. Cool. I'd be happy if you would PM me your email address again. Rabain: Thank you for the link!
  11. Superb! Can you ogg mp3s as well? Because I have the German sounds as mp3. If not, how do I extract the German sounds? NI doesn't like me touching any wavs, but would DLTCEP work? EDIT: Actually I would be happy if you take the mp3. The problem in the German version is, that BG1 sounds are louder than BGII, so original BG1 sounds put into BGII make your ears explode (one of the drawbacks of German Tutu v4, btw..). The mp3 sounds are tuned down, for newly extracted wav this would have to be done still.
  12. Basically what I need to complete the alpha is the Ajantis BG1 soundfiles as oggs. What was the problem with mp3 (something with legality)? It is still a mixed German - English version, but it's running (well, OK, at least it is installing fine, more after the alpha testing started..). Of course I am hoping to get him properly voiced someday, but for now the BG1 soundsets would do fine. If anyone with experience concerning ogging BG sounds is reading this please contact me.
  13. That would be great, cmorgan! Although "New Year's Resolutions" are usually those one doesn't fulfill?... OMG it took me until now to understand what you were offering. Yes, I think I will implement the RE timer to prevent Ajantis and RE men approaching in the same night (I nearly wrote "coming", ). Thank you!
  14. Flirt pack and friendship PIDs are finished. There are even some new beginnings romance PIDs that managed to sneak in by themselves. Thank you again for your ideas, and a big tank you to berelinde for her already coded PID contribution!
  15. Thank you. (I had a typo in this, can you believe it..)
  16. What exactly does "flip your hair" mean? Is it a motion done by a hand, or by moving the head?
  17. I had to look up "link arms".. Thank you for the suggestions!
  18. I think I'll leave it with the choice I implemented: make Ajantis plain paladin or Cavalier. Update: choice of kit is implemented, choice of romance "grade" is implemented (adult or teen content), choice of portraits shown in the alternate portraits thread are implemented. Again thank you very much to the artists to permit using the portraits! Next come the player initiated flirts. If you have good ideas, throw them here.
  19. Ajantis' night talks have timers in between, so there shouldn't be two Ajantis talks at rest (that wasn't my concern). Thank you for your interest, Kulyok, but right now I prefer spending the time actually working on the mod than creating a new forum and being distracted by answereing 100th of posts every day. Or maybe some in a week, at least. But once alphatesting of an English install is going to start I am sincerely thinking about asking CamDawg for forum support.
  20. Haha, this sounds cool but I won't take any responsibility if the mod story will somewhat messed up with that. Well, he would be a wild mage that's fond of paladin PCs, that's for sure. I will consider this once the mod reaches a stage where it makes sense to think about cross-mod content of any kind. Thank you for the idea!
  21. Thank you for the kind words everyone. Ankhesenpaaten: I skipped the Ajantis-NPC romance for version 2, so you don't have to worry just yet. But it's like berelinde said, for engaged path (which started in BG1 via BG1NPC project), the NPC romance won't be anyway. Of course RE solved the problem as long as RE-men are concerned, but not for e.g. Anomen-Kelsey.. or yes? Fyorl: I just spend an evening creating non-kitted paladin cres beside the already existing Cavalier ones, so don't come with effective suggestions now. Is it possible to have mod-NPCs in level1 NPC? I haven't look
  22. Status of recoding: 100% (engaged) romance is separated into teen and adult romance installs (the install itself isn't implemented yet, but the dialogues are written in the way it is necessary.) There are about 13 night talks that trigger upon rest (and no, the overall romance does not depend on any of them.) Thinking about RE bugreports with several night talks triggering after another (from different men!), I hope I won't regret this.
  23. Thank you! All portraits in the portrait thread will be available, including the default one.
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